lazy mouse drawing

For a upcoming video I’m making, I needed to make a fursona so I drew myself as a raccoon.  It’s cause raccoons eat trash and you know that I love to consume trash all day erry day.  

Don’t have a name for this fursona.  Any suggestions?


“I wonder if you can take off more than just my gloves, Parker.”  [In which Peter insists on wanting to see whats under the suit and Wade nervously obliges– but not before slipping in a subtle innuendo, of course.]

“Well, sometimes I go shopping”

“Or go watch a movie”

“Maybe grab a bite to eat”

Transparent Shuuen gifs : Full set

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CRAZY KIDS !! I can’t believe you’ve been dying for 3 years now thanks Suzumu

Woooh, I can’t believe I finished them all !  ヽ( ´∇`)ノ  I think they turned out okay, though some of them…well I don’t like them at all, haha ;w;(I’ll probably redo these later). I think messed up with their height too, I’m so sorry

(They’re free to use ! You don’t need to credit, but it’d really nice if you did !  ( ᴖ◡ᴖ)  )

first attempt at pixel art w/ my oc bear as the guinea pig (guinea bear)