lazy lazy lazy!!! xdd


give him some curry and coffee

Mafia AU Aqours featuring FBI AZALEA, Police CYaRon! and our beloved expert mafia, Guilty Kiss

P.S : Never let Mari drives your car with Riko and Yoshiko Yohane tagging along if you don’t want your ears bleed from their bloody screams


‘Today in Demacian News, strange people gather as a local Ionian/Demon Man remains up in a tree for record hours. Many townsfolk with broomsticks monitor the situation. And now, for the weather…’

// @the-stcrchild, @exfury, @demacianwings could one of you at least get a ladder and calm the mob


NozoNico week
Day 2: Comfort

Pic 1 : 
↳ Nozomi : AHAHA look Nicocchi look! ahahahaha!!
↳ Nico : keep your voice down woman it’s annoying!

Pic 2 :
↳ Nozomi : *didn’t expect the jumpscare right after it and screams*
↳ Nico : JFC MY ARMS!!!! MY ARMS!!!!

Pic 3 : 
↳ Nico : hey Nozomi. are you okay?
↳ Nico : hello– earth to Nozoboobs?
↳ Nico : …

Pic 5 :
↳ Nico : Better now?
↳ Nozomi : *nods*
↳ Nico : D’aaw come here~ let this great Nico Nico nii gives you a hug♥

*P.S. Nico already watch the whole movie ahead and keep it down from Nozomi

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Nickname: Mizu, Kat, either or works

Gender: I’ma giiiiirl

Zodiac: Virgo!

Hogwarts House: o.o Excuse me as I go find a way to take this test -leaves- Apparently Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Blue! All the blues, every blue

Time Now: 11:45 am

Last Thing I Googled: the protego spell for the Hogwarts test cause I didnt know what it was xDD

Favorite Bands: Set It Off, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds To Mars, etc etc…

Favorite Solo Artist: I… don’t know people’s names, you’re lucky I know my bands

Dream Trip: … Um, a place, preferably not a city, maybe just an old fashion camping trip with s’mores?

Currently Wearing: Blue sundress because bitch I’m too lazy to put on “real” clothes, and my glasses cause I need to see obviously xD

Things I Post: Voltron, loooot’s of voltron, and my writing :3 And recently shit posts because of @wajjs and @jupitertriton

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