lazy jongin

A Random L3m0n :P (M)

Summary: You, stuck at home. Him, travelling for work. Homesickness hits him hard, et voilà!

Word count: 2 760

A/N: I haven’t uploaded any work in a year, sorry. Recently, I stumbled across a Reddit AMA from the guy who created Quizilla, and it made me go back to my drafts. The title is dedicated to my inner third-grader, who knew {`{~lemons~}`} were inappropriate to read at her age but still did it anyway. Enjoy :)

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  • Kyungsoo: i didn't change tho
  • Jongin: i know
  • Kyungsoo: like hell i would stop packing your stuff you lazy ass
  • Jongin: but you stopped
  • Kyungsoo: but i always have to give you a list of what to bring and not
  • Jongin: you changed
  • Kyungsoo: did my love for you changed?
  • Jongin: *smiles: no
  • Kyungsoo: then i didn't change asshat
  • Jongin: you've changed. you act like a husband
  • Kyungsoo: we're going to be husbands soon so i don't see any difference with that
  • Jongin: right!
A Million Faces

Title: A Million Faces
Member: Kai (ft Chanyeol)
Genre: Fluff (?) Smut (?) Angst (?)

The rain created a symphony of loud thumps against the large window in your bedroom.

The start of the New Year was ushered in with an unexpected thunderstorm. 

His breaths were hot and steady against your bare back as his arm lay heavily over your waist. A light snore would release from his lips in between each breath. 

Although, it wasn’t the pitter patter of rain, or his heavy breathing that stirred you from your deep sleep.

The soft ring of your phone and the bright light from the large screen was the first sounds you heard on the quiet Monday morning. 

It was typical though, the first sounds of the morning and the last sounds of the night, a familiar tune that you had long grown accustom to. 

You feel the connection of soft lips pepper your shoulder, you grunt at his touches flashing your phone towards him as if signaling him to stop.

A deep chuckle erupts from his lips, his hands trail their way down your shoulder towards the hand currently holding the device. 

“We both know you don’t want to answer that.” He presses the bright red button on the screen and sets the phone back on the nightstand. 

You feel his body move slightly above you. His hands pin to either side of your head, his face looms closer to your lips. 

You sigh softly and push his advances away and reach for your phone in a swift movement. 

“As usual Park, you can never tell what exactly I want." 

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Jongin; out of love (M)

✉ few things people, hold up. one, this escalated to something so long, idk what. two, it’s not a honeymoon but something like a honeymoon? like before it ; w ; three, this is very long and smutty when you reach a point and it’s smutty alllllll the way. four, I TOLD YOU SUCKERS I STILL LOVE JONGIN GDI BELIEVE ME
►8060 words | scenario, rated m for myyyyyyyyyyyy god this is too long of a smut /sprinkles holy water
© (photo credit)

Jongin hadn’t expected much when it came to relationships—nor did he expect this sort of outcome when he first asked you out on a date. What seemed to be a playful way of teasing you, making you laugh until you can’t take it no more, the stars in the night sky seem to feel dim around you—that’s when Jongin knows he’s in too deep, and man, he can’t escape it even if he tried; even if the deepest parts of his mind tries to tell him to hm… ever thought of leaving?, he’ll change it into unless I’m leaving with her, no, not a chance.

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suho: we can’t let them take her away!

chanyeol: we have to distract them!

baekhyun: dw i got this *pops shirt buttons open*

kyungsoo: we already tried that and it just made chanyeol drool a lot

lay: *hands chanyeol another tissue to wipe his drool* i feel u bro

chanyeol: thanks…wait what’s that supposed to mean are you checking out b-

suho: focus please

jongdae: what we need is a hero…

kai: *steps out from the shadows*…i know what we need.

xiumin: what is that? also stop acting all dark and brooding i just saw you wearing teddy bear print undies earlier

kai: excuse you they were a gift from my mother…and someone has to harness the power of dance

chanyeol: but only you have done that before-

sehun: wait…let me do this.

suho: *reaches out to stop him* b-but are you sure? sehun you’re still so young..why not let lay-

lay: *grabs suho’s shoulder* it’s okay he can handle it

suho: damn ur right look at him go..that’s my boy :’)