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Jongin; out of love (M)

✉ few things people, hold up. one, this escalated to something so long, idk what. two, it’s not a honeymoon but something like a honeymoon? like before it ; w ; three, this is very long and smutty when you reach a point and it’s smutty alllllll the way. four, I TOLD YOU SUCKERS I STILL LOVE JONGIN GDI BELIEVE ME
►8060 words | scenario, rated m for myyyyyyyyyyyy god this is too long of a smut /sprinkles holy water
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Jongin hadn’t expected much when it came to relationships—nor did he expect this sort of outcome when he first asked you out on a date. What seemed to be a playful way of teasing you, making you laugh until you can’t take it no more, the stars in the night sky seem to feel dim around you—that’s when Jongin knows he’s in too deep, and man, he can’t escape it even if he tried; even if the deepest parts of his mind tries to tell him to hm… ever thought of leaving?, he’ll change it into unless I’m leaving with her, no, not a chance.

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Lazy Days With Jongin

for @kaibility ★~(◡‿◡✿)

  • You waking up before him because he sleeps till noon
  • His dogs being in the bed with the two of you
  • You waking him up by kissing his cheek, forehead, nose softly
  • You getting to hear his raspy morning voice
  • “What time is it?”
  • “11″
  • “It’s still early let me sleep.”
  • Sleepy eyes
  • His dogs not letting him sleep more because they want to go for a walk
  • Making breakfast together
  • You wearing his shirt
  • Him wearing nothing but boxers
  • Him wrapping his arms around your waist while you’re cooking
  • Also him hiding his face into the crook of your neck, giving soft kisses
  • “Can we go back to sleep now since we ate?”
  • Taking his dogs for a walk
  • Him running and not walking because he wants to get back home as soon as possible
  • Him throwing himself on the couch when you get back
  • “I though I was the lazy one in this relationship”
  • Him pulling you down on him
  • Him kissing the top of your head every 3 minutes
  • “Are we going to leave this couch today?”
  • “No”
  • Movie marathons 
  • Him feeding you popcorn
  • You being on your phone
  • Jongin wanting attention
  • Him poking you
  • “Hey hey, I’m here,it’s my day off, show me some affection”
  • Him teasing you to get your attention
  • His hand being on your thigh
  • Sloppy make-out sessions
  • His hands slipping under your his shirt
  • Lazy sex on the couch
  • “I need a shower”
  • “We’ll shower later, now come here and cuddle”
  • Ordering pizza
  • Him eating the last slice
  • Playing video games & just dance
  • Him beating you
  • “You’re my boyfriend, you should have let me win, at least ONCE”
  • Reading books together
  • “You look so attractive when you’re reading.”
  • “That’s why I’m reading because I know that it turns you on”
  • Shower sex
  • Him brushing your hair
  • Doing buzzfeed tests
  • “You’re a hufflepuff Jongin”
  • “This doesn’t make any sense! How am I hufflepuff when you’re a slytherin?!”
  • Him staring at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world
  • Well you’re the most precious thing in the world to him
  • “Do you know how much I love you?”
  • “Why don’t you remind me?”
  • His dogs jumping on the couch
  • “I love you my babies but why don’t you give mommy and daddy some time alone?”
  • “We’ve been together the whole day Jongin, they missed us”
  • You falling asleep after playing with the dogs
  • Him carrying you to bed
  • Him playing with your hair
  • You falling asleep in his arms, feeling secure like every other day

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suho: we can’t let them take her away!

chanyeol: we have to distract them!

baekhyun: dw i got this *pops shirt buttons open*

kyungsoo: we already tried that and it just made chanyeol drool a lot

lay: *hands chanyeol another tissue to wipe his drool* i feel u bro

chanyeol: thanks…wait what’s that supposed to mean are you checking out b-

suho: focus please

jongdae: what we need is a hero…

kai: *steps out from the shadows*…i know what we need.

xiumin: what is that? also stop acting all dark and brooding i just saw you wearing teddy bear print undies earlier

kai: excuse you they were a gift from my mother…and someone has to harness the power of dance

chanyeol: but only you have done that before-

sehun: wait…let me do this.

suho: *reaches out to stop him* b-but are you sure? sehun you’re still so young..why not let lay-

lay: *grabs suho’s shoulder* it’s okay he can handle it

suho: damn ur right look at him go..that’s my boy :’)