lazy editing


“Andy (Muschietti) is behind the camera shouting directions and he’s like, ‘Bill, grab one of the kids! Grab one of the kids and walk out of the frame!’ So I’m running around these kids, laughing maniacally, and I grab one and he just shrieks! And Andy’s like, ‘Oh no, not that guy!’ – I had to change kids to find one that wasn’t so terrified.” -Bill Skarsgård


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”


❝ I save people cuz i’m a hero! Once you’ve made that decision in your heart, then you stake your life on it! A ‘manly heart’ to me, is a life led without regret! ❞

Happy Birthday Red Riot! [10/16] (*¯ ³¯*)♡

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