lazy doll

@dinatokio By: @langstonhues 
Jakarta, Indonesia
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I’ve been photographing with @dinatokio since 2013. Thus far, I’ve had the honor to capture her on 3 different continents. Europe, Asia, and North America.

This particular shot was done in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dina, and her husband @sidkaan were in Indonesia and stopped by at an event that I was having with @hijabellamagz courtesy of @dianpelangi.

It was such a wonderful event, and great surprise to see Dina and Sid drop in. After the event we all went to a local Indonesian restaurant for food. It was a themed restaurant that specialized in seafood, and was untraditional in service. Each patron received a bib to wear in order to keep from making a mess on themselves. The food was literally plopped down onto the table top with neatly placed construction paper as a barrier between the food and the table.

The food was killer, literally! I became very sick the following day, and Dina’s husband Sid became ill as well. I even later heard that nearly 40 people who ate at that place that night, also fell ill.

I recently was able to meet with Dina, and her husband Sid here in North America and we had a huge laugh about it. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too serious, and we got a great story and experience to share! I’m extremely eager to see if I’ll be able to capture Dina on a 4th continent!

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