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hello everyone!! i recently hit my first big goal so i decided it’s a good reason to make my first follow forever!! i wanted to show appreciation for my lovely mutuals, you really make this place so fun!! thank you for making my dash look so beautiful ♡  sorry if i excluded anyone, some people changed urls and i couldn’t find them… and if you’re following me from a sideblog i could forget to check it ;;

special shout out to @leejinks for teaching me pretty much everything photoshop related, i’m sorry i’m so dumb but you can’t escape me, ily too

to @jimissi​ aka my bro. my lovely dude. thank you for loving and accepting me as i am, i know that even that pineapple discourse can’t tear us apart

anyway here’s a list of some really wonderful people, thank you sososo much for following me!! ♡

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Team Fortress 2. Spy’s Dying Wish

Spy: So what’s YOUR dying wish?

Sniper: That… I shall take to my grave.♪

Been working on this for a week and finally finished it with my usual crappy panelling and backgrounds. Anyways, tribute to the video that sealed my fate to the TF2 fandom then later gave me papa!Spy feels.(`∀´)♥

Scout’s the only one who has NO IDEA who his father is. Yes, the Team knows.

i think i wanna marry you

pairing: shawn x reader

word count: 516

warnings: none

Cool, morning air lightly hung in the kitchen as the smell of spring wafted through the open window over the sink. Two figures sat across from each other at a circular, wooden table over bowls of cereal and basked in the comfortable silence of their home. A tall, skinny vase sat between the two of them and a single daisy stood in the clear structure. The dark haired boy twisted it around slightly so that the petals were facing his girl. She smiled at him and reached out for the carton of milk on the table to pour a little more into her bowl.

“Alright. Let’s do this.” His raspy morning voice broke the serenity of the kitchen. 

“Huh? Do what?” She asked, confused and still half asleep as a spoonful of cereal hung between her fingers.

“I wanna marry you today.” He told her seriously and sincerely, his dark eyes never leaving hers. 

The spoon she held fell from her grip into the bowl with a clang and little drops of milk splashed out onto the table top. She spluttered slightly as air got caught in her throat and she patted her chest lightly in response.

He laughed a bit at her response, but still pressed on. “So, are we doing this thing? Wanna get married?" 

"Shawn, are you being serious? You want to get married today? We’ve got nothing planned… Today?!" 

Shawn laughed again and his teeth sparkled in the early morning sun. His dark eyes lit up at the sight of her, despite the slight bags under them and the red rings that had formed around them. Shawn reached his hand out on the table and placed his large hand on top of hers. 

She bit her lip in excitement and looked into his eyes for just a second. Her hair was a mess from the bed she had left only ten minutes ago and she probably still had some sleep gunk in the corners of her eyes. She wore only slightly embarrassing bright pyjamas with oversized, fluffy, pink slippers and an old dressing gown to match. A few angry, red spots had unfortunately found a new home on her chin and forehead and a few wild eyebrow hairs had managed to escape the wrath of her tweezers. Amongst all that, Shawn still thought she was beautiful. Beautiful enough to propose to over the breakfast table and beautiful enough to want to go to bed that night as her husband. 

Shawn pulled the daisy out of the vase and presented it to her across the table. "So, are you gonna leave me hanging? Or are we doing this thing?” He asked with a cheeky smile. 

She gripped his hand that was still in hers on the tabletop and stole the daisy from between his fingers. She brought it to her nose and hid her face behind it for just a second. She twirled the daisy in her fingers and looked into his chocolate eyes over the top of the spinning petals. Then, a wide grin broke out on her face. 

“Let’s do this thing.”


7 days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Favorite character - Mizuki Hajime


       And maybe I’m in love with you,
                          and every day I wish for your love,
                                                            a love I will never have

The combination of two ‘fakes’, makes a real; Davehalsprite^2  ◥▶◀◤
- Shoutout to @jaboody for introducing me to just about the saddest character and @davspriite for ‘creating’ him. I’m in love. *robotic caw* ;y


how did i manage to forget about blackout fuck

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end