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let’s get out of here - a slowburn pervax/perc’ildan fanmix // on 8tracks

take me to church hozier | bad blood (cover) ryan adams | bite troye sivan | your graduation modern baseball | little lion man mumford & sons | coming down halsey | just one yesterday fall out boy | semi-automatic twenty one pilots | do i wanna know? arctic monkeys | fix you coldplay | lipstick covered magnet the front bottoms

(x on spotify)

>> continuously going to be added to, so i’m sure that this list will be out-of-date soon but…

Lovely @thrumbolt tagged me :D

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Nickname: I don’t have any

Gender: Woman

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Favorite colour: Teal and black

Time right now: 22.00

Average hours of sleep: Between 6-9 hours depending on if i have to go to work the day after

Lucky number: 17

Last thing I googled: couscous water

Favorite bands: Judas priest and Spark, atm

Favorite solo artist: Peaches

Dream trip: I just want to go somewhere warm with pretty beaches.

Wearing: jeans and a tank top.

Age of blog: five years.

Following: I follow 330 blogs but I think most of them are dead

Posts: 53 048

What I post about: fandoms im in, bones, shitposting

When did my blog reach it’s peak: It never did. Haha idk. I don’t really contribute to anything.

I’m to lazy to tag anyone rn so feel free to do this if you want to