lazy clamp challenge


Overall I like many female CLAMP characters… more than male… XD… and there are many characters that I don’t know if classify them as “female” characters… =/… Kohaku… Freya… the cards and dolls in general… @. @… XD.

Tomoyo is my favorite from my childhood, some people told me that I behave like her many times… XD. But Yuuko is the best =).


First series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.  It was actually my second manga ever.  And the only reason I read it was because I was watching the anime on the Funimation channel.

Favorite series: Clover.  Something about it just struck a chord with me.  And the more I read it and the more I thought about it, the more I picked up on the fact it is literature in a comic book format.

Most recent series: Tokyo Babylon.  And yes, I know what’s coming.  And boy is it going to hurt.