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I'm vegan and mostly agree with the opinions expressed in this blog so I'm not a fan of Ben & Jerry's at all, but as a lgbt person I do think it's a nice think it's nice of them to make a statement like that. It's comforting to see the debate around LGBT-rights in a more chill environment. I mean... it's a company so they'll spend money on advertisement/campaigns either way so... Idk I just wanted to share my point of view.

corporations aren’t your friend but ok.

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wait wait wait, you wrote one of my favorite klance college aus ever? 'It Grows Stronger'? Listen. I love that fic. I re-read it so many times. I love the dynamic between Keith and Lance in it so goddamn much! Anyway yeah I needed you to know I re-read that fic atleast once every few weeks.

omg wait listen. this made my gotdamn night!!! this so sweet and kind and all the other adjectives in between! im so glad you like it, it was really self-indulgent for me to write and i didn’t think people would like it so much!!! this is awesome thank you :”)


Max Factory: Figma - Samus (Part 4)

Now that the Figma Samus has has a re-release and I bought another one, I was able to re-paint my old one in Gravity Suit colors. It only took me 3 hours tops to paint it, which is much faster than other figures I’ve painted. I could probably profit off painting figures for people, but unfortunately I’m much too lazy to advertise something like that.

I really like how it turned out. I love the colors of the Gravity Suit and was highly disappointed that it was absent from Metroid Prime 3 and Other M. Then again, Other M was filled with enough disappointments to begin with.

Now that I’m done I really want to buy more so I can paint more of my favorite suit colors, like the phazon suit and light suit…