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The Cluster

The Crystal Gems

Twins in Black

Steven Universe

The Pines chilling

Lapis Lazuli

The cold from the inside (Original)

La muerte


The Clock tower (Original)

so I was trying to reply to an RP and I was getting a little teary-eyed because of some emotional moments happening in it when my cat notices and thinks I’m actually upset so this was his solution to make me feel better

“mum u stop right now the comp is makin u sad
here i take it from u stop cryin now k”

This one's even more late

Celebrity who has the most impact on your life? currently, Misha Collins

Favorite subject? Theater

Favorite possession? stuffed horse

How was your day? Really good

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Favorite band/album/song? High School Never Ends

Best day of your life? second day of Otakon 2010, my first time at a convention

Favorite color? green or blue

Favorite place you’ve been? New York City


My questions:




Favorite place?

Dream city?


Did you have a good day?

Could it be made even better with chocolate?

How many languages do you know?

Do you find these questions weird?