astrangebohemian: I actually don’t know? I just call it MollyxIrene or IrenexMolly. I would like to know if there’s a ship title for them though :)

Anon: No I just stick to cons around Southern California.

katiewoodger: Oh why thank you! 

Anon2: As of right now I’m not selling them. But if you’d really like a print you can message me off anon and we can discuss it.

lazulina: I really like using the col-erase prisma colored pencils, watercolor and brush pen.

roxyryoko: I use Grumbacher watercolor. For flesh tone I use naple yellow, however I’ve bought two Grumbacher naple yellows that were completely different colors. I don’t know if they changed it back but I always use some red or oranges with the yellow for a more flesh color. Arches watercolor paper is the best I’ve used but it’s more pricey and the paper is more unforgiving than other watercolor paper so your mistakes are more permanent.

sociopathic-italian-grandmas: I try to figure out their personality first. Are they shy or outgoing? What type of hairstyles and clothing would a shy person wear? What are their interests? Do they like video games or to quietly read all day? Having a voice actor in mind for your character can help too. The character can be as complicated as you want to make them but keep their design simple. 

Anon3: Is it more difficult for foreigners to work at Disney? I don’t think it would be. Unless you don’t speak any english at all I don’t see why it would be difficult. I have friends here who are from other countries who have work and student visas and they’re working at big animation studios. So long as you have the skills that the studio is looking for and you can communicate well enough with them it shouldn’t be a problem. And to answer your question on what program I use to color I use photoshop.

the-srinimatographer said: My friend bought it for me and I’m getting it tomorrow!!

Awesome, that’s great! I’m on page 15 and I’m crying already.

lazulina said: Nice work on snagging a signed copy!

Heh, thanks :) Living in Australia kind of worked to my advantage. I didn’t have to stay up late or into the wee hours of the morning for the online store to appear on the harmontown website.

lazulina asked:

Did you also watch "The Little Mermaid" on tv yesterday?

Nah, I just wanted to mine it a bit for some good moments. My favorite is finding small moments I can crop that might only be a few seconds of screen time but really shine when isolated in a GIF.