took a break from studying for my algebra final to finally work on this collab between my darling Alexa and I! She did the lines and I slapped some color on it uwu 

((ps everyone should go follow her art blog because I mean look at this she is super talented and gr8 okay xoxoxo))



I’ve all but retired of selling at cons, at least for now; as in, who knows when I well get to which ones in the future. I have a storenvy I never bothered to try and get off the ground, but in the meantime I have some leftover stock I’d like to try and sell off.

All of these prints will most likely not be reprinted after they’re gone. I have them in varying quantities, so if you’re eyeing any of them now, they might not be available in the future.

In 11 x 17 glossy card stock: $11 + shipping (approx. $5)

  • Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
  • Mikasa
  • ToG Richard & Asbel
  • Mareep pile
  • Free! x AoT crossover
  • Okami (11x14 in.)

Mini-prints: $3 + shipping (approx. $2)

  • Leeron (TTGL)
  • Hiei (YYH)
  • Levi (NOTE: Levi and Hanji are sold as separate prints of roughly 8.5 x 5.5 inches, and I only have Levi left.)
  • Aikuro Mikisugi (Kill la Kill)

Asks are fine for general questions. However, if you’re interested in buying, please email me at,  subject title “Stock sale”.

“When your husband is practically of reptilian constitution, you have to make sure he’s wrapped up for the cold. He can take care of everything but himself, but that’s why you’re there.”

Late birthday present to Danielle, our stupidly cute OC’s. <>

I’m too lazy to link her url at the moment because I can’t tell which is being more lethargic, the internet or this computer.

your name is LLOYD H****** and you are a PISCES which would make you AN INCREDIBLY RICH MAGENTA BLOOD if you were a troll. But you aren’t a troll, although you are OBSCENELY WEALTHY and therefore BLEED MONEY. But you’re a rather humble guy so this is IRONIC.

You have SWEET POINTY ANIME SHADES even though your friends think they’re DUMB. But WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK YOU ARE?

You are LLOYD H****** you dumb glubber. And your TRIDENT KATANA is the COSPLAY PROP that will PIERCE THE GAME DESIGN WORLD.

Which, by the way, is a hobby of yours and you are PRETTY RAD AT IT, having cosplayed THE ONE AND ONLY BRO STRIDER.

And became the bro strider.

It is you.

Am I up for humiliating myself twice in one day? Apparently I am.

I was going through some stuff and found my D Gray Man manga and rekindled my fondness for Kanda. I can’t draw anything right lately, so I challenged myself to sketch something out in a way that wasn’t my usual method, and told myself to post it once I started fussing, so here we are now. 

Maybe one day I’ll stop ruining other people’s characters and post original stuff.