• Me: Alright, time to do homework and be productive
  • Brain: Time to work out. :D
  • Cigarette: Smoke meeeee
  • Me: Okay, now I'll sit down and be productive
  • Tumblr: Love meeeee
  • Music: Dance to meeeeee
  • Brain: ADHD activateeeeeee
  • Cigarette: Smoke meeee moarrrr
  • Me: Fuck. This. Shit.

I’m so bored.

Too lazy to go through Omegle right now to look for Sherlock RP partners

Too lazy to get Trollmegle to work for Homestuck RP partners

Too lazy to look for any fanfic what so ever

And I’m too lazy to get up an get food even though I’m starving

What do?