ok straight folks i guess it IS a little rude of us to have EVERY character not be straight.tell you what lemme talk to some people and i’ll see if i can’t make some characters straight.

i think the thing about those dudes who do the “HAHA IT IS I THE CIS MAN” posts is like

they expect everyone to get angry just at the sight of them. because that’s what THEY do. you ever go on fuckin /r9k/ or /pol/ it’s always these shits talking about like “i saw someone with pink hair today and i had to come on here to write a rant about it how do i destroy the degenerates?” and they don’t realize that

literally no one else does that. they just hang out in a place where it’s normal to get mad at the sight of anything different from “grumpy white dude who plays the witcher all day” so they assume that is how everyone else lives their life.

  • Me: so do you want my phone number or skype
  • Person I'm Doing A Group Project With: i dont use any of those things. to contact me you're going to have to send a carrier pigeon to the akron pigeon haus, and address the message to Hans. he's my contact at the pigeon haus. he'll encrypt the message, but only if you make sure to include the passcode- that is, "the key lime pie was fantastic". the password changes daily so make sure to keep up. once he has the message properly encrypted it will be telegraphed to me where i'll use a WWII-era decrypter to get the message. since i dont want this to lead to or from me i'm going to be using a trusted courier to send my response. about seventy-two hours after sending your messgae, stay on the look out for a green van. don't be fooled by the plumber's logo, she's my courier and she'll have my message in the form of a USB drive. on it will be a .mp4 of myself signing the message to you- and remember i'll be using sumerian sign language, not american.

I don’t think you guys get how important All Your Base is. Back when that came out there were only like, five memes. There was no way of spreading them around, there were no really good image or video hosting services, there were no real public places where jokes went besides email circulation and Newgrounds, and yet this thing thrived. To the point that there were news stories about it. No one knew that jokes could start on the internet so the fact that this one did was just mindboggling to everyone. This thing laid the groundwork for modern memes. If it comes back we have come 100% full circle.

The Signs as "The Signs as" posts
  • Aries: Cold-reading one where, upon further reading, all of the horoscopes could probably apply to anyone on the website
  • Taurus: Blatantly Homestuck
  • Gemini: Kinda lowkey Homestuck but definitely Homestuck
  • Cancer: Novelty horoscope making fun of "The Signs As" posts
  • Leo: The ones that list the best at something in ascending or descending order
  • Virgo: Picture of a horoscope from a newspaper
  • Libra: "The ____ Squad" then a list of seemingly random signs
  • Scorpio: Photoset of characters with signs that possibly match them but don't have anything to do with their actual date of birth
  • Sagittarius: Meta "The Signs as" post about what the signs would be as "The Signs As" posts
  • Capricorn: Post clearly playing favoritism with Capricorn
  • Aquarius: Post complaining about "The Signs As" posts
  • Pisces: The blatantly wrong one, you know the one