Continuing my trend of editing the bajeezus out of existing screenshots

Sine and Tangent: The new mostly-blue and yellow beams are *mostly* how the Sine and Tangent Beams should look, based on the appearance of the Cosine beam (pictured, magenta.) In terms of how the actual graphs, the sin/cos/tan beams are fairly accurate; Tan overlaps with Sin, then crosses it; the high point of Cos is where Sin and Tan overlap, the low point is where they cross. However, I was so enamoured with how the straight-lined version of the Sine Beam looked that I blended it in (not irremovably) with the wave version. I’m also not sure how far up and down the Tangent Beam should go, but it’s pretty easily extendible.

Laser Bees: I went for a slightly more fierce look on the laser bees than the original had. Notably, though, I kept the very bulbous body and the placid pink wings. (The wings still need some work, maybe?) What makes it look angry is mostly that jet-intake-disguised-as-a-mouth. Logistically, a downward-angled turbine would wreak havoc on the guidance systems of the critter, but from a visual point of view, it’s awesome.

Hive: Today I learned that the image I have of a beehive is actual a type of basket called a Skep! So I made one of those, added a few miniature laser bees, and tossed it in front of that same blue-sky background Olajuwon’s Fire has.

Locks: Small pixel chains are the route I went with for these locks. You’ll note that there are five styles of lock, each arranged into a Tetromino for two reasons. 1: To demonstrate that each lock tiles left/right and up/down. 2: To make referencing any individual style here more simple. There are two pairs of locks that feature the same style of chain; S and L, and Z and Square. J is a third, distinct shape of chain. Uh… Z is the only lock that completely fills the 32x32 space; J does not have a dark border (which would imply chains made of energy?) L and S differ only through shading, but L is my current favorite.


I’m now running Wind8ws on my Macbook. This is important because

a) Construct 2 is a Windows-only program so now I can work on Lazer Mike somewhere other than the corner of my room where the desktop is.

b) I’m going on a cruise! (Blizzard pending) Singer/Songwriter/Internet Defense Force Enabler Jonathan Coulton is herding a bunch of us onto a boat where we will carry out his will, a piratical raid on the hit Fox show Glee! At least I think that’s what we’re doing. I haven’t read through all the brochures yet.

Hey wait a minute! This is just a picture of a pause menu!

Demo is playable! Just a few more quick things to hammer out and a bit of content to write and putting sound effects (taken straight from the demo) back in!

With 21 hours to go? Maybe I’ll treat myself to a nap!

Introducing the Lazer Mike elemental triangle! See if you can guess what they are! Also I should buy a yellow marker. Still tinkering with the hoverdragon fight. My goals after that are making the collected frogs do something! Also more elemental attacks. Gotta figure out how ice will work first.

Hello tumblr. It has been a month since I became unemployed and my genuine reason (not excuses) for not making things therefore ceased. Excuses. doublereversehipster has not been able to proceed much on LazerMike. But there were some tasks I never completed in the pipeline- such as taking the Steampunk Lizard from concept art to an in-game prototype. It went rather more quickly than expected, once I realized my starting point.
Origin. Along with a rough prototype sprite, I was working from the sketch from this post to design the Steampunk Lizard. The prototype sprite had stumped me in the past- I could see the desired design elements, but not the overall direction. Ultimately, I noticed a shared design element in both the sketch, and a prior piece of my own work, (being composed of an S, and a more different S,) and set to cannibalizing previous designs as any artist does
Progression. I made a chart for how the inspiration appears to have flowed for the steampunk lizard, but I wouldn’t want to assume influence where it isn’t… so for now, the chart remains unpublished.

Boston Festival of Indie Games recap

Hello post-con wave of new followers! (Don’t worry OG fanbase, I still love you.) I think I’m finally recovered from Saturday when BostonFIG knocked me on my ass from how awesome it was! Special thanks to those of the 5000 attendants stopped by booth D20 (a name that would have been way cooler at the tabletop showcase) to play Lazer Mike. I lost count after 9. Lazer Mike’s debut to the public went pretty well. I don’t think I’ve ever said the word “Metroidvania” so much. If anyone has any pics of my sweet booth or my Lazer Mike cosplay let me know!
Once I get back from KoL con this coming weekend, I’m gonna record a podcast and go in depth a little more about bostonfig. You guys should send in questions. Ask em via tumblr, twitter (@crocketlauncher) or whatever.