nico you’re the sweetest brother ever

i was watching victorious yesterday and this scene came up (it’s from 03x02) and lazel was the only thing in my head when i saw it - in more of the friendship way, but im totally cool with this ship - i mean this is something leo would do, right? and that would be hazel’s reaction, i’m sure!!

so leo came along with jason to visit camp jupiter before christmas and revealed he’s hazel’s secret santa - cause all of them love playing this on christmas. i believe that leo would give the most creative presents!!

things i wanted to point out: jason’s outfit (which was also inspired by victorious). reyna smiling at leo in the name of my leyna shipper’s days - still on it btw. frank smiling at leo. cause cmon they ARE cute buddies. and nico’s funny outfit. yep. nico is everyone’s candy man

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person B: I can't tell if that was on purpose or not. Something tells me it was an accident.
  • Person A: What on purpose? That? It was very intentional though I did regret it.

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”

What a great day to remind everyone that Leo Valdez is a victim of severe abuse and probably suffers the affects of it on a regular basis

PJO/HOO/TOA ships (and how I view them)
  • Percabeth: the mvp since the beginning. If you don't ship it, then you'll be thrown out of the fandom.
  • Frazel: The pair of cinnamon rolls who do NOT deserve all this shit that the gods are giving them. They do handle it quite well though.
  • Solangelo: no one really saw it coming but ITS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER FIGHT ME ON THIS I DARE YOU
  • Theyna: Not canon but so heavily implied that I consider it canon. I mean Reyna found Thalia's eyes distracting ???
  • Caleo: I will say it. I hate this. It shouldn't have happened. In my opinion, Leo should have been asexual. That would have been great for his character because it says he gets along better with machines than people like his father. I'm sorry but ace leo for the win.
  • Jasper: I don't really ship it. It seems too forced. It could have more story to it.
  • Jercy: I ship it but only outside of canon. It's fucking amazing and funny, but percabeth is too strong.
  • Pipabeth: I like it. I don't have too much of an opinion on it though.
  • Lazel: 1. ace leo 2. Hazel only was confused because he's a lot like Sammy. Leo is not Sammy though.
  • Perico: Nooooooooooooooooo. Nico's thing is getting over his crush on Percy. Percy isn't even his type!
  • Jasico: Jason is there for Nico. That's it. Nico wouldn't be dumb enough to fall for the strong handsome leader twice.
  • Valdangelo: No. No. No. No. No. They do NOT have good chemistry at all. I'd rather have Perico as canon.
  • Those are all the ships I'm doing because I'm tired.
Requests Are Reopened! 6/25/17- 7/2/17

Please reblog don’t just like I want people to know. This is as long as I will be taking requests okay? These are the many pairings I will write for. If you want a platonic fic please specify.






































Leo, bb, stop overreacting.

Haha, I am just so so sorry for that XD

I was just thinking ’ Oh, Leo gets nervous around girls?’-‘cuuutteee’; and then 'Oh, Leo ignites spontaneously when he’s nervous?’ pshhphssshhsphhhh 'OMFG WHAT WOULD LEO’S FIRST KISS BE LIKE OH GOD’

But oh well, I wasn’t sure about drawing Leo and Hazel actually kissing, because, you know, Frank is a bb too. therefore, I thought Leo’s crush on Hazel would be enough to get him on fire. \got it got it, LITERALLY ON FIRE\. While Hazel would be only giving him, um, I don’t know, 'friendly’ kiss-on-a-cheek for idk-saving-some-buddies from monsters or stuff. Or saving Frank.

whatever, I keep coming up with stupid ideas don’t mind me.

I draw more Leo than I would like to admit and I suck at drawing flames oh well

also I have a stupid humor sense.

Percy Jackson Band AU

The Riptides 

Percy Jackson is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. He sings okay as a lead singer and he has Jason to help him and harmonize with. Percy prefers his electric to the acoustic guitar. He was the one who named their band.

Jason Grace is a vocalist and a guitarist to the band and was in fact the one who suggested making one for fun, too bad Percy took him seriously. Jason loves playing the guitar and killing it, sometimes he stumbles though and he writes several of the bands songs. 

Leo Valdez is the hardcore and a naturally talented drummer of their band. He tends to like to add a bit of “leo” to his drumming solo’s or parts of their original songs. While performing, Leo enjoys to add some pyrokinetics behind him, it gives him flare he claims. 

Frank Zhang is the keyboardist and some backup vocals, though Frank aspires to be a hardcore drummer player, he doesn’t know how to play and frankly is bad at it so he resulted to the keyboard. He was the last member and newest member to join the band. 

Nico Di Angelo is the bassist of the band and sometimes DJ’s some of the beats for the band. He played bass during his younger years and went back and forth to it, he does some backup vocals and is a big inspiration to the group with ideas. 

The Olympians

Annabeth Chase is the lead guitarist, she’s highly skilled in the guitar, rather than her voice, but her voice is also well. She is one who began the band as a small idea. She is also a side vocalist.

Reyna Arellano is the bassist of the group and does vocals at the same time, she has a strong and husky voice and it’s quite attractive and many people are a fan of her voice. She likes to stay as a side vocalist and a bassist though.

Piper Mclean does lead vocals and also plays some guitar on the side, most of the time acoustically. She designed all the band merch with some help and is usually the one who writes songs.

Hazel Levesque does the drums, she doesn’t seem like much of a drum type, but she enjoys playing it and on the side when needed, she adds in other little instruments such as the uke and electric violin and keyboard. 

The Demigods at Parties
  • Percy: the one you think is hella drunk bc he's acting all wild but he's really sober af
  • Annabeth: calculating beer pong trick shots and getting Percy off of whatever furniture he's dancing on
  • Piper: ROCKING karaoke and flirting with Annabeth not so subtly and acting like she's drunk when she flirts with her but really she hasn't had anything
  • Jason: dancing on people, especially Percy and may *accidentally* kiss him
  • Frank: drinks something that he thinks is non alcoholic but it turns out to be really strong and he panics but just ends up dancing with hazel the whole time
  • Hazel: is surprised at first with all the shenanigans but just goes with it sober the whole night and just chills and dances
  • Leo: gets TOO drunk, LOUD, and flirtatious and every time tries to strip on a floor lamp pole but falls over and is driven home by Annabeth
  • Nico: is lowkey a little buzzed, is pretty chill and ends up in a closet making out with Will
  • Will: gets drunk and thinks he can dance REALLY WELL but ends up tripping over himself
  • Reyna: DJing, really good at dancing but doesn't drink that much, dat ass rules the dance floor

so one day hazel and piper are hanging out in bunker nine with leo when piper gets annoyed at the aBSOLUTE MESS since literally all of his clothes are just thrown on the floor. so she starts picking up some the proper way and goes to hang them in the closet when leo is like wAIT PIPER NO, but she opens the closest anyway and (no leo is not inside but) inside are sweaters, made by hand, perfectly arranged by color, followed by scarves, some hats, and a sewing kit. and piper holds in her laughter because she’s kind of amazed that this klutz can make such beautiful designs with such detail without burning them or anything

“you knit?”

“no! i crochet…”

and she’s literally trying sO HARD NOT TO LAUGH.

“ah, crocheting, very macho.”

buT MEANWHILE HAZEL IS SO EXCITED AND IS LIKE OMG ME TOO AND SHE STARTS COMPLIMENTING LEOS TECHNIQUE AND WANTS HIM TO GIVE HER SOME TIPS so now leo and hazel crochet together every monday at four pm and it’s just the two of them until they find out nico has a secret hobby.