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Felicity summarized this episode well:

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We saw many returns and with that we heard many returning themes and instruments.  This review will be a little different: I’m going to touch on all the returning musical themes (or at least attempt to).

Nyssa/Nanda Parbat/Tatsu

We start off this episode with Nyssa escaping prison to exhilarating music.  As Nyssa discovers the knife in the pepper, we hear the theme for Nanda Parbat (minor second then minor third) in strings and voices before the music matches the fight.  The last time we heard this theme, Malcolm Merlyn had healed a cut with the Lazarus Pit.  Now, followers and supporters are taking a stand for Nyssa, the daughter of the demon and the rightful heir.  This is the music for the leader and all that Nanda Parbat represents.  The fight commences with a return of the duduk used for the League of Assassins, hand drums, and strings setting the musical stage for a coup.  The usual themes that we associate with Ra’s al Ghul (or Merlyn) are gone but the instrumentation is still present.  As the Lotus is mentioned, we hear a new instrument: the ney flute.  (In all honesty, I had to ask Blake Neely what instrument was used…it’s a Persian flute.) 

This instrument is key to the fight between Nyssa and Tatsu.  In Season 3, the ney flute was used for Tatsu (or at least Katana - when she fights with her sword). We haven’t seen Tatsu since she left Nanda Parbat at the end of Season 3.  Now she has found purpose in protecting the Lotus.  In the fight between these two women, we hear their respective instruments representing these two fierce women fighting for their cause.  The ney flute, the crazy duduk, doumbek, gongs.  This was my favorite fight music for the episode.

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Soo… Is it too early to ask for a Supergirl and Arrow crossover just so we can use the Lazarus Pit on Astra?? Also, the side effect of using the Lazarus Pit is bloodlust. And this is from Arrow’s wikia, “Only by killing the one who hurt them before entering the pit will the person be truly released from their bloodlust.”

'Arrow' Boss Talks Introducing Lazarus Pits, Magic to the Superhero Show

When we last saw “Arrow,” Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) had just made Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) an offer he couldn’t refuse – to replace Ra’s as the head of the League of Assassins.

So more mystical and magical elements will apparently make their way into the show with the introduction of the Lazarus Pits in last night’s “The Offer.” I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Gonna take a wait-and-see approach with this one. As long as “Arrow” doesn’t overdo it (and start bringing dead people back), I think I’ll be OK.

ifellforanamazinggrayson asked:

Is it canon that Jasons eyes go from blue to green? The over all question did he ever have green eyes or us that a fan made thing?

His eyes are canonically blue. So are Bruce’s. So are Dick’s. So are Tim’s. So are Steph’s. So are Cass’s. So are Damian’s. So are mine. So are my neighbor’s. So are my dog’s. So are yours.

There are only blue eyes. Every eye everywhere is blue.

Arrow 412

The team are out and on the hunt for a thief who is stealing tech from varies locations. While Felicity sits back and helps the team get a secure location on him, she gets her kicks from enjoying the use of her code name.

What they quickly find out is that their thief is in fact Roy Harper.

The reason that he got away was because while Thea had him cornered, she suddenly fainted from “exhaustion”. However, what we soon find out is that her blood lust has gotten to the point where the effects of the lazarus pit are going to reverse if she does not kill, in other words, her wounds will return and Thea will die.

Meanwhile in Nanda Par Bat, Nyssa breaks out of prison in order to get her hands on The Lotus.

Interestingly enough Tatsu is now in charge of guarding this item, putting her life on the line to protect it. 

Felicity soon discovers that the last piece of technology Roy is after in order to make his web bomb (yes, a bomb that could blow up the internet) is at Palmer technologies. 

The team arrive quick enough to prevent Curtis from getting hurt and to capture Roy. Using a tranquilliser arrow, Oliver puts Roy down making it look like he was killed as Felicity realises that a camera lens is in fact in Roy’s eye which is allowing The Calculator to track Roy’s every move. 

Roy explains that The Calculator contacted Roy and outed him not only as Roy Harper but as the fake Arrow, blackmailing him to follow his every demand or he will release all the evidence, putting Roy and Oliver back in danger of getting caught. Roy is more than thankful for their help, even if it did get him an arrow to the chest.

Meanwhile Felicity is having some trouble at work learning to be in control while in her wheelchair. With the release of their battery coming up, Felicity is required to make a presentation but is struggling to sell their new product while feeling powerless and not in control. Cutis, thankfully aware of her second job and seeing what felicity is capable of when she puts her mind to it offers advice, explaining that although she is in control now because she knows if she doesn’t do everything she can then hundreds of people could die. Which makes him question why can’t she use that frame of mind in the presentation and as CEO of Palmer Technology, showing everyone that she is still the incredible person she is, wheelchair or not.

Unfortunately Thea turns for the worse, Oliver blaming himself and willing to make a bargain with Damien in order to help save Thea. 

But she doesn’t want him to do that. She would rather Oliver live and not risk his life yet again for her.

Roy goes to visit and they share a moment that sounds more like a dying wish.

With Thea out of action, Arsenal steps up to take her place when the team needs an extra hand to stop The calculator from using his bomb not to shut down the internet but to whip a whole city of what they would need to survive. Power, water, medical instruments in hospitals keeping 100′s of people alive…you get the picture.

They save the day only to find out that Thea has now slipped into a coma. Surprisingly Nyssa arrives with a solution. 

Once again, the deal to kill Malcolm has arisen…they have been trying to kill him since season 1, will this be the season where it actually happens??

Felicity gives her presentation and if only Oliver new he was siting not only next to The Calculator but also next to his Future Father-In-law then I am sure the presentation would have ended a little differently.

What a surprise for Felicity when she comes across her father for the first time in 14 years.

BOOM! when we all thought Damien could have been her father, turns out it is a different hacker villain that has been hiding away. It was a nice little surprise and cliff hanger to leave us all on. The question is, does he know she works for The Green Arrow and was the one preventing him from blowing up the city earlier that day?

Hears a little fact when joker descoved he had cancer he decided he would go to a lazarus pit to cure him self ( found by riddler when he had cancer and hush ) . When you enter a lazarus pit you will emigre insane for a fue minuets this always happens to ra’s al ghul, however when the joker emerged he became perfectly sane for a fue minuets ( this just proves how far from sane joker is )

Lazarus Pit headcanons

- Lazarus Pits are able to bring fully dead people back to life, no matter how old the body, so long as all parts of their skeleton are present for the dip. So people who are headless or missing half a body cannot be revived. The only exception are for people who lost a limb while alive. (ie. If you had the bones of Peg Leg Pete, he would be revived with just one leg.)

- Lazarus Pits are known for healing all injuries to a person’s body. HOWEVER, in actuality, this healing factor does not work for genetic disorders. If there is a flaw in a person’s body due to something encoded on their DNA, that flaw will be present in the revived person. 

- Sorry tattoo lovers… Revival by the Lazarus Pits will erase all your ink because the glowing green waters will consider the tattoo a type of scar to be “healed”.

- The Lazarus Pits have a dark secret to their life-giving properties… The pits are actually a portal connected to a spiritual world. Whenever a person is revived, it’s because a demon from that world enters the body of the person and jump starts it. The “madness” a person exhibits is actually due to the soul of the person fighting for control against this creature. However, even if the original soul of the person wins the battle (at which point they seem to regain their sanity), that demon still exists inside the person’s body, subtly influencing their behavior. Then, if the person uses the Lazarus Pits again, another demon enters the body, joins forces with the creature already in residence, and the both of them do battle against the original person’s soul.

- Unknown to Ra’s al Ghul, there is another form of naturally occurring Lazarus Pits in the world. These Pits are extremely rare (there are only three in the world), and the spirits who traverse these waters are not evil, but good/virtuous spirits (akin to angels, nature spirits, etc…) When a person (dead, dying, or living) is submerged within these pools, they are revived/revitalized without the typical Pit madness because the spirits do not try to overwrite the original soul. Instead, they exist in the revived person as a spirit/entity that they can only see/hear. However, these “spirit-bound” people can recognize others like them because they can see and hear those people’s spirits.

- Notable features of these types of Lazarus Pits:
—– The water glows blue (normal Lazarus Pits glow green)
—– There is flowing source of water (such as from a stream, waterfall, or naturally occurring fountain) (normal Lazarus Pits are pools of stagnant water fed by no flowing source)
—– The pools are never underground. While located in very secluded locations, they are always above ground and have a clear view of the sky. (normal Lazarus Pits are always underground)
—– There is always a very old tortoise who lives in the pool. It usually remains submerged in the water unless another living creature happens to approach it. While submerged, the very top of its shell will remain above water, covered in moss and other vegetation, resembling a small island in the middle of the pool. Of course, the “island” very slowly moves over the course of the day. The tortoise will only raise its head when another living creature approaches the edge of the pool to drink or step in. If the person has a demon attached to him/her from the demonic Lazarus Pits, the tortoise will summon the other local animals in that area to attack that person relentlessly. If the animals fail to chase the demon-bound person away, the tortoise will submerge as if in retreat, stirring up the dirt at the bottom of the pool and making the waters very murky as if covering her escape. However, this is a feint. In actuality, she is setting up for her own attack. She attacks like a modern day alligator snapping turtle. She will ambush her prey and devour that person so the demon cannot corrupt the pool.