Jason Todd: The Not-So-Outlaw

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by GoAwayOlivia

Jason Todd isn’t what Batman made him, he isn’t what the Joker made him, he isn’t what the League of Assassins made him, and he isn’t what the Lazarus Pit made him. He’s his own person and he’s taking himself back, one home renovation at a time. Also he might just make friends with the people who are supposed to be his brothers while he’s at it.

Words: 2396, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Re: Red Hood & the Outlaws Rebirth #1

I am honestly torn between my ahh at Jason and Bruce interacting together and my ongoing confusion at the seeming back and forth over Jason’s murder habits. Does Bruce just not know that’s why he and Roy broke up. Also I’m still miffed that they’re going with Jason being brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit rather than crawling out his own grave(I’m just very attached to that scene okay).

The photo was so cute though;; “Serious.” “Sexy?” “Serious.”
'Arrow' Boss Talks Introducing Lazarus Pits, Magic to the Superhero Show

When we last saw “Arrow,” Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) had just made Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) an offer he couldn’t refuse – to replace Ra’s as the head of the League of Assassins.

So more mystical and magical elements will apparently make their way into the show with the introduction of the Lazarus Pits in last night’s “The Offer.” I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Gonna take a wait-and-see approach with this one. As long as “Arrow” doesn’t overdo it (and start bringing dead people back), I think I’ll be OK.

Hears a little fact when joker descoved he had cancer he decided he would go to a lazarus pit to cure him self ( found by riddler when he had cancer and hush ) . When you enter a lazarus pit you will emigre insane for a fue minuets this always happens to ra’s al ghul, however when the joker emerged he became perfectly sane for a fue minuets ( this just proves how far from sane joker is )

Lazarus Pit headcanons

- Lazarus Pits are able to bring fully dead people back to life, no matter how old the body, so long as all parts of their skeleton are present for the dip. So people who are headless or missing half a body cannot be revived. The only exception are for people who lost a limb while alive. (ie. If you had the bones of Peg Leg Pete, he would be revived with just one leg.)

- Lazarus Pits are known for healing all injuries to a person’s body. HOWEVER, in actuality, this healing factor does not work for genetic disorders. If there is a flaw in a person’s body due to something encoded on their DNA, that flaw will be present in the revived person. 

- Sorry tattoo lovers… Revival by the Lazarus Pits will erase all your ink because the glowing green waters will consider the tattoo a type of scar to be “healed”.

- The Lazarus Pits have a dark secret to their life-giving properties… The pits are actually a portal connected to a spiritual world. Whenever a person is revived, it’s because a demon from that world enters the body of the person and jump starts it. The “madness” a person exhibits is actually due to the soul of the person fighting for control against this creature. However, even if the original soul of the person wins the battle (at which point they seem to regain their sanity), that demon still exists inside the person’s body, subtly influencing their behavior. Then, if the person uses the Lazarus Pits again, another demon enters the body, joins forces with the creature already in residence, and the both of them do battle against the original person’s soul.

- Unknown to Ra’s al Ghul, there is another form of naturally occurring Lazarus Pits in the world. These Pits are extremely rare (there are only three in the world), and the spirits who traverse these waters are not evil, but good/virtuous spirits (akin to angels, nature spirits, etc…) When a person (dead, dying, or living) is submerged within these pools, they are revived/revitalized without the typical Pit madness because the spirits do not try to overwrite the original soul. Instead, they exist in the revived person as a spirit/entity that they can only see/hear. However, these “spirit-bound” people can recognize others like them because they can see and hear those people’s spirits.

- Notable features of these types of Lazarus Pits:
—– The water glows blue (normal Lazarus Pits glow green)
—– There is flowing source of water (such as from a stream, waterfall, or naturally occurring fountain) (normal Lazarus Pits are pools of stagnant water fed by no flowing source)
—– The pools are never underground. While located in very secluded locations, they are always above ground and have a clear view of the sky. (normal Lazarus Pits are always underground)
—– There is always a very old tortoise who lives in the pool. It usually remains submerged in the water unless another living creature happens to approach it. While submerged, the very top of its shell will remain above water, covered in moss and other vegetation, resembling a small island in the middle of the pool. Of course, the “island” very slowly moves over the course of the day. The tortoise will only raise its head when another living creature approaches the edge of the pool to drink or step in. If the person has a demon attached to him/her from the demonic Lazarus Pits, the tortoise will summon the other local animals in that area to attack that person relentlessly. If the animals fail to chase the demon-bound person away, the tortoise will submerge as if in retreat, stirring up the dirt at the bottom of the pool and making the waters very murky as if covering her escape. However, this is a feint. In actuality, she is setting up for her own attack. She attacks like a modern day alligator snapping turtle. She will ambush her prey and devour that person so the demon cannot corrupt the pool. 


A little reminder for those who worry about the future of Olicity.

This took time & effort & LOVE.

@marcguggenheim & @thecwarrow production staff took the FERN to the LAZARUS PIT.


Just like they will with Olicity.

I’m sure of it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think in the future DCEU will pull comic book shit and just bring ppl back from the dead?

i mean supes is coming back, and we have a real chance at red hood, so yeah. In a universe where the lazarus pit exists I think its very possible. 

nyxisis  asked:

captain canary + angels. i wish your grandfather a good recovery.

Due to reasons of my religious psychosis still being A Big Thing, I’m gonna change your prompt slightly to avians. Hope you don’t mind.

Also, this came out way more mushy than I intended. Whoops.

Sara used to have dove white wings. Bit of a bitch when she needed stealth, but for everywhere and everyone else, they might as well’ve been the Crown Jewels. Nobody just gets all white wings, y’know?

Now that she’s back from the dead, finally able to embrace the White Canary, her wings are dipped in black. She’s become a sporadic mess of black and white: a handful of her feathers have completely succumbed, while the rest look like death was eating away at them but didn’t get to finish before the Lazarus Pit did its job. People who don’t know her think her wings look cool. People who do know her haven’t quite looked at her the same.

Leonard tells her after the gulag, “You just proved ‘em right.”

He’s preening Mick’s bearded vulture wings with the same precision he uses for his plans, while his own solid steel grey—he won’t say what kind they are—still twitch whenever Rip so much as looks at his wing-mate. Sara’d find that cute if she wasn’t so confused.

“What are you talking about?” she asks.

His mouth quirks. “I said you’re not a killer anymore, Sara. Your wings escaped death; so can you.”

Sometimes Sara looks at him and wonders what kind of shit he’s seen. Regardless, that doesn’t stop her from finally looking at herself differently too.

“I had some help,” she tells Rip later on, and squeezes Leonard’s shoulder on her way to another glass.

This Zorua is a super-hero. 

Sometimes… She is whatever her trainer wants to be. 

Its actually the same Zorua I drew here only with a second redesign and gender-change.

Her name is Shadow, she’s naive natured and has white spots because she jumped into the Lazarus pit once. 

Reblog, don’t repost. 


I’m just gonna call it right now that they use the Lazarus Pit juice thing to justify resurrecting Slade for the Judas Contract movie.

For reference!  In Son of Batman (Damian’s introduction into the new DCAU in which Slade was awkwardly shoehorned into), this happens:

Slade getting blasted by concentrated/refined Lazarus Pit juice.  Which apparently is what ends the fight because????  IDK, it was a lame anti-climactic end to the battle and this movie was kind of terrible all around.

Also this:

Slade presumably drowning and then being crushed by the collapsing facility coming down on top of him.

The facility full of pipes pumping Lazarus Pit juice.

Also as Slade never showed any sign of his regenerative ability in the film I am also 100% certain this is where and how he gets them in this continuity.


X’hal I hate my genre-savvy.