Everything is Arrow and, for once, nothing hurts

I think I’ve calmed down enough to form coherent thoughts, and I gotta say that as much as I am in love with the prospect of Olicity in season 4, I’m honestly and truly excited for…EVERYTHING about season 4!

I’m REALLY excited for the new characters. Curtis Holt, Damien Darhk, Anarky, and a guest appearance by freaking Constantine! Based on just this two minute trailer, I already know I’m going to love Curtis and Felicity’s dynamic.

I’m excited for Sara to come back. I’m excited to see what happens with Thea post Lazarus Pit. I’m excited for Malcolm Merlyn as the new Ra’s. I’m excited for more Nyssa (I hope there’s more Lyla, too? I didn’t see her, though). I’m excited for the new dynamic between Oliver and Quentin now that he knows Oliver’s the Arrow. I’m excited for the new dynamic between Diggle and Oliver, even if I know that watching them being at odds will break my heart.

I’m excited for STAR CITY and Oliver becoming THE GREEN ARROW (who names him though??) and Oliver’s NEW SUIT (who made it??) and Flashback Oliver putting on the hood (who knew THAT was coming??)

I’m excited for a new lair and a new team.

And OF COURSE I’m excited for Oliver and Felicity. Their happiness, their togetherness, their domesticity, just freaking EVERYTHING. My ship is canon and I’m so freaking excited to finally see them together.

I’m just super excited for EVERYTHING that’s coming. Even more excited than I thought I’d be, and I was already pretty damn excited. This trailer is proof that it’s not just the Olicity of season 4 that’s going to kill me. 


^^^Guys, the title card arrow is actually GREEN now, not that faded out grayish color. God DAMN I’m excited for season 4!

RT @NatalieAbrams: .@caitylotz coming out of the Lazarus Pit is fan-freaking-tastic #Arrow gif h/t to @JarettSays

.@caitylotz coming out of the Lazarus Pit is fan-freaking-tastic #Arrow gif h/t to @JarettSays

— Natalie Abrams (@NatalieAbrams)

September 4, 2015

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September 04, 2015 at 03:24PM

Ok quick thoughts on the trailer before I have to go on vacation

  1. Obviously Olicity is amazing and Oliver looked so happy and ugh this is what I’ve wanted for him since season 3
  2. Thea looks great in the costume and she almost killed that dude with a sword right?? Give me more of that lazarus pit craziness
  3. Damien looks awesome but I still don’t have a sense of what his evil plan is. Obviously we’ll find out more in the season but still. I think he wants to take over the city or something??
  4. Glad they ditched the blonde wig for Laurel, though now I’m questioning her “identity concealment”
  5. Ok you can’t expect me to believe that no one is going to think he’s just the Arrow in a new suit I mean he has the same abilities and a pretty similar outfit. Maybe they’ll pass him off as a copycat but I feel like that would invalidate the Arrow’s accomplishments? IDK
'Arrow' Boss Talks Introducing Lazarus Pits, Magic to the Superhero Show

When we last saw “Arrow,” Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) had just made Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) an offer he couldn’t refuse – to replace Ra’s as the head of the League of Assassins.

So more mystical and magical elements will apparently make their way into the show with the introduction of the Lazarus Pits in last night’s “The Offer.” I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Gonna take a wait-and-see approach with this one. As long as “Arrow” doesn’t overdo it (and start bringing dead people back), I think I’ll be OK.

Hears a little fact when joker descoved he had cancer he decided he would go to a lazarus pit to cure him self ( found by riddler when he had cancer and hush ) . When you enter a lazarus pit you will emigre insane for a fue minuets this always happens to ra’s al ghul, however when the joker emerged he became perfectly sane for a fue minuets ( this just proves how far from sane joker is )