Lazarus Rising

Summary: How differently would things have gone if Dean remembered Cas from hell? Rewrite of episode 4x01 “Lazarus Rising.”

Words: 3,024

Dean x Cas

Warnings: none

Notes: I was wondering how the episode might have gone if Dean could understand Cas’ true voice, and this happened. There are some holes where I didn’t go into certain areas of the episode and changed some things, but other than that the plot stays the same for the most part.

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Black. That’s all he saw when he opened his eyes. His breathing was heavy as he searched his pockets for the lighter he always carried with him, flicking it a few times before it lit. His heartbeat quickened as he realized he was enclosed in a box, trying to find a way out.


His voice was quiet and hoarse from lack of use. He pounded on the board above his head.

“Help!” He pounded until he broke the board and dirt came raining down onto his face.

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