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Ten Years of Ten: The Lazarus Experiment (May 5, 2007)

“I’m old enough to know that a longer life isn’t always a better one. In the end, you just get tired. Tired of the struggle, tired of losing everyone that matters to you, tired of watching everything turn to dust. If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you’ll end up alone.”

Y’know I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Doctor Who scene more obviously Written By A Man than the bit in The Lazarus Experiment where Tish Jones, having previously been grossed out by old Professor Lazarus inappropriately hitting on her, immediately goes off alone with him as soon as he turns physically young and attractive


Confirmed as of August 26th, 2015


  • Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) as Elizabeth/The Countess; the hemophiliac serial killer, bisexual, wealthy social doyenne who owns the hotel and is heavily involved with art, fashion and people, she has a “nefarious plan” that begins to unfold within the first episode and has romantic relations with Tristan Duffy, Will Drake, Ramona Royale, and has had a relationship with Donovan for the past twenty years, she has been through a lot in the past making her extremely strong, she wears chainmail gloves with razor sharp nails used to slit their victims’ throats, after killing them, her and her ten children drink their blood (Eight Episodes)
  • Matt Bomer as Donovan; a dangerously ill serial killer and “lady’s man” residing in the hotel with a conflicted relationship with his mother, and manager of the hotel, Iris, which places a strain on his relationships with women, putting him in some “complicated circumstances,” he is also involved with in a love triangle with Tristan Duffy and his parter of twenty years, Elizabeth, however, his need for domesticity and his desire to settle down causes Elizabeth to wane over Tristan instead, as she is always looking for excitement, he wears chainmail gloves with razor sharp nails used to slit their victims’ throats to drink their blood
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Will Drake; an incredibly wealthy fashion icon, desperate to reestablish himself after losing his creativity and edge in the subject of fashion, and to inspire creativity, he moves from New York to Los Angeles with his son Lachlan, where he intends on moving the rest of his family as well, some at the hotel find him arrogant for his actions, such as evicting those from the hotel and “moving things around” for his own purposes of creating a fashion empire, but he gets distracted Elizabeth, of whom he starts a relationship with
  • Wes Bentley as John Lowell; an LAPD homicide detective serving on the task-force hunting “The Ten Commandments Killer,” a serial killer who, after murdering his victims, stages/arranges them according to biblical passages, him and his family, including his pediatrician wife Alex Lowell, get “sucked into the the [hotel’s] darkness,” he is a control freak who is struggling with a lot of things, two of them being the loss of one of his sons and the falling apart of his family, he also begins a relationship with Elizabeth
  • Kathy Bates as Iris; the villainous hotel manager who checks people into the hotel, ensures that events run smoothly within the hotel, and tends to the needs of Elizabeth, she is the mother of Donovan, of whom she has a conflicted relationship with, but she still loves the, as she has taken the job at the hotel specifically to check on him while he is ill, which has caused her to be a bit over protective, she has a “budding relationship” with John Lowell and holds a strong and “ancient” grudge against Hypodermic Sally, she does crossword puzzles in her free time
  • Chloë Sevigny as Alex Lowell; the wife of John Lowell who works as a pediatrician outside of the hotel and is treating the ailing son of Madchen Amick’s character, she is struggling to regain footing in the wake of her own son’s death and other events that have shaken her, her family is also falling apart
  • Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally; is  “very sexy,” “the baddest bad girl,” and “an absolute villain,” she is a drug addict who lives at the hotel, she is very selfish and is willing to do what it take, including hurting people, to get what she wants, while staying at the hotel, she becomes romantically involved with John Lowell, and holds “an ancient grudge” against Iris, she will most likely die prior to the conclusion of the season
  • Evan Peters as James March; the “unique” builder of the hotel from the 1930s, the hotel was build to cater to his specific needs, which are typically “dark and evil,” he is a “mysterious absolute villain” who will be “waiting for you” in Room 64
  • Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale; a “very over-the-top, dramatic, fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, strong, powerful actress” who has done for herself as an actress, being able to afford a mansion in Los Angeles, however she is still trying to improve her acting skills in order for her to be taken seriously as an actress, to acquire roles that she hasn’t previously landed, but refuses to “do anything” or belittle herself for said roles, she previously had a “strong, real, lasting” relationship with Elizabeth, and although harboring ill-will towards Donovan, the two team up to take revenge on Elizabeth, she is a frequent visitant of the hotel with hair inspired by Diana Ross
  • Max Greenfield as Gabriel; a “very disturbing” drug addict who “checks into the hotel, but will not be check outing” and has an “unforgettable experience,” he has dyed his hair green and lost at least thirty pounds for the role
  • Finn WIttrock as Tristan Duffy; a hypersexual male model departing from the industry due to his lack of interest for the field, as it does not provide him for his much-wanted “high,” in search of said high, he searches the hotel for drugs, where he meets Elizabeth and she falls in love for his antics, earning himself a spot in a love triangle between himself, Elizabeth, and Donovan, and learns that he finds his best high in the form of hurting people and with Elizabeth
  • Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor; a cross-dressing Elizabeth Taylor enthusiast, O’Hare repeatedly stated: “She IS Liz Taylor,” she works closely with Iris in the hotel as a bartender and maintenance worker who “cleans up messes,” she falls into the LGBT+ area and has been asking Alaska Thunderfuck questions about being a drag queen, hinting at the possibility of Liz being a transgender women, O’Hare has shaved his head along with other parts of his bodies for this role
  • Emma Roberts; will have “something great” with James March in the concluding episodes of the season
  • Richard T. Jones as Mr. Hahn; an LAPD homicide detective serving on the same task-foce as John Lowell in “The Ten Commandments Killer” investigation (Eight Episodes)
  • Helena Mattsson
  • Lily Rabe as Aileen Wuornos; a famous serial killer residing in the hotel playing a pivotal role in the annual Halloween two-part episode, Aileen Wuornos was a famous serial killer in Florida active between the years 1989-1990, killing seven men in supposed self defense after they bought her services as an escort and attempted to assault her (Two Episodes)
  • Naomi Campbell as Claudia; a fashion editor at Vogue Magazine, who “pays the ultimate price” at the hands of Elizabeth during her stay at the hotel for her critiques on Elizabeth’s fashion, she is also very outlandish and has a false sense of security, believing herself to be invincible
  • Mare Winningham; a laundress at the hotel who works closely with James March
  • Darren Criss as Justin; a hipster from Silver Lake who seeks refuge at the hotel with his “equally hip” girlfriend from pesky trick-or-treaters, but ultimately meets a gruesome end at the hands of Iris after making one too many frustrating room service requests
  • Mädchen Amick; the mother of an ailing son who is being treated by Alex Lowell
  • David Naughton (One Episode)
  • Christine Estabrook as Marcy; a Los Angeles real estate agent who showed Will Drake the hotel and previously sold the Murder House to Vivien and Ben Harmon


  • Jessica Lange; although confirming she will not return as a main character in season five, she expressed in returning in a recurring capacity if offered a desirable character, and later stated she would return if there were seasons succeeding season five
  • Taissa Farmiga; when asked if she will be returning to the franchise, she expressed interest in returning but offered no promises
  • Seth Gillaim; O’Hare teased a “show-crossover”  in an Instagram photo of him and Seth (in reference to Gillaim’s show, Teen Wolf)
  • Connie Britton; explained that she “would love to come back” to the franchise after her show, Nashville, concludes


This season is being filmed in a six-story Art Deco hotel set in Los Angeles. The hotel within the season is called The Cortez Hotel and is also set in Los Angeles. Michael Goi confirmed via Twitter that this season takes place in the year that it is being filmed (2015/2016), but there will be flashbacks to other time periods (1930). The events of this season are based off of stories of real-stories of downtown Los Angeles hotels, more specifically, “a surveillance video that went around two years ago that showed a girl getting into an elevator in a hotel that was said to be haunted (Cecil Hotel)…and she was never seen again.” This is referring to the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam. Michael Goi has described this season as being “darker, grimmer, and much more horror centric” than the previous two seasons and will be “even more disturbing than Asylum,” which is widely considered the scariest and most disturbing season of the existing four. Co-creator Brad Falchuk  noted that this season will be “less claustrophobic” and will not trap the audience to one building (the hotel); “the hotel is the center, but [the horror]’s kind of dripping out.” One episode will feature season one’s Murder House. This season will operate under the “Trapped horror trope,” where the characters are unable to run from the horror. Unlike previous seasons, there will be no musical number, limiting Lady Gaga’s role strictly to acting.

  • Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lady Gaga’s opening scene will be a murder scene shared with co-star Matt Bomer
  • At one point, Lady Gaga will be featured in a scene in a long red dress exiting a building in a crowd of nicely-dressed people, possibly a fashion show or art gallery
  • John Lowe and Mr. Hahn are investigating a series of murders that take place in the vicinity of the hotel, these murders are committed by “The Ten Commandments Killer,” who, after killing his victims, stages them in ways biblical scenes
  • There will be a creature lurking in the hotel called “The Addiction Demon,” seen in Teaser #2: Do Not Disturb, he has no eyes or mouth, and wields a “nasty, conical drillbit dildo


Video of Lady Gaga on Set:

Pictures from the Set:


American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on October 7th, 2015 at 10:00 PM on FX.

  1. Checking In /// October 7th, 2015
  2. Chutes and Ladders /// October 14th 2015
  3. Mommy /// October 21st, 2015
  4. The Devil’s Child: Part I /// October 28th, 2015
  5. The Devil’s Child: Part II /// November 4th, 2015



Teaser #1: Front Desk

This teasers symbolizes the chainmail gloves that is used by Elizabeth and Donovan to slit their victims throats. Later they drink their blood with their children.

Teaser #2: Do Not Disturb

This teaser features a character from the season: The Addiction Demon. He is in the same vein as The Rubber Man and Bloody Face. He has no eyes or mouth, and weild a “conical drillbit dildo” as a weapon.

Teaser #3: Beauty Rest

This is possibly Liz Taylor, a cross-dressing Elizabeth Taylor enthusiast.


Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot of the Cast

Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot of Lady Gaga as “The Countess”,


Celebrating New Who | Favourite Arc

“The Archangel communication system is the centrepiece of the Masterʼs control of Earth. Itʼs how he conquered us, how he really conquered us, long before the Toclafane came. Itʼs how he made us trust him: rhythmic code, almost hypnotic, and too subtle to hear.” - The Story of Martha

The Lazarus Epxeriment still leaves a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.  It might be dull, but it’s not the worst episode ever.  It’s even got some decent dialogue.  But there’s something about it that’s really, really icky.

I keep thinking: what if Professor Lazarus were a woman, or a POC, or an LGBT+ character - how would we feel about him then?  Or even if he was just a nice guy?  I get the sense that we’re meant to hate him because he’s a privileged old man who still thinks he deserves better, which is just a cheat, because it takes away from the real moral dilemma.

Were Lazarus not a vicious sexual predator, and had he planned to use his creation to help others rather than to profit, how would the moral dilemma look?  But Greenhorn isn’t interested in that - he’s decided what the answer is and turns Lazarus into someone nasty enough to emphasise that.

The basic question of whether we should have technology which can add years of life to someone who’s spent the last seventy years living through hell, or which can reverse illness, or which can free up hospital wards - that’s considerably more nuanced.

The moral of this story is just “death is natural, embrace it”, but it’s a flavour of that view which is more reminiscent of the JWs who refuse blood transfusions for their kids, and that’s really not great.  Worse still is the fact that the Doctor is the mouthpiece for that viewpoint: he’s lived 900 years and has been left with bucketloads of angst, and so no one else should live that long and that’s final.

Yeah, I don’t like that episode.


Lazarus was beautiful.

And then we all sang David Happy Birthday ★⚡️❤ (at Lazarus Musical)

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In which Martha feels the way you can only feel if the boy you fancy accidentally sees your knickers.