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O Brother, Where Art Thou FULL soundtrack  

0:00 - Po’ Lazarus by James Carter and the Prisoners 4:30 - Big Rock Candy Mountain by Harry McClintock 6:50 - Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss (& Union Station) 9:45 - I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys, Dan Tyminski 14:03 - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues by Chris Thomas King 16:45 - Man of Constant Sorrow by John Hartford 19:19 - Keep on the Sunny Side by the Whites 22:52 - I’ll Fly Away by Allison Krauss, Gillian Welch 26:52 - In the Highways by the Peasall Sisters 28:28 - I Am Weary (Let Me Rest) by the Cox Family 31:43 - O Death by Ralph Stanley 35:03 - In the Jailhouse Now by Soggy Bottom Boys, Dan Tyminski 38:38 - Indian War Whoop by John Hartford 40:09 - Lonesome Valley by The Fairfield Four 44:16 - Angel Band by The Stanley Brothers

Music Challenge

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Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims. 

1. “The Future (of Delivery)”- Adam WarRock

2. “Macy’s Day Parade”- Green Day

3. “Hurricane Herman”- Thomas Newman

4. “&”- Tally Hall

5. “Private Eyes”- The Bird and The Bee

6. “Po’ Lazarus”- James Carter and the Prisoners

7. “Venus in Furs”- The Velvet Underground

8. “Don’t Stop the Music”- Rihanna

9. “Under The Gun”- The Killers

10. “President of What”- Death Cab for Cutie

11. “Where, Oh Werewolf”- Mike and The Bots from MST3K

12. “Do What U Want”- Lady Gaga

13. “William, It Was Really Nothing”- The Smiths

14. “A Winter’s Ball”- Hamilton

15. “Sit Down, John”- 1776 Soundtrack

16. “Under My Thumb”- The Rolling Stones

17. “Rey Meets BB-8″- John Williams

18. “Spooky Scary Skeletons (The Living Tombstone Remix)”- Andrew Gold

19. “Decipher”- Madame Macabre

20. “Standing Still”- Grace F

This list turned out a lot nerdier than I expected (especially near the end. #20 is a trock song about River Song, for goodness sakes!) but I wouldn’t have my music any other way.

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And if you’ve already done this tag or don’t want to do it, that’s alright. It’s only a harmless meme <3