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Am not a huge fan of boxing but this isn’t right! *mad*

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I’m not sure how to react to this without ruffling any feathers.

Filipino Boxer Johnreil Casimero beat Argentinan Luis Alberto Lazarten in a bout in Mar del Plata in Argentina in TKO 10th round.

Argentinian fans reacted to the loss by throwing plastic bottles, plastic chairs, towels, papers and other sorts of debris to the Filipino Team. The final straw was when a guy climbed up in the ring and started throwing punches and all hell broke loose. 

I’m just disgusted at how so many people reacted. Filipinos have had their share of losses but we have never reciprocated in that manner. 

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A little background: Johnriel Casimero (Filipino boxer) and Luis Alberto Lazarten (Argentinian boxer) took part in a bout in Mar del Plata in Argentina. Long story short, Casimero won which sparked chaos. Lazarte’s fans, who couldn’t accept the defeat, threw water bottles, chairs, glasses and debris at Casimero’s team; no one from that corner was spared from physical abuse. All hell broke loose cause there was this guy that entered the ring and threw punches. There were fists being thrown at them as the security guards try to escort them out, but was outnumbered. What a scene…

A little commentary: Being the long-winded and opinionated moron that I am, obviously I’m going to dedicate a post regarding this riot. The reason why I’m appalled by this is not because Filipinos were attacked, but the display of poor sportmanship and irrational behavior from Lazarte’s fans. Even if your favorite boxer lost, at least respect the winner and have the decency to properly consider his feelings. Imagine, you won a title, about to celebrate your victory, but flying chairs sends you running for your safety. I would be scared shitless. I also didn’t like the fact that Lazarte acted as if he was wronged when he executed several dirty tricks on Casimero. And wtf yo! Lack of security! After the chaos, Lazarte and his promoter apologized to Casimero personally.


Di Cool. :(


Hello, beautiful creatures! This video is proof that we know how to have fun, too! :)

Check out this poem about introversion performed by Trevor Viloria, Roch Lazarte, M Manese, and Louise Meets during WA’s anniversary show!

Cuadros no pintados

Tengo en el cuarto de al lado algunos cuadros no pintados. Mejor dicho, varias telas en blanco, para pintura al óleo o acrílico.

El solo sentir estas telas en blanco cerca, me calma. Son todos los cuadros que pinté en mi vida, uno por uno, formando una galería inmensa. Y aun los que no pinté, y los que podría llegar a pintar.

Cuadros vistos en los museos y en las casas. Cuadros vistos por las…

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Lima, 20 de mayo 2015 

 Se le decomisó  293 “Ketes” de pasta básica de cocaína (PBC)

Efectivos Policiales del Escuadrón Verde de Castilla, en Piura, durante la operación de prevención del Tráfico Ilícito de Drogas, lograron capturar a un presunto micro comercializador de drogas, cuando se desplazaba a bordo de un vehiculo menor (mototaxi) color azul.

El presunto traficante de droga, fue identificado como Rafael Rosas Lazarte Cordova (35), quien al notar la presencia policial emprendió su fuga, empujando a uno de los efectivos intervinientes, además el intervenido no presentó documentación que acredite la legalidad del mencionado vehículo.

      Asimismo, al realizarle el registro personal, se le halló  un canguro color negro que portaba a la altura del pecho, conteniendo en su interior una bolsa con 293 “ketes” de pasta básica de cocaína.

     La Policía trasladó al sujeto y la droga decomisada a la referida Comisaria, donde se continúa con las diligencias e investigaciones de ley en coordinación con el representante del Ministerio Público.


Fox ID - Coins from Plenty on Vimeo.

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Design: Pablo Alfieri
3D Animation: Mariano Farias & Sebastian Livingston
3D Rendering & Lighting: Mariano Farias & Sebastian Livingston
Compositing & Postproduction: Mariano Farias
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Sound Design: Santiago Lazarte (DeSant)

Client: Fox International Channels
Fox International VP’S: Florencia Pico
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Year: 2010