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What--who gets me high

Mags, always the smart one. Re-blogging for the statement up there. See that? :>

Obviously, she is my current obsession. If you are my facebook friend, my wall is flooded with Maggie-ness. Not only that, I have another tumblog (@TheMikitaJunkie) that ended up with posts and reblogs solely about her. But just so you know, she wasn’t the first(obsession–should I really call it that way?) and wasn’t the first celeb, as well.

Please tell me I am not alone in this HAHAHA Maybe you are with some other person/celebrity, right?? :)

Back in elementary, I was always full of intense adoration for names-I-wont-reveal-just-to-be-mysterious. Then I stopped being obsessed with ‘real people’ when I began watching western TV Shows. I was addicted to Leighton Meester(oh that awesomeness as Ms. Waldorf in Gossip Girl) then Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy(not that much but still counts), now, Maggie Q. 

At first it was just because of how great she portrays her role as Nikita and her incontrovertible chemistry with Shane West(A Walk to Remember). But eventually, being the internet-lurker that I am, I found out how smart she is watching gazillion of her interviews on YouTube; how passionate she is with animals and when I followed her on Twitter, how she is genuinely dear to her fans–logging in to Twitter mainly to reply to fan tweets. There was one time she replied to my random tweet:

Original post here. lol I was totally freaking out when I blogged abt it.

Then my addiction goes on. Ha! I know it’s not normal to most people out there but to me, I bet it is. To be honest, right now this keeps me from wanting a boyfriend or someone special but don’t get me wrong–I DO WANT to be with somebody but somebody isn’t available just, yet. FACT. Hahahahaha. I better stop talking now because I might elaborate what I do when I say I’m obsessed IT WILL FREAK YOU OUT :)) TTYL