lays on the floor and rolls over crying

Super sleepy houses
  • 2 AM at Hogwarts
  • Four lonely Hogwarts students lay awake in their individual common room's dorms.
  • Ravenclaw: *staring up at ceiling* (quietly) if it's 2:00 AM and I wake up at 6 AM, I will sleep for approximately 4 hours...good enough. As long as I have time to study for tomorrow, well, today's test before 7...I'll do that at breakfast...
  • Slytherin: *laying with feet at bed's headboard and head on the end of the bed* WHEN *slams feet against headboard* WILL *slams again* THIS *rolls backwards* NIGHT *somersaults off the bed* BE *falls to the floor wrapped in a blanket still* OVER?!
  • Gryffindor: *holding picture frame of their significant other* I miss you *crying* Do you still love me? Of course you's been 4 hours...but it feels like...*sniffle* FOUR YEARS *cries hysterically* I MISS YOU BABY!
  • Other student in the dorm room next door: SHUT UP
  • Hufflepuff: *holding stuffed animal tightly, staring beyond the window* Oh gosh *pulls blanket tighter* it's chilly...but..the window is farther than I thought...I'll just leave it open. *shudders and pats stuffed animal on the head* I've got you to keep me warm.
EXO react when another member walks in on sexy times/makeout session

If it was me and Xiu and Chen walked in I’d ask him to join ngl

Sehun:*in the middle of ripping his shirt off, you thought you’d heard the door open but Sehun was already crashing his lips on yours again so tbh you weren’t all that bothered…until you heard Luhan giggling and Baekhyun yelling “turn around, the camera can’t see!”. Sehun turned around too shocked to do anything, so it was left to you to smack Baek’s phone out of his hand and kick the two boys out of the room*

Kai:*is the smolest bean ever tbh, so no surprise whatsoever when he clammed up and giggled for like 18 hours when Chanyeol crashed through the door and saw the two of you lying on Jongin’s bed groping and kissing. With some gentle persuasion though you soon turned him back into Kai ;)*

Tao:*was acting like an actual child when several members walked into the studio and caught the two of you making out, with a lot of feeling each other up involved. He whined at you for the next twenty minutes, unwilling to wait until later to get some pus/dic so you eventually made an excuse for you both and led him away back to your place*

D.O:*was equally as annoyed with Baekhyun as you were when he came screaming into the room asking about a phone charger. Except you two were naked. And moaning. It would only be a matter of time before he told the other members, the manager, the neighbours and that old lady at the coffee shop about Kyungsoo “finally losing his virginity”. So ofc, you’d both have to quickly find a way to silence him before your sex-life became the most talked about topic in Seoul*

“We could…kill him”

Chanyeol:*was completely shocked when Kyungsoo walked into the room whilst you two were on the verge of having some very intimate times. He covered you up with a blanket as soon as he heard the door latch open, thankful that Soo hadn’t walked in on the full monty, but too embarrassed to continue*

Chen:*you quite literally threw him off the bed when Jongin walked in on you both in a heated make-out session, at the point of about to take shirts off. Thankfully, Jongin backed out of the door immediately and didn’t see how red your face had gotten whilst Jongdae was dying on the floor*

C: Look, you’re all flustered!

Y/N: I ain’t the one packing a tent down there

Baekhyun:*tbh it wasn’t a smart idea to make out in the middle of the dance studio, knowing that the members could come crashing in at any given moment. But all you could think about was Baek pressing his body against you and his lips interlocking with yours. But you both got a shock when you heard the whooping and hollering from the boys as they entered the room*

Lay:*by the time he noticed someone had interrupted you, Suho had already ran out of the room, calling apologies from the hall. Yixing smiled at how cute your pink cheeks were as you giggled but you soon pulled him gently down for another kiss ain’t no one gonna stop you from getting some stroke off lay*

Suho:*probably one of the most flustered beans to ever walk the earth, so you didn’t act surprised when Chen walked in and he pulled away from your makeout session so hard he fell off the bed. Chen, of course, ran out of the room to alert the dorms that “Junmyeonie is gettin’ some!” as Junmyeonie himself stayed sprawled on the floor cry-laughing at your horrified reaction*

Kris:*was ready to fight Lay when he stumbled in on some heated groping, asking what you guys wanted for takeout. Ofc Lay basically ran out of the room with his eyes closed, muttering apologies and desperate to not see anymore. Yifan rolled off the bed and locked the door before making his way back over to the bed daddy like the gif*

K: Who needs takeout when I can eat you ;)

lmao what am i

Luhan:*Sehun barging into the living room during a damn serious makeout session wasn’t the best mood-setter in the world. Whilst you found it funny and recovered from the embarrassment quickly, Han was annoyed, it’s safe to say, and yelled after Sehun and sent not so polite gestures his way. After a little persuasion though, you were soon on top of him again*

Xiumin:*not happy in the slightest when Chanyeol had no idea what a sock on the door handle means. Poor Chan didn’t know what to do when he saw you and Minseok were in the middle of some very intimate times except run out, slam the door shut and sit in his room scarred. Meanwhile Minseok recovered pretty quickly, not about to stop now as long as you weren’t too embarrassed but like you’re gonna say no to this man LOOKATHIM*

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to respective owners

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Hc or scenario for all of class 1A getting sick and Dad Might finding out so ofc he has to take care of them. If the entire class is too much then just pick some of those poor babies.

I picked 4 of them from a random spinner lol

these are them if they were kids at daycare


Mashirao Ojiro

The poor boy kept sneezing, each sneeze followed by a cough. Yagi picked up the boy only to get covered in snot. “…. S-sorry Mr. Yagi….”

Ochaco Uraraka

Everything around her that she tried to get balance on started floating. She just wanted to stand up to walk herself over to Yagi but alas, she lay on the floor crying. The male sighed and picked her up, only to float to the ceiling.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Dark Shadow wouldn’t let Yagi anywhere near him. Every time he’d move to pick up the poor baby bird, the black figure would shove him away. Tokoyami rolled around on the floor in pain, hugging his tummy.

Tenya Iida

His poor fever made his boosters act up. They would turn on and launch him into the ceiling then turn off and he’d fall right back down on the cot. Every time he fell, Yagi would catch him but get pulled right back into the ceiling if he held on for too long.

Drabble: Sweet Revenge

I’m not entirely sure where the idea for this smutty piece came from.. I was reheating left over pizza and the idea struck and I just had to stop everything and write it. haha

This is definitely a “plot? what plot?” drabble haha Because of that the “good stuff” is under the keep reading…

Title: Sweet Revenge
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: smut

His fingers expertly undo the buttons of the plaid shirt you’re wearing. Your heart beats a little faster as more and more of your body is revealed to his lust-filled eyes.

The two of you had spent the day at a pumpkin patch with his family and had joined them for a spaghetti feed at his mom’s house before coming back to your apartment.

The wine in your system, from dinner, had made you extra flirty in the car on the way home and Chris was getting his sweet revenge now by undressing you as slow as could be.

He had started with your boots and socks. Then had helped you out of your favorite baggy sweater and your jeans. Then he had left the bedroom, leaving you standing there in your plaid shirt and your underwear.

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Transgender Nico and Male Will... Sharkweek for Neeks? Fluffy maybe?

Being transgender was difficult enough for Nico. Only thing more difficult? Shark week. And we’ll, the pronouns, but mostly sharkweek. Now, many of the campers didn’t understand this reference, so that was good for Nico. Will, his boyfriend, understood this reference. He thought it was actually pretty funny, since well, you know. 

Nico lay on his bunk in the Hades cabin, hugging a pillow and crying into another pillow. It felt like someone was stabbing his stomach and pelvis area. Letting the pain out in heavy sobs, he lay there crying in pain quietly. His cabin door squeaked open with a small knock on the door. Nico rolled onto his side and looked at the figure entering the cabin. Will Solace stood there, watching with a soft smile on his freckled face. Nico couldn’t help but smile a little at this beauty in the darkness of the cabin. Will chuckled and walked over to Nico’s bunk, which was just a mattress on the floor in the corner, and sat down next to him. 

“How you holding out?” Will smiled softly, rubbing Nico’s back softly, tracing circles against his spine. 

“I would love to shishabob my insides.” Nico groaned and wiped his face with the back of his hands. “Then stab my self, multiple times, in the uterus.” 

“I strongly advise not to do that.” Will chuckled and wiped the tears off Nico’s cheeks. “For both of our sakes.” 

“How romantic.” Nico groaned and rolled onto his stomach. 

“Well anyways, do you want anything?” Will smiled and kissed Nico’s hair softly, “Me and some other medics are going out to get supplies.” 

“A rusty spoon.” 

“McDonalds it is.” Will stood up and walked out of the cabin. 

One trip to CVS with the medics and $10 spent at McDonalds Will returned to camp. He had a quick talk with Chiron, who agreed that he may spend the night in the Hades cabin to comfort the camper in pain. Doctors orders. Will returned to the Hades cabin, knocking softly on the door as he walked in. He walked over to his needy boyfriend. He brought a bag of candy over to the bed with the happy meals. 

“Neeks…” Will spoke softly. “I got you a Happy Meal…” Will smiled, “Well three Happy Meals. To be exact.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.” Nico sat up and looked at Will, “But since you did, please give me it.” 

Three Happy Meals later and too much chocolate, Nico was finically falling asleep. Will sat next to him, watching his chest go up and down with each breath. He enjoyed just being with Nico, even if it was watching him sleep. Ok, maybe that was creepy, but he enjoyed it even so. Will stayed up all night, not a second of sleep, to make sure that Nico was sound.


Will: Gods I am tired.

Apollo Healer: Yea, where were you last night?

Will: Watching Nico… Its that time for him.

Healer: Sounds like a blast. Glad I wasn’t there.

Will: *falls asleep standing up* yea…

Healer: Dude, just go sleep… please. You are operating and falling asleep at the same time. Please go before you kill someone.

Will: *collaspes*

Daddy’s Girl - 24 (Steve McGarrett/Reader Daughter)

Imagine being Steve McGarrett’s daughter and showing up out of the blue in his office…Steve has a hard time adjusting…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen Part Sixteen Part SeventeenPart Eighteen Part Nineteen Part Twenty Part Twenty-One Twenty-Two Part Twenty-Three

Originally posted by alohaspaceman

“I think want a truck next time…” You told Steve as he helped you out of his truck. The doctor had ended up keeping you for another twenty-four hours for observation and released you the next morning. You didn’t need to be told twice.

“A truck? Really?” He smiled holding you up until you got the crutches under your arms.

“Yeah, like yours.” You smiled at him before starting around the front of the truck, “Something that feels sturdy…”

“Your car was sturdy, I paid for the upgrades.” He grabbed a bag of groceries before following you. He paused as you stood a few feet from the door, “What you gonna make me open all the doors until your leg gets better?”

“Dad…” He stopped next to you following your gaze looking at the door. He felt his jaw clench seeing your necklace hanging from the handle.

He dropped the groceries on the ground pulling out his gun from his holster, “Get in the truck…lock the doors, call Danny.”

He moved away from you walking toward the door opening it slowly. He stepped in sweeping the room. He took a deep breath moving to the office, then the dining room to the kitchen. He walked further down to the hall to the addition where your room was. The door was shut.

He reached for the door handle twisting it slowly. He let his breath out as the jumped into the room sweeping it. No one was inside, but your room was tossed. He lowered his gun slightly walking toward the living room.

As he rounded around the corner a hard blow landed on his jaw sending him back into the wall. His gun clattered in front of him. He scrambled to regain his senses and crawled toward the gun only to get kicked in the stomach.

He grunted rolling on his side hearing the gun get kicked away. He looked up at a hooded figure, dark eyes staring down at you, “Hello…Steve McGarrett…5-0.”

“You’re not taking her.” Steve stared at him before getting another kick to the ribs. Steve grunted but grabbed his leg tugging him down to the ground. They struggled throwing blows until Steve was forced to his back.

“She ruined everything…you all ruined it!” The man threw punches at Steve only to have them blocked. He yelled in frustration pulling out a large knife, “I’m gonna take care of you…then that brat!”

Steve watched the knife come down throwing his arms up trying to block it. A loud bang sounded through the house. Steve looked up through his arms seeing the man frozen for a moment before falling over to the side.

“Danny?” Steve called out rolling to his side to look at his partner. His eyes widened when he saw you laying on the floor gun in your hand, “Y/N…”

You laid there staring at him watching him scramble over to you. He took the gun from you setting it off to the side, “Dad…”

He scooped you up taking you out the front porch sitting down. He held you as you started to cry, “It’s okay…it’s okay baby…we’re okay…”

Danny came to a screeching halt in front of their house a few minutes later HPD close behind him. He ran out gun in his hand, “Steve!”

Steve looked at him holding you, “He’s inside…”

Danny looked at him before running inside. HPD officers followed him inside a moment later before Danny came back out, “He’s dead.”

You let out a small sob putting your face into your hands. Steve rubbed your back looking up to Danny who looked confused, “You did what you had to…you were trying to protect your family…”

Danny’s mouth opened surprised before covering his mouth with his hand. He looked away pulling out his phone, “I’m gonna get you guys a hotel room…and then I’m going to get you somethings after we process the scene…You two just head to the Hilton.”

Steve picked your up again heading for the truck. He looked down to you when he heard Danny talk to someone. He never wanted you to be put in that position. Once you were settled in the car he walked around taking the crutches from Danny putting them in the bed, “Danny…”

“We will talk about this when I come see you in at the hotel.” Danny put his hands on his friend’s face, “Right now…you have to be strong for her. You know that the first kill is…hard…and we both know that it’s even harder when you’re not expecting it.”

Steve shut his eyes for a moment before nodding his head, “Right…”

“I will help you.” Danny patted his cheek a little, “I will be with both of you each step if need be, but you have to focus on her. This is your mission.”

Danny saw the lights click on in Steve’s eyes, “Right…Okay…I’ll meet you at the Hilton.”

“Good, text me if you need anything specific.” Danny pointed at him as he walked backwards toward the house.

Steve hopped in the truck starting it up. He glanced at you as he pulled out of the drive passing the rest of the team getting out of an SUV. The rest of the drive was quiet.

The staff at the Hilton were waiting for you both and escorted you to a beautiful suite. Steve was already texting Danny on the way up of everything that needed to be brought over. He stopped only when they entered the room making you stay in the entry way as he went and cleared each room.

He came back looking at you, “It’s clear.”

You nodded slowly only briefly looking at him, “I’m…gonna lay down…”

“Okay…do you want help getting there?” He asked you quietly.

You shook your head, “I just…want to be alone.”

He watched you hop down the hall and disappear into one of the rooms, He wiped a hand over his face walking over to the kitchenette and leaned against the counter. He felt his phone go off in his pocket and pulled it out answering, “Catherine…”

“Hey…Danny filled us in. Everything okay?” She sounded worried.

“I’m fine…Y/N…” He sighed putting his hand over his eyes, “it’s going to take time…she just…from warehouse to this…”

“Steve…” Catherine sighed, “we have all been there and we all dealt with it differently…just remember she has a lot of options to get help.”

“I know, thank you.” He swallowed letting his hand fall, “So, is this over? Or…do I have to keep moving with her?”

“We’re figuring that out…this guy fits the description that everyone we have in lock up is giving.” She told him, “Until we’re sure though…don’t stop looking over your shoulder.”


“Danny, is taking off now with everything you needed.” She told him, “He should be there in 20 minutes.”

“Good…maybe…later you can stop by too.” He trailed off looking toward the windows.

“I can do that.” He could her smile a little, “I’ll bring dinner, how about that?”

“That would be good…Text before you pick anything up…just in case.” He glanced back to the door you disappeared behind.

“Of course. I gotta go…Kono and Chin are coming.”

“Right. Catherine…” He chewed the inside of his lip.

“Yeah, Steve?” She waited on the other end for him to continue, “Steve?”

“Just be safe…” He told her before hanging up. It isn’t what he wanted to say, but it’s what came out. A while later Danny stopped by with a couple of bags. He sat with Steve for a while before asking him what had happened.

Steve told him everything, afterwards falling silent for a moment before looking at his best friend, “Danny I gotta know if this is over…”

“As soon as I know anything, I will let you know.” Danny tried to reassure him, “You’re safe here…”

“I should be out there. I should-”

“Hey…hey!” Danny stopped him, “You are exactly where you need to be…with your daughter.”

“…Danny I can’t protect her…” He shook his head his mouth hanging open slightly, “I…”

“Steve stop…” Danny said quietly taking in a deep breath, “Look…when Grace was taken by Peterson I went through the same thing you’re going through right now. I thought…if my own kid…my baby can be taken from me what use am I?”

“What did you do?” Steve looked at him.

“I cried…a lot…” Danny smiled a little his eyebrows coming together thinking about it, “Then I hugged Grace a lot…and then I just looked at her…this perfect creation and I knew I had to do everything to protect her. Which meant letting her go…It was hard because I just wanted to keep her next to me all the time… I mean don’t get me wrong I check everything still…you’d be surprised what cheerleading momd really do during their time off…but…it gets better.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Steve stared at him.

“Because it hurts right now…and the pain that you couldn’t protect Y/N stings…it’s something that you’re not going to forget.” Danny told him looking into his eyes, “But what you can be is there for her…She just shot someone trying to kill you and that’s going to be hard…you’ve got to be there. You know more than any of us probably what that does to a person.”

Steve sighed nodding, “Okay…”

“Just…call me if anything happens…I’ve got leads to run.” Danny stood up touching his shoulder, “I will call you as soon as we’re clear…Duke has people outside the door and outside the front.”

“Mahalo…” Steve walked him out before taking a seat on the couch. He laid there for a long time before drifting off.

It was a while later when he bolted up hearing you screaming. He scrambled to your room busting inside, “Y/N!”

You were laying in bed thrashing. No one was with you…you were dreaming. He moved over to you pulling you up into his arms. You fought him still asleep, “Y/N…Y/N! Shortie!”

Your eyes snapped open staring up at him. He watched as tears pooled up, “Dad…”

“It’s okay…you’re safe.” He put his hand on your cheek, “You were dreaming.”

You sobbed as he pulled you closer. It was a long moment before you calmed down, “…I killed him…”

“…you were helping me…” He pulled away looking at your face, “Y/N…you’re not to blame…you saved me.”


“I know.” He nodded frowning, “I wish I could’ve protected you from this…from all of it, but…I’m here now.”

You looked at him blinking as tears fell down your cheeks, “…Do..does this feeling…does it go away?”

He knew the feeling you were talking about. The whole in your chest from taking another life, “No…at least it didn’t for me…I…think I keep it to remind me that life is precious and fragile.”

You shut your eyes, “How…”

“Time…it takes time…and for me it took talking to someone.” Steve moved some hair from your face, “The whole team is here for you…They want to help and each of us dealt with it differently. We’ll find what works for you.”

“Hey…” He put his hands on the sides of your face getting you to look at him, “the nightmares aren’t going to go away overnight…I will help you…I will be there…every step.”

You leaned into him again when he finished, “…is it over?”

“Soon, I hope…” He sighed rubbing your back, “Can I get anything?”

You thought for a moment, “Did Uncle Danny bring my bag? It had my pills…”

“Yeah, I’ll get them for you.” He kissed your head before he stood up.

“Then…” he stopped looking at you, “maybe you can stay until I fall asleep?”

He took a deep breath and smiled sadly, “Of course…”

He came back with a glass of water and hand of pills giving them to you before he sat up against the headboard. He couldn’t help but smile as you nestled up into his side letting your legs taking up most of the bed.

“Dad…” He looked down at you shutting your eyes.

“Yeah?” He rubbed your arm with his hand.

“Thanks for not letting me go…” You whispered, “For never letting me go…”

He felt his nose tickle nodding, “Never, Shortie…You’re stuck with me forever. I love you.”

“I love you too, dad…” You held onto him tightly hoping having him close would keep the nightmares away.

BTS being beaten up by your ex Boyfriend.

Summary: BTS getting into a fight with your ex boyfriend and getting beaten up a lot. 

!Note: Violence is never the answer. Unless it’s for toast. Then it always is!

Kim Namjoon: When he sees your ex laying a hand on you again, the last thread was removed and there was no stopping him anymore.

After the fight, you’ve rushed to his side. He placed his hand on your cheek, smiling up at you with blood dripping from his lips. “For you, it was worth it.” 

Kim SeokJin: He stopped thinking when he sees him touching you at places he shouldn’t anymore and threw the first punch at your boyfriend.

He got himself off the floor, holding his bruised belly and walking over to you. He grabbed your head gently and placed a kiss on your forehead. “It’s over, babygirl.”

Min Yoongi: You watched as he continued to throw punches at your ex, not being able to do anything. Endless punches were thrown back at him, potentially making him fall to the ground in pain.

 When you rushed over to him, he coughed up blood before saying; Next time, he won’t get away so easily.”

Jung Hoseok: He didn’t care about the consequences, all that was in his focus was you and the pain your boyfriend has brought you. He was furious, fighting back your boyfriend until the last second. 

He walked over to you as your ex rolls on the ground and lays his arm around you to support his aching body. You looked up at his bruised face to meet a smile tugging on his bruised lip, a single tear rolling down his wet cheeks. “You’re really beautiful, you know that right?

Kim Taehyung: 

He stayed on the floor after your boyfriend was long gone, crying silently. You rushed over to his side but he pushed you away slightly. 

“You shouldn’t see me like this.” He whispered, rolling over to the side. You placed your hands on the wound on his stomach, meeting his gaze with teary eyes and whispering back; Please let me.” 

Park Jimin: You found him in the parking lot late at night, covered in bruises and blood ejecting from his body. You looked down at him with teary eyes, too afraid to touch him. “Why?” You mumble in-between heavy breaths.

Jimin giggled at you gently, blood spilling from the edge of his lips. He locked eyes with you and whipes the tears of your cheek. “Because protecting whom I love is all I should be doing.” 

Jeon Jungkook: 
You ran over to him as you see his head slam back against the door behind him but are pushed away by your ex. By the scene in front of his eyes, Jungkook gets new energy and punches your boyfriend with full force, making him stumble back. 

You sat on the park bench, whiping the blood from his trembling lips and shaking your head at his unbelievable behavior. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
“You almost killed me in fear.”
“You could’ve been dead if I wasn’t there, princess..”

She is my sister.

Originally posted by anythingbutahero

Damian was not upset, he was infuriated, he wanted to punch his father in the mouth!

“Damian this is your little sister” His father said bringing the small pinky bundle of flesh to Damian. Damian with a shocked face moved away from the small bundle and out the door away from his father.

He refused to look at the pink thing, he refused to even acknowledge her whimpers. As he sat in the library the young toddler walked in swaying side to side following titus. The huge dog covered the small child as she pet his nose and played with his ears.

“You need to be gentle with him” Damian said getting the attention of the young tot. “he is not a toy”.

She smiled now walking over to Damian crawling on to the couch. She looked at Damian and started to play with his hair liking how soft it was.

“I am not a toy either” He sits up taking ahold of her and placing her back on the floor “Stay” he tells her laying back down on the couch.

He hears her whimper and looks over to see her peeking over at him, his fathers eyes looking at him. Damian sighs rolling his eyes, he picked her up and placed her on his chest. She giggles and starts playing with Damian’s hair again.

Damian slept in his bed tired out from looking after his sister when a loud crash erupted from the room next door, his sisters room. He heard her cry as he bolted up from the bed rushing into her room, only to see his father standing face to face with Talia.

“Why beloved, babysitting are we?” she asked with a smirk. Damian walked over to his crying sister, picking her up and holding her close to him, her tears instantly stopping.

“Tell me beloved, who is the little one? I am a bit curious” Talia said with an evil smirk. Before Bruce could speak, he heard Damian words that struck his heart.

“She is my sister”.

With Love-Admin J

Attention Seeker | Part Two

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1.458

A/N: sooo you guys voted and Attention Seeker won! I hope you like the second part as much as you seemed to like the first part ♥

 Part 1 | Part Three

You didn’t know how much time had past since you kicked Jimin out of your apartment and crashed down on the floor. Your face was swollen and red, you had a cramp in your right leg and your stomach hurt from all the crying. No energy was left in your body and instead of sitting down, leaning onto your door, you decided to roll over and just lay down completely.

Sobs were still erupting through your body and you couldn’t do anything else but lay down and think about what had happened. You lost him when all you wanted to do was to protect him. You wanted to protect what you thought was the love of your life but all he did was call you an attention seeker. He didn’t believe you when you showed him all the horrible things his fans said to you. He didn’t believe you when you told him everything cruel they did to you. He’d rather lose you than admit that his fans were that cruel to someone he claimed he loved.

New tears escaped your eyes and you curled up into a ball, clenching your hands into fists, holding them towards your chest. 

He never loved you. He only used you and made you leave him the second he didn’t need you anymore. To make you look like the bad one while his image was still pure. That’s what you thought to yourself. Deep down though you knew, Jimin wasn’t like that. You knew he really loved you but somehow his blindness towards his fans made him think less of you and you couldn’t understand why.

Hours past, letting you finally got some rest when the first sun rays peeked through your windows while your eyes gently closed and your breathing started to go back to normal. Your dreams were filled with happy moments you and Jimin shared, the next second being destroyed from fan attacks you had to go through and then going back to peaceful moments with your now ex-boyfriend.

You woke up to a soft knock on your door, drenched in sweat and sore muscles. All the events from the day before kept flashing back and you wanted to close your eyes to make them go away which only resulted in having clearer pictures in front of your eyes. Putting your hands over your ears you tried to shield yourself from the person who was standing in front of your door, still waiting for an answer. There was no way you’d get up for anybody at your state.

This time the knock was a little louder and persistent. You groaned out of frustration and pressed your hands closer to your ears. 

“Leave me alone”, you mumbled. 

The knocks got louder and a dull voice could be heard. You pressed your whole body together, wishing to be somewhere else, or better - be someone else. 

“(Y/N) please open the door, I know you’re there”, you made out someone calling out for you. 

You removed your hands but stayed laying on the floor and whispered: “Go away…”, more to yourself than anyone else.

“(Y/N) I’ll break down this door if you don’t open it in the next seconds”, Jimin called out and desperation could be heard dripping in his voice.

You froze, realizing who was standing in front of your door and your body started shaking uncontrollably. Your head felt dizzy and you stood up quickly, taking deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down.

“Leave me alone!”, you screamed as loud as possible, twitching as you scared yourself from the power you still had left in your voice. 

“Thank god, you’re alive”, you heard Jimin breathe out. “(Y/N) we need to talk, please let me in!”

Pulling your knees up to your chest and leaning your head against the door, you shook your head. “There’s nothing left to say Jimin, I broke up with you, now please leave me alone”, your voice broke at the end, making new tears roll down your cheeks and you felt your eyes burn from all the crying and the exhaustion.

“I know…”, Jimin’s soft sobs echoed through the hallway. “But please give me a chance to convince you that we don’t have to be over, that there’s still hope for us… that I still love you.”

His words and the fact that he was crying as well made your soft heart bend, so you slowly got up. A hurtful grunt left your lips, as you now felt the pain in your muscles from not moving all these past hours. 

“(Y/N) are you okay?”, a worried Jimin exclaimed from the other side of the door.

As an answer you opened the door, not caring how you looked as you wanted him to see how much pain he caused you. He should see what an idiot he was for saying those hurtful things, for leaving you behind, for saying that he loved you but giving you up just like that.

His eyes went wide at your sight and he immediately went to step forward, wanting to hug you but you stretched out a hand and stopped him. “You wanted to talk”, you coldly stated.

Jimin nodded, slightly irritated by your action but stepped back. “I love you (Y/N). Don’t give up on us that easily. We’re meant to be, don’t you see it? I don’t care why you said those things yesterday, I don’t care really. All I care about is that you’re fine and that we’re fine. Let me come back to you and let me make you happy again.”

He looked at you hopefully, eyes slightly puffy but not even close to your state. He seemed convinced by his words. 

“Is that all you have to say?”, you asked, crossing your arms in front of your chest. Jimin nodded hesitantly and rubbed his neck.

“Jimin, you don’t love me. And you don’t care if I’m fine or not. I told you, I’m not fine and I told you why but did you listen? No. Did you care? No”, tears were still streaming down your face and your lips started trembling. You couldn’t stay strong for much longer, so you had to get him to leave as soon as possible. “We’re over Jimin. You don’t believe me and apparently you don’t care enough to actually consider my words.”

You started to back away and grabbed for the door knob but Jimin pushed his hand against the door, not giving you the opportunity to close it. “How can you say that I don’t love you, (Y/N)? I risked everything for you! I risked my career for you, I risked my future for you, hell I risked getting my heart broken by you and you just stand there accusing me of not loving you? I’d do anything for you and you know that”, by now the tears were rolling down his cheeks and he kept moving his hair out of his face - a nervous habit he had.

“No please don’t start this”, you begged and shook your head. You were tired and you knew you’d forgive him if he kept saying things like that. 

“Start what? You know it’s true. I always loved you more than you loved me and I’m basically giving you a second chance but you’re being like this”, he countered angrily.

You couldn’t believe what he had just said. He really believed that he had always loved you more than you loved him? He really believed that he was the one giving you a chance? That you needed a chance? Your heart started beating faster from the adrenaline rushing through your body and your hand clenched around the door knob.

“Jimin, you’re a freaking idiot! Saying that you’re the one giving me a second chance when clearly I am the one who’s completely broken because of this situation. You broke me and you don’t even realize it! You don’t even realize the mistakes you made and you don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what you’ll say or do, your actions and words, are more than enough to restore my strength to kick you out once more. You may have loved me in the beginning but that love is gone or else this whole thing wouldn’t be happening”, you took a deep breath. “I can’t forgive you and you seem to not being able to realize the mistakes you made, so I suggest you leave me alone and we both go separate ways from now on.”

You slammed the door shut, locked it and turned away, hearing Jimin slamming his fists against your door, crying out for you while you went into the bathroom and started to let the water run into the bathtub. 




Relationship: Jason Todd X reader, Joker X Daughter! Reader

Warnings: Abuse, character death, abandonment, Angst , Joker being an asshole, it’s just kinda sad y’all. Torture, Jason’s death.

A/N: So here’s what I’ve been working on lately (And why I’ve been a little MIA)This will basically go along with the storyline of Under the Red Hood and I have had this idea on and off in my head for almost two years now and I just rewatched under the red hood and I have the plot a little more set in stone so here we go!


You were tied to a chair. Jason was lying on the floor. Your father was beating him senseless.

It wasn’t like that beforehand, you and your father used to be close. But then, the day he wanted you to be his sidekick came along, and then? Things fell apart.
“Y/N Shoot the boy!” Your father cackled as you shakily held a gun in your hand, pointing it at Robin

“I can’t!” You wanted to cry. “I don’t want this life! I don’t wanna be like you!”

Everyone had froze at your words. You couldn’t even believe that they came out of your mouth. But the words that came out of his mouth next shocked you even more.

“You’re not my daughter.” He snapped taking the gun out of your hand and that’s when the dam holding in your tears broke. You sobbed and collapsed to your knees as the Batman took down your father, put him in the batmobile and walk back over to you. You pulled out the rest of your weapons and gave them to him. The mighty duo kneeled in front of you.

“Just take me to Arkham, he’ll escape without me.” You say quietly. “And then, he won’t come for me. He wouldn’t go back there unless you forced him.”

Batman knew how easily it could be that this whole thing was an act, but when he looked into your eyes, he knew you weren’t acting, Because he too knew what it was like to lose your parents, and although yours weren’t dead, your relationship was.

“No.” He stated gruffly and Robin helped you up. You looked at him and he gave you a small smile as tears continued to run down your face.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to take care of you.” Robin said reassuringly. You nodded your head, the green hair you had associated with your father falling in front of your face.

“Thank you,” You said giving the Boy Wonder a hug. Robin was tense at first but he still hugged you back.

“Robin take her back to the cave.” Batman said before getting into the car and taking off. “I’ll handle Joker.”

“Why yes sir.” Robin said in a deep voice imitating his mentor. You let out a laugh, and snot came dribbling out of your nose.

“Ew, sorry that’s disgusting.” You say with a light laugh wiping your nose on your sleeve.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says laughing also. “Thanks for not shooting me by the way. That would’ve been a great way to start my first day on the job.”

“Uh, you’re welcome.” You say as he leads you to his bike. He gets on and looks at you waiting for you to get on also. You do so slowly and wrap your hands around the boy’s waist. Robin drives and soon enough you enter the cave and he stops the bike allowing you to get off first. “Holy Cow!”

“Yeah it’s a pretty cool place,” Robin says placing his hands on his hips, admiring the area.

“Not the cave silly! The computer!” You say running over to the large device. “I haven’t seen one in ages thanks to Joker.”

“Oh, how come?” Robin asks analyzing you as you run your fingers over the keyboard.

“He wanted me to work in the field. ‘No more techy stuff! Gotham needs a new Genius Villain terrorizing them!’ I hated every moment of it. I’m better at hacking into webcams, or crypted files! Not killing innocent people for a damn laugh.” You said the last part quietly. “He always hated that about me. The fact that I’d rather spend my time on the computer for him rather than in the field so Gotham knew who I was disgusted him. He never even asked me what I wanted.”

“I’m sure Batman will figure out something. He won’t let the Joker force you to do anything any more.” He said coming up behind you. You started typing away at the computer hacking into your father’s network.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked worried.

“Hacking into Joker’s security camera’s.” You said setting up the video feed on the side console. “And here is some important files concerning his next few attacks.”

“Wow, how’d you learn to do all this stuff?” He wondered aloud.

“I never went outside, so I had a lot of free time to learn.” You told him honestly.

“Now hopefully, you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to locking him up.” You said before muttering the last part, “And maybe one day he’ll be locked up where he can never escape.”

“I’ll make it my job to lock him up for good for you Y/N.” Robin said reassuringly.

“Thanks Robin.” You gave him a small half-smile.

“You can call him Jason.” The Batman’s gruff voice echoed throughout the cave as he stepped out into the light. “And you can call me Bruce Wayne, I believe your computer skills will be a great asset if you’d want to join our team, I’d even provide everything you’d need to live here with us.”

“Really?” You asked tears brimming your eyes. “I wouldn’t have to go out in the field would I?’’

“Only if you wanted to.” He said removing his cowl. You gave him a big smile before hugging the man.

“Thank you.”
“Please stop!” You had managed to get the gag out of your mouth and now you were pleading with your father begging him to stop hurting your lover. The insane man continued to ignore you and tried to get your hands free of the their restraints. “He’s had enough! Hurt me instead.”

“Now that looked like it really hurt, should we give her a try?” He asked tauntingly Jason just shook his head and he got hit once more. “That looked like it hurt a little more. So let’s try to clear this up okay pumpkin?” He gave Jason a sickening grin. “What hurts more? A? Or B?” With each question he hit Jason once more with the crowbar. “Forehand? Or Backhand?’’

The ropes holding your wrists fell to the floor and you got to work on releasing the rest of your body. Jason was twitching on the floor, breathing heavily and lying in a pool of his own blood as your father let out a loud cackle. You watched as Jason turned over slightly and said something incoherent and then your father dropped down to mock him. Jason spit the blood in his mouth onto the sick man’s ghostly white skin, only to have his head slammed into the floor.

“Now that was rude.” Your ‘father’ said wiping the blood off of his face with a hanky. “At least the first boy blunder had some manners.’’ Jason rolled over and gave your father a shit-eating grin. “I suppose I’m going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. Nah I’m just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar.”

At that moment you had managed to escape your restraints and as Joker held up the crowbar you grabbed it attempting to take it away from him. He placed his foot on Jason’s back and shoved you backwards at the same time causing you to fall next to him.

“I’m sorry.” You cried looking at your lover as he closed his eyes in pain. Suddenly the Joker left and walked to the door.

“Okay kiddos, I’ve gotta go. It’s been fun though right?” The devil himself says exiting the building and fixing his tie. He turns back and looks at Jason and you laying on the floor. “Well maybe a bit more fun for me than you since you’re being awful quite. Anyways, be good kids finish your homework and be in bed by nine. And Hey! Please tell the big man I said hello.” He let’s out a cackle and slams the door shut leaving you and Jason alone.

“Jay I’m so sorry this is all my fault.” You say crying. Jason opens his eyes and rolls over allowing him to bring his cuffed hands in front of him.

“Calm down doll. It’s okay. I’m Okay.” He tries to reassure you but he can barely walk on his own.

“No you’re not Jason!” You say catching him before he falls down. “You should’ve let him hurt me.”

“No don’t you dare say that Y/N, he’s caused you enough damage.” Jason says as the two of you struggle towards the door. Jason falls to the ground and you quickly help him up and put most of his weight onto you. When the two of you made it to the door Jason jiggled the handle only to find out it was locked. You set Jason down gently onto the floor before trying your best to open the door, then you heard the quiet but ear-piercing beep that was going to bring your death. You slid down next to Jason.

“I’m sorry Jason.” You whisper as the clock counts down and you fall into his arms.

“Don’t be doll,” He says holding you close. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You say before spending your last moments kissing the love of your life.

Then, the old warehouse you were in blows up and you die being held by Jason Peter Todd.

Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 7

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, mentions of sex

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 [END]

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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That’s My Girl

Dean Winchester x Castiel
Words: 1.8k
Warnings: maybe some minor swearing? (I don’t really remember…)
A/N: As promised, here is my new parent!Destiel fic!! Hopefully, this will go as planned and be turned into a series following the boys parenting as their daughter grows up. It’s a little rocky just because I didn’t know where to start. 

Summary: Dean and Cas adopted a two month old baby out of an orphanage, and boy, do they have their hands full. Little do they know that there is a whole lot more in store for them than just diaper runs and tea parties - maybe even something in their wheelhouse to battle.


Originally posted by justafangirlcalledluisa

Weird and different were most certainly terms that the Winchesters were used to. Hell, they could easily be used several times in a description of how they lived or what they did. On a daily basis, the three of them hunted and killed the things that mothers tell their children about from bedtime stories. They had been to Hell and back and everywhere in between, yet what freaked them out the most was a baby.

Castiel and Dean had adopted a two month old baby girl from a nearby orphanage. The women running the establishment had explained that she had been dropped off nearly a month earlier with nothing but a note saying to take care of her. Over her four weeks there, none of them had come up with a permanent name. Dean and Cas eagerly adopted her, looking for a fresh start. They had settled on the name Jo, after their late friend. The men had only had her for nearly two weeks and already she had them wrapped around her finger - even when the chaos began at two a.m.

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Luke Brooks Imagine (an argument)

Luke you need to get your anger under control, it’s not my fault that you left your phone in the back of the taxi.” I said as calmly as possible.

“I JUST NEED MY FUCKIN PHONE AND WALLET BACK, I ASKED YOU TO DO ONE THING TO HELP ME AND YOU CAN’T GET IT RIGHT!” He screamed back at me. The rest of the other boys all just stood there awkwardly whilst I was standing in the doorway with him sitting outside.

“Luke, I can’t help that babe.” My voice softened.

“IT’S 2013 BABE, NO ONE SAYS BABE ANYMORE!” He snapped back angrily.

“LUKE! It’s not my fault that you left your fuckin’ phone there, it’s your fault!” I screamed back at him.

“YOU DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO HELP ME!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“YOU HAVE TO STOP TAKING YOUR ANGER OUT ON ME, I CAN’T TAKE IT MUCH LONGER.” I said, turning around and going up to our shared bedroom.

“That was a dog move mate.” I heard Beau say as I walked off. I ran up the stairs and opened the door, slamming it closed behind me. 

I laid down on the bed. What a mess my life is. He doesn’t have proper bed sheets on his bed nor does he have a bed frame or proper furniture. There are cans of red bull everywhere and his clothes are all over the floor. I let out a few silent tears as I looked around at how messy his room was.

I got up and started to fold all the clean clothes and make a pile of his dirty clothes. If I was gonna sit up here and be upset I might as well do something. I sorted all his clothes back into the wardrobe and put sheets onto the bed. 

Once I was done I climbed into the bed, laying on his side. I pushed my face into his pillow and breathed in his scent. I loved him so much but he was right, I couldn’t do anything right. It was a simple request for me to call his phone but I forgot.

A few more warm tears slipped down my face and soon enough a steady stream was coming down. I heard the door open and close but I pretended to be asleep.

“It’s not Luke, it’s Jai.” Jai said from behind me. I rolled over and sat up, wiping away the tears frantically.

“Don’t cry.” He said softly, sitting next to me and hugging me.

“I can’t do anything right.” I mumbled.

“Yes you can. His room is always such a mess and look what you’ve done, you’ve gone and cleaned it for him. See, this is how good you are to my brother and trust me he appreciates it. He’s downstairs right now on the brink of tears because he was scared that you were up here packing your stuff to leave.” He stated, hugging me tighter.

“Then why didn’t he come up to check on me instead of sending you up here?” I sniffed.

“Because he was worried that he’d make things worse Y/N trust me he loves you to pieces.” He told me. I just stayed silent and took in what Jai was saying. It was true, I love him to pieces and I never want him to leave and I will never leave.

“I would never leave him.”

“Luke doesn’t know that though Y/N, you need to tell him that. Do you want me to send him up here?” He asked quietly to which I nodded. Jai squeezed me tighter once more then pulled away, disappearing down the stairs.

I laid back down on the bed and a few more tears rolled down my face. Why did we always fight? Why did he always have to be angry with me?

As soon as his face appeared in the doorway I burst into tears again and his face fell to the floor. He raced over to the right side of the bed where I was laying and got to his knees.

“Don’t cry, no please don’t cry. Don’t cry because of me, I’m not worth it. You know it breaks my heart.” he whispered frantically, wiping away my tears.

“But that’s the thing, to me you are worth my tears but I don’t seem to be worth anything to you anymore Luke. I love you too much and it’s hurting.”

He pulled me in closely and kissed me on the head.

“Y/N I love you sooooooo much it’s insane. You are actually my world and I know I don’t always show it but I really really love you and I have no idea what I would do without you. I know I have anger issues and a short temper but I can’t help it sometimes.” He whispered to me. His words melted my heart and I finally wrapped my arms around him and accepted the hug.

“I know but I do things and you don’t even notice." 

"I noticed that you cleaned my room… but there were more pressing issues at hand. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten worked up about a stupid phone. You were right it isn’t your fault it’s mine, I lost it but I don’t wanna lose you.” he told me. I looked up into his warm brown eyes and he leant forward and kissed me.

He knew how to make everything better again and I don’t care that his temper is like a bomb waiting to explode, I love him and he loves me.

“I would never leave you Luke, I love you too much.”

“I love you too and I would never leave either.” He said, holding me closer than before.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a post-full moon wolfstar with lines 13 and 49, where Sirius finds Remus in the shrieking shack? Just fuck my up with the angst fam, I love your writing

Thank you!!

My Writing

“No, Sirius. I don’t want you to come!”

Sirius let out an exasperated sigh.

“Moony, I’m not letting you go alone.”

“You don’t get to make that decision! You better not come,” Remus bit out before turning to walk away.

For whatever reason, Remus didn’t want Sirius to go with him to the Shrieking Shack for the full moon. The only reason he could think of would be because James and Peter couldn’t go, but Sirius didn’t mind it just being them two. Sirius didn’t want to let him go alone, but also didn’t want to upset Remus, so he opted to just respect his wishes and not go this one time.

Sirius regretted the decision as soon as Remus left, but knew he couldn’t follow him now. He’d just have to wait it out until the morning and hope, pray, that Remus would be okay.

He woke up the next morning and immediately rushed down to the Shrieking Shack. There, he found Remus laying on the floor, clothes ripped apart, body full of blood and open wounds, and bruised. He was also sobbing as he laid there, and Sirius felt his heart break.

“Oh god, Moony, I’m so sorry,” he said and rushed over to him.

Sirius knelt down next to Remus and lightly ran his fingers through his hair.

“Remus, hey, I’m here now.”

Remus rolled over to look at him, and began to cry even harder.

Sirius took his hand and pressed light kisses to all of his fingers.

You’re shivering, Moons. Here, take my sweater.”

Sirius pulled his sweater off and held it out to Remus, who swatted his hand away, but then whimpered in pain at the motion.

“Y-You didn’t come,” Remus sobbed.

Sirius stared down at him, confused.

“You told me that you didn’t want me to, love.”

Remus rapidly shook his head.

Sirius didn’t know what to do, he had never seen him like this. Remus was choking on his sobs now, and Sirius pulled him into his chest.

“Shh, Remus it’s okay. Let’s get you up to the hospital wing, yeah?”

“No!” Remus shouted and used the little energy he had to shove him away. “You always come…why didn’t you come?!” He cried.

“I wanted to, Remus, but you made it clear you didn’t want me here. I didn’t want to upset you.”

“I-I just hate feeling like a burden to you. I didn’t mean it, you never listen to me! I thought you would still come.”

“I’m so sorry, Remus,” Sirius breathed out. “Please, let me take you to Madam Pomfrey, and we can talk about this later.”

Remus shook his head and, with extreme difficulty, stood up and walked to the door.

“I can take care of myself. I did all night, didn’t I?”

“Remus, no,” Sirius called and ran to catch up with him.

Remus growled and clenched his fists.

“Remus, you need to calm down.”

“Shut up, Sirius! Stop telling me what to do, and just leave me alone!” Remus shouted and turned around and threw a fist at Sirius, who jumped out of the way just in time.

Sirius then stared after Remus, in shock, as he limped his way up to the castle.

true love in times like this

words: 1586
Carl grimes x reader
the walking dead


I hear a fuss outside of the cabin and see everyone from the prison. My eyes immediately land on Carl who is hugging Rick and Judith. I go to stand up but wince a little from the pain in my side. I had walked straight into a branch while fending off a walker, it had pierced my side and after killing the walker I laid on the ground and was shortly found by Carol and Tyreese, with Lizzie, Mika and Judith. I hug her close when I see her, she giggles and writhes in my arms. We walk for a while and stumble upon an old cabin. We’re there for a while and after losing Lizzie and Mika, Carol decides to go on a run. Which brings us back to now, where she had reunited with the rest of the group and brought them here.

I suck in the pain and yank the door open. Everyone’s eyes flicker to me and I hold my side breathing heavily. Carl’s eyes bug out of his head and before I know it I’m sprinting towards him, ignoring the burning in my side. I throw my arms around his neck and his fall loosely on my waist obviously noticing the huge bandage.  

“y/n” he whispers. Everyone looks on with tears basking in the pure human moment, a moment between two teenagers in love. 

Back then we were just kids but we’re older now, a lot of time has passed. We’re kneeling on the floor in front of a man, I don’t dare look up but when I see him boots stop right in front of me, I gulp and take my chances glancing up at him shielding my eyes from the lights. His entire face drops as he grabs my arm and pulls me up. I get really scared, he hugs me making everyone else really confused. 

“Dad” I mutter in complete horror. He pulls away with a hard face. 
“you ran away” he grits. 
“you hurt me” I whimper. He signals for one of his men to take me away and I push against him trying to get back into line, back to Carl, my boyfriend. My dad looks at me shocked. 
“You’d rather die for them than live for me?” He asks slightly offended. I nod and he clicks his tongue. “take her into the truck, she doesn’t need to see this” he completely ignores me and turns back to the line of my true family. I glance at Carl and tears well in my eyes. I thrash around in the mans arms, flipping us over and taking his gun pushing him to the floor in front of me holding him at gunpoint. My dad groans. 
“seriously?” he rolls his eyes. I nod. He waves his hand slightly and another man comes up behind me pressing a blade to my neck. I’m facing everyone and I look at them all with tears. I look at Carl and mouth an ‘i love you’. 

They make me watch the entire thing, Glenn and Abraham are gone. When the morning comes around I’m still sitting on the floor staring at the empty spaces where their bodies previously lay. Carl is shushing me and rocking me in his lap. 

“dad no!” I screech pushing the gun away, he rolls his eyes but shoots the person anyway. 
“they deserved it” he shrugs. I cry when I look at the woman beside him who I presume is his partner and see she is sobbing over his dead body. My dad huffs and turns around pulling a gun on her too. I decide then and there I had to run away. I was only 13 but I couldn’t stay here any longer. My dad was brutal, ever since my mum reanimated he was never the same. He often drank and beat me, blaming me for my mothers death. He makes me hold Lucille covered in blood after beating somebody senseless. I need to find somewhere away from here, somewhere I’m safe, somewhere I can be loved. And that’s how I ended up at the gates of the prison after fighting off a couple walkers I was let through the gate by an old man, says his name is Hershel. 

“I’m so sorry” I sob gripping onto Carl for dear life. He just continues to rock me. 
“it’s not your fault, I can’t believe your dad is Negan” he sighs flicking his hair out of his eyes. My breathing immediately shortens to normal as I sieve my hands through his brown locks. 
“have I ever told you how much I love and appreciate you?” I murmur. 
“mmm just a couple” he grins, but its a sad smile, this situation is nothing to smile about. 

“come on you two, lets go home” Michonne calls over to us. We stand and  head to the RV. We get in and land on the couch with a thud. I take my place in Carls lap again and he laces his fingers with mine. Everyone is silent, the only sound is our heavy breathing. Rick breaks the silence, rubbing my knee. 
“I won’t let your dad take you away” he reassures me. 
“If I hadn’t have ran away, they would still be here” I huff. 
“that had nothing to do with you, its cause I roasted half a dozen of his men” Daryl mumbles. We all fall into a silence again. Even when we get back nobody speaks, Rick, Michonne, Carl and I head straight for our house. I trip up the stairs on the porch and immediately lose it. Everybody else rushes to my side as they were heading to their own home. I stay on the ground and sob holding the necklace Glenn had given me. I see Carl wave everyone off as he lifts me into his arms bridal style and goes straight upstairs. He stops in the bathroom and turns the shower on, pulling his own clothes off then mine. He pulls me into the shower with him and we just stay under the water hugging. 

“I’m sorry for being a burden, I just, I didnt think I’d ever see him again, let alone killing two of our friends while we watch. I was so scared he would choose you, as selfish as it is I’m glad it was Abraham and not you” I mumble. I press my face against his bare shoulder leaving a warm kiss. 
“I love you, so much” he whispers softly, a complete opposite to the usual hard-faced, tough husky Carl. I appreciate it. 
“I love you too, so much” I reply barely above a whisper. We stay there for 2 more minutes then step out. We wrap towels around us and go to our bedroom. He gets dressed for bed as I watch from the bed, deep in thought. He goes into the dresser and instead of picking some pjs, he opts for one of his shirts even though there aren’t many there, he pulls me to my feet and yanks my towel away. he pulls my arms up and lets his shirt fall over them, he then gets a fresh pair of underwear and puts them on the floor, ready for me to step in, once I do he pulls them up my legs slowly leaving kisses up my soft legs. Once he reaches my private area he hugs the underwear onto my hips, his nimble fingers grazing over my ass. At any other moment I would dive on him but this wasn’t in the slightest sexual, it was to show his love. He stays kneeling and pushes my/his shirt up slightly and kisses the scar on my stomach. 

“battle scars” he sighs running his finger over it gently. When anybody else touches it a surging pain wracks my body, but when Carl does, when he touches me anywhere, I feel tingles and warmth spread through my body. Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have him. 

We hop into bed and we spoon, falling asleep to the sound of eachother’s breathing with our hands tightly interlocked. 

In the morning Rick and Michonne quietly tiptoe in with an old camera Daryl had once found on a run. It was a polaroid. They quickly snapped a photo of us sleeping, as close as two people physically can get to each other. 
“they’re really in love huh?” Michonne whispers. 
“I guess so” Rick exclaims. “My fatherly instincts are kicking in and I want to give him ‘the talk’ but he doesn’t need me now, he’s his own man.” he sighs. 
“he’ll always need you, as much as y/n does too” Michonne comforts the emotional wreck that is Rick. 
“it’s beautiful really, as if finding love isn’t hard enough, they did it during a zombie invasion. They truly care for one another whether she’s technically Negan’s daughter or not, she’s mine and I won’t let him hurt her.” Rick grits. Michonne wraps her arms around him. 
“do you think, if none of this would have ever happened they would have met and maybe fell in love even then?” she asks tilting her head. Rick thinks for a moment. 
“I think a love like theirs, pure, honest, young love is the work of fate and not a lack of choices” he replies confidently while the two sleeping teenagers start to stir. 

“daaad” Carl groans. 
“leaving” Rick replies with a laugh. Carl rolls over and nuzzles his nose back into y/n’s cheek.
“morning handsome”
“morning beautiful”  

Movie Night

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Requested by anonymous: Can we get a snugly date with Kyle from ahs 💗 tickles, laughs, kisses, hands through his hair, him falling asleep on your chest 😣 I need some fluffy reader insert 💕

Pairing: Kyle Spencer x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: American Horror Story

“Kyle!” You yelled to your boyfriend who was still in the other room making popcorn “the movie’s about to start”.

“Be there in a second babe”

A little while later Kyle appeared back into the living room and flopped down beside you on the sofa. He had a big bowl of buttery popcorn in hand and you immediately grabbed a handful.

“Alright” Kyle said kissing your cheek making you giggle “let’s get this movie started.

Admittedly about twenty minutes into the movie you both had stopped watching it. Kyle seemed to have gotten bored and started tickling you. Your boyfriend new exactly where the right places were to tickle so it wasn’t long until you were basically crying with laughter.

“K…Kyle!” You said through heavy breaths “c…cut it out!”.

Kyle smirked and shook his head stubbornly. Fine if he wanted to be like that. You were laying down on the couch and Kyle was hovering over you so you were able to get reach his neck easily. You knew that was your boyfriend’s weak spot so you started tickling him too. Kyle burst into a fit of laughter as well. He actually laughed so hard he rolled over and fell on to the floor.



Kyle slowly got on to his knees a painful grin on his face. He kissed your lips lightly then crawled on the couch next to you again.

Another twenty minutes of just watching the movie went by then you heard light snores next to you. You turned to see that Kyle’s head had fallen onto your shoulder and he had went to sleep. God he looked so cute. You ran your hands gently through his blonde hair then kissed his forehead.

“Nighty night cutie”.

This wasn’t exactly the movie night you had expected but you still had a good time all the same.

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 101)

All Chapters

Mark and I manage to spend the rest of the day without talking to each other. We eat on our own and do separate things and avoid each other. It goes like this until I run into him in our bedroom, finding him getting dressed to go out.

“Where are you going?” I ask him, frowning.

“I scheduled a business dinner for today yesterday. With those Frenchmen who work in the boat industry.” He replies, buttoning his shirt. I vaguely remember the men.

“Okay.” I mumble. I don’t want him to go. I don’t want him to  work on our honeymoon, and I don’t want him to carry on with his life 

“I think I’ll be back by half past nine, maybe.” He says. I nod, putting an end to our awkward and stiff exchange. He doesn’t even say goodbye to me when he leaves, just hinting it with the sound of the front door being opened and then closed. This situation really sucks, being mad at each other on our honeymoon, because of a woman who might make him leave me.

I go back to our bedroom and take place in the bed, deciding to watch TV from there. But before that I decide to call Bea, because I miss her and I need advice. I can’t find shelter at her apartment while I’m out here, and that sucks. I dial her number.

“Hi.” She says as she picks up, her voice hoarse.

“You sound tired.” I remark.

“I haven’t slept in days.”

“That means something is worrying you.” I point out. Getting her to sleep while she has something on her mind is like getting Mark let me in a wet T-shirt contest.

“When you try to know about my problems it usually means you have one.” She says right back at me. She knows me too well.

“You’re not my sister for no reason.” I observe. She chuckles.

“Go first.” She says.

“There’s this woman that Mark has been in love with when he was younger…” I trail off. "We saw her yesterday at the gala.“

“Abigail…” She says, disapproval in her tone. I know she’s going to tell me Mark will never cheat on me and all that jazz.

“I know, he’ll never cheat on me, he only has eyes for me and all that shit.” I quote her sarcastically.

“He ignored me the whole time we were there. He wouldn’t talk to me, or try to pull me in the conversation.” I tell her. “He was all over her all night, and she was hitting on him in front of her husband.”

“Are you suuuure?” She asks, not convinced.

“What do you mean am I sure? We didn’t talk after she came, only when I told him I was getting a drink. He barely even cared.” I retort.

“But when I went to talk to this man-”

“Did you make him jealous on purpose?” She asks, cutting me off. Like it’s my style.

“No, I was trying to have a good time.” I counter.

“He went thermonuclear, didn’t he?” She asks; She knows as well as i do how Mark usually behaves.

“Not even.” I respond. “He did get mad, but then he left me with him. He left and went back to her.”


“Exactly.” I sigh. Her reaction relives me. Now I know I’m not crazy.

“He’s not usually like that.” She says, her tone making it sound like she’s at complete loss. "He’s never like that.“

“We fought about it, and he says I’m crazy.”

“You’re not. Not at all.”

“I was a bitch about it. I’m always a bitch when I’m mad at him, and he takes it and calms me down so we can talk, but this time he didn’t. He was an asshole to me as well.” I explain to her. I know I shouldn’t have talked to him like this, and him talking back at me isn’t what is making mad and sad, it’s the fact that he did it just to make me look like an abusive person.

“I know I’m reacting like a spoiled brat, but that’s not what I’m used to. I never take advantage of him being quiet to lash out at him, I just can’t control myself very well, and he knows that, he knows that’s how we work. I don’t want to be like his exes, I can get very nasty but he knows that and he accepts it. Or at least I thought he did.” I mutter.

“So now you’re both mad at each other.”

“And she’s in between.” I sigh. “He took her number.”

“What?” She utters.

“Oh, Bea.” I sighs, not even wanting to comment this. “He makes me look like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum.” I complain. “Everyone around knows how much of an ass he is to women who hit on him like she did. Seeing him acting like that, and with her, worries me. It kills me to think about it. It was like I didn’t exist.”

“You need to talk this out.” She murmurs. I snort.

“He doesn’t listen. He’ll say no to everything I accuse him of. I’m stuck.”

“Oh, god.” She sighs.

“I’m sorry, baby. I don’t know what to say… he’s.. I never thought he’d behave like this.” She says, confusion in her tired voice.

“At least you don’t think I’m crazy.” I point out.

“You’re not.” She says. “It took him years to start hugging me. I know how he is.”

“Yeah.” I sigh, drained. “What’s your problem?”

I hear her shift again.

“Work.” She declares. “Work is driving me crazy.”

“You’ve been working a lot?”


“Take sleeping pills. You say they help you.” I advocate.

“I might just to that.” She says, her words hanging in the air. I feel like she has more to tell me.

“You’d tell me if if was anything more serious than that, right?” I as quietly.

“Of course.” She responds. “I’m gonna take some time to think about what my brother in law has done. Let me call you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I agree. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” She says before hanging. It’s only when I put my phone down that I notice the pain I feel in my lower stomach. At first, I ignore it, thinking it will go away om it’s own. But then it doesn’t. I decide to leave the TV room and go upstairs to lay down.

I try to watch TV from bed, but the pain becomes uncomfortable. It travels up my stomach.

“What is wrong with you, peanut?” I muse, running a hand over my faintly round belly. “Give mommy some rest.”

Peanut doesn’t hear me. I start to feel both nauseous and in pain. I curl myself into a ball, a position that usually helps me with stomach aches. It starts hurting so much, I have to do useless breathing exercises to try to reduce the pain. I feel like my insides are being shifted and crushed. God, it hurts.

“Abigail?” I hear Mar'ks voice from downstairs. I hadn’t heard him come back. Why is he back any way? He left half an hour ago. Unable to respond, I want until he finds me.

“Hey.” He says, peeking through the door. My face is contorted in pain. "Are you okay?“ He asks, his eyebrow scrunched together, as he walks up to me.

"It hurts.” I moan.


"My stomach." 

His face falls.

"Why didn’t you call me?” He scolds, and I can feel anxiety gripping him. He sits down next to me, placing a hand on my belly.

“Why are you already back?” I ask him, his face hardens.

“I felt like something was wrong.” He says. "I just had to come back. I knew you weren’t okay.“

"I thought we were mad at each other.”

“We are.”

“You’re still mad at me?”


I whimper, my stomach aching badly. Mark curses,  moving further down the bed. He grabs the waistband of my cotton shorts and starts pulling them down.

“It’s not peanut. It’s my stomach.” I whine as he slides them off.

“Let me check.” He orders, parting my thighs. "You’re not bleeding.“ He states. He shifts again so he’s sitting next to me.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?” He asks me. I shake my head, starting to feel nauseous.. "Must be my uterus expanding. It can hurt sometimes.“

"Does it feel like contractions?” He asks.

“No.” I whimper. “My back hurts too.” I groan. “I’m going to throw up.”

“Okay. Bathroom.” He says, making a move to pick me up. I cry out , my spine paralyzed by pain.

“I Can’t move.” I breathe.

“Alright. Let me find a bucket.” He prompts before rushing out of the room. I feel the puke coming up, and I know he won’t be back in time. I try to get myself out of bed, rolling to my side. My stomach twists, and I have just enough time to tilt my head and throw but on the floor. The pain, the vomit, it’s all too much for me. I start to cry, helpless, my stomach emptying itself.

Mark comes back when I’m done and still sobbing over the edge of the bed.


"I’m sorry.” I sob, mortified and ashamed. Mark drops the bucket and rushes to me.

“It’s okay, I’ll clean it up. Lay down.” He murmurs, pushing me back down to the mattress.

“I’m sorry.” I repeat, choking on my tears.

“It’s okay. You know I don’t care about those things.” He says reassuringly.
“I’ll take care of you, okay?” He murmurs. I nod weakly, sniffling. He rises and disappears in the bathroom, coming back with a glass of water to rinse my mouth. I spit in the bucket and wipe my mouth.

“Thank you.” I murmur, handing him the empty glass. I squirm and whimper in pain.

“Pain killers. You need pain killers.” He declares. I throw my arm over my eyes, breathing heavily.

“I can’t swallow.” I moan, the thought of swallowing a pill making me nauseous again.

“Okay.” He mutters. He moves so he’s sitting on the bed at my side. He pushes my top up to reveal my stomach, and starts tracing circles around it with the heels of his palm. I frown as the pain reduces.

“Does it feel better?” He asks me after a moment.

“Where did you learn this?” I ask him.

“I’ve been reading a lot.” He confesses. Mark reading baby books? Oh, dear. It almost makes me smile. I close my eyes.

“I’m sorry for throwing up on the floor.” I murmur.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says. "Let me make you feel better.“

I let him do, letting him massage me until I fall asleep, exhausted from the pain I’ve felt.

I wake up early the next morning, to the sound of fingers typing on a keyboard. I open my eyes and find Mark’s profile as he focuses on the screen on his laptop, which lays on his thighs. His brow slightly furrowed, he scratches his chin distractedly. I yawn, drawing his attention. He turns his head to me.

"Good morning.” He says, staring at me.

“Morning.” I mumble, stretching beneath the sheets.

“You’re working?” I ask him.

“I took my laptop so I could keep an eye on you.” He explains. “How do you feel?”

“I’m okay.” I respond.

“No cramps?”

I shake my head.

“Do you feel like throwing up?”

I shake my head again.

“Good.” He says, turning back to his work. "That’s better.“

"Are you hungry?” He asks without looking at me.

“No.” I just woke up.



“Alright. I’ll go get myself something to eat.” He prompts, closing his laptop and putting it on the nightstand. He leaves the bed and heads towards the door. His behavior is confusing. Yesterday, he was kind because I was in pain, but now I wonder where we stand.

The day answers my questions. Apparently, we’re not going to make up any time soon, but the animosity is gone. He spends most of the morning in his office, but not in the self excluding way he did yesterday. Since my days are quite empty now, I decide to commit to my decision and go hit the gym again. Thanks to Mark’s megalomaniac tastes, we have one in the basement.

I decide to practice boxing, because this sport puts so much different muscles to work. I usually hit a punching bag, and opt for that option, since I can’t beat Mark up for fun. I practicing for about 30 an hour, probably a little bit longer than I should, considering I have,’t worked out in month. But I like being sweaty and tired and feeling like my body’s getting stronger. Mark interrupts me as he makes his appearance in the gym. He’s in sweatpants and running shoes, his chest bare and a towel hanging on his shoulder.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, his dark eyes traveling up and down my form. Registering his presence, I go back to my exercise.

“Skydiving, can’t you see?” I say sarcastically. He walks around the punching bag and holds it in place for me.

“I think you should rest.” He says quietly.

“I’m fine.” I assure him. He nods, but I’m not sure he’s convinced. I don’t really care though, I really need to work out.

“Can I?” He asks, holding his hand up and halting me.

“What?” I ask, wiping my sweat out of my forehead with my glove. He steps in front of me.

“Gather you elbows like this.” He says, balling his fists and front of his face. I try to mimic him.

“Like this?”

“Perfect.” He comments. “When you want to hit, you twist your wrist like this.” He says, showing me the motion with his own hands. I do the same thing.

“Yeah, good.” He praises, stepping back. “That’s better.” He says, taking place behind the bag and holding it for me. I try to hit the way he showed me.

“Again.” He orders. I obey, finding it harder but more efficient. “We have to talk about Melissa.” He says, almost destabilizing me. I’m so surprised I almost miss the bag.

“Right now?” I ask, forcing myself to hit harder. I just need to imagine her face on the punching bag.

“If you promise to keep calm.”

“Keep calm while you tell that you only paying attention to your first love for hours is not ignoring me?” I ask through gritted teeth. I feel my blood starting to heat up. This is not good.

“Promise or not?” He asks blatantly. I don’t answer,


“No.” I snap, stopping in my tracks. Bristling, I remove the velcro of my gloves with my teeth, taking them off and tossing them angrily on the mat floor. I turn on my heels, mad at both him and myself for getting so angry.

“Come back here.” Mark calls after me. I feel a strong draft around my middle, and within a nanosecond I’m pulled down to the floor, Mark laying on top of me. I look up at him, my eyes wide in shock.

“Are you crazy?!” I utter. He replies with a deep, primal growl, his lips crashing onto mine. I shriek, reaching up and grabbing his shoulders. He kisses me madly, his ferocious lips moving possessively over min. He catches my hands and pins them on either side of my head. His lips move from my mouth to my neck, letting me gasp for air.

“One thing I hate when we’re mad at each other is that I can’t fuck you.” He groans, licking a path up my sweaty neck. I gasp again, confused and angry.  "You make me so mad all I want to do is fuck that sass right out of you.“ He mutters.

"Get off me.” I grind out, pulling on my wrists to free myself. He doesn’t budge.

“Mmmh.” He moans, his lips hovering over the damp skin of my throat. “Sweaty and mad and turned on.” He muses, nibbling at my skin. My body temperature rises, I can feel myself getting feverish. “My favorite combination.”

“I’m not turned on, I’m sweaty and mad.” I retort, my uneven tone giving me away.

“You’re not turned on?” He challenges, knowing too well I am. He gazes down at me, his eyes hot and dark, his breathing harsh, matching mine.

“You’re telling me if I put my hand in your panties I won’t find you all wet for me?” He smirks.

“I’m not fucking you right now.”

“The hell you’re not.” He mutters,catching both of my wrists and one hand, his other hand disappearing inside my yoga pants. He slips his hand past my panties, finding my already dripping heat. I moan, my mouth falling open in a silent plea.

“Oh, baby.” He groans appreciatively, discovering the hot wetness of my arousal with his fingers.  Air catches up in my throat, my nails sinking ij the skin in his shoulders.

“You need to be fucked, don’t you?” He says says seductively, his middle finger gently parting my folds. I screw my eyes shut, my breathing becoming trembling.
The pad of his finger finds my clitoris, making me whimper. He brings his mouth to my ear.

“You want me to take care of that greedy little pussy.” He rasps, his fingers repeatedly circling my oversensitive bundle of nerves. He takes my earlobe net his teeth, nibbling as his finger tortures me. His words and actions are too much for me.

“Please.” I groan.

“When I make you mad, I make your body mad too.” He muses, plunging a finger inside me. "Mad for me.“

I moan out loud, my thighs tensing closing around his body. Slowly, he moves his fingers in circles, rubbing against every wall of my sex, which tightens and grips him.

"You’re so sensitive. So wet and ready for me.” He murmurs, his lips lingering over mine. I pant against his mouth, my mind becoming a blur,saturated with the building need to come. He thrusts his fingers in and out of me at a languorous pace, torturing me and stimulating me at the same time. He presses his thumb against my clitoris, adding more and more sensations to the mix.

I let out a begging moan, my hips chasing the sensation, needing to ride his skilled fingers. “Mark, I can’t take it. I can’t.” I whine as he picks up pas, plunging his fingers in and out, faster but still unhurried, his teeth grazing this spot where my neck and shoulder connect.

“I need to come. Please, make me come.” I beg.

He removes his fingers, his hand pushing my knees apart. He shifts a little, his erection pressed against my groin. He bites the place where my shoulder and neck connects, rolling his hips onto mine.


“You’re so fucking sexy.” He groans, rubbing his erection against my clothed slit, his hard shaft presded against my clit. I meet him thrust for thrusts, my hips bucking up.

“I’m so hard for you.” He whispers into my ear, his words traveling directly to my aching sex. And I am wet for him, so obscenely wet and turned on. My hands travel down his back and I grab his bottom, hauling him closer while I grind against his cock.

“Fuck.” He mutters, his voice tight. “I can feel you.” He breathes, his hips moving faster. I throw my head back, unable to hold back, shamelessly grinding on him.

“I need to come… I - fuck… aaah…” I moan incoherently.

“Fuck.” He groans. “Feel how hard I am for you?” He rasps, his hips stuttering little bit. Everything tightens inside me. I can feel him. And I want his cock so bad. I need him to fuck me.

“Yes.” I whimper. “Oh god, I need you inside me.” I moan, my hips moving frenetically. I can feel my wetness soaking my yoga pants. I know he feels it too.

“Fuck me.” I groan, trying to pull his shorts down the best I can. “Fuck me hard, Mark, please.” I beg, struggling and writhing against him.

He pulls away from me, making a quick matter of his clothes, letting his hard length spring free while I peel my ruined yoga pants off. He looks at me dead in the eyes, towering over me. His eyes don’t say anything else than lust and sex, and that’s perfect.

It’s just angry, frustrated sex, exactly what I want. I reach up and pull him down to me, pressing his body against mine.

It’s just something quick, gross and animalistic. The physical tension and the emotional tension had gotten too much. We needed to get this out of our systems. When he rolls off me after we’re done, the same unwanted distance between us takes place.

I stare up at yhe ceiling, panting and sweating even more than before, thinking about how ridiculous it is to be able to fuck him but not being able to have a discussion. But then after wild sex is not the right moment either.

I find myself not knowing what to do. Laying there, half naked and dirty on the floor. What do I tell him? Do I comment the sex? I can’t possibly not say anything. Or should I?

What I know is that now is definitely not the right time to have a discussion. Feeling gross, I quietly lift myself up, and walk out without looking at him. I head straight to the shower, not wonder what he’s thinking. It was just sex. We’re still mad at each other.

Five minutes in, I hear the bathroom door being opened. When I turn around, I see Mark, completely naked in all his glory, stepping inside. Without a word, he gets in the shower next to me, turning on the second showerhead.

“You could have asked for permission.” I tell him.

“I owe you an apology.” He says from behind me. I stop scrubbing myself, intrigued and slightly shocked. Is he really doing this in the shower? Is he doing this at all.

“For what?” I ask quietly.

“Everything.” He sighs, reaching out and grabbing the shower gel bottle in front of me. My psychologist side immediately understands why he’s doing this now. I don’t think neither of us could handle a serious, face to face, sat down discussion. I’d end up jumping off a cliff.

“You were right, and it made me mad.” He admits. Oh, thank god. I know I can get irrationally jealous, but this time I felt it in my gut, from the second she arrived. I’m not sure I like being right in this case, because it means he did ignore me to spend time with her, and that hurts.

“So I tried to convince myself you were wrong.” He confesses. "I wasn’t being honest with myself.“

"You’re attracted to her?” I ask quietly, trying to pretend his answer couldn’t literally destroy me.

“No.” He says immediately. "I thought I was… I guess.“ 

I feel the urge to turn around, to look at his eyes and see if he’s sincere. I realize I’ve stood frozen since he arrived. I’m too nervous to continue showering. I wrap my arms around myself in a protective manner. I hear him sigh.

"Before I met you, all I wanted was being loved my an older woman. Everything I did was in her influence.” He explains to me. I listen, my heart still tight. “So when I saw her the other night, and when I realized she could want me now…I got confused.” He admits.

“You wanted to give it a try?” I breathe.

“I didn’t think that far.” He says. "I wasn’t sure where my place was.“

So, for a second he thought he was that 16 year old boy who didn’t feel loved by anyone.

"It was just a moment of madness.” He murmurs. He takes my hips in his hands, indicating me to turn around. I obey, my eyes meeting his. He’s soaked, his hair sticking to his forehead, his eyes giving a confusing mix of emotions away.

“And by denying it I blew everything out of proportion, and I hurt you even more.” He says, his eyes turning apologetic. This is all I want to here, and that’s scary. I don’t know if he’s sincere of if he just knows what to do.

“I don’t want you to feel insecure.” He murmurs.

“It’s hard not to.” I reply, my voice shaking. “I mean, you’ve made me feel like a goddess for so many years, and she comes and you’re not even looking at me anymore.”

“I’m looking at you now.” He says.

“And I’m pregnant.”

“And breathtakingly beautiful.”

“I don’t feel beautiful.” I whisper, my eyes starting to sting. His brow furrows, his gazing becoming one of worry.

“What happened the other night had nothing to do with your body.” He says to me. I stare up at him, my throat tight. “Come on, Abby. You know me better than that.”

“I can’t help but think you’re still here just because of the baby.” I confess.  I think about her, and how I’ve behaved, how I’ve done nothing to show him how much of a good wife I am, and I don’t get why he didn’t leave me, slamming the door closed and wen back to her. Only him being trapped with a baby could explain it.

“No, baby. I’m here because I love you.”

“She made you doubt.” I retort.

“Just for a brief moment.” He counters, taking my gin between his fingers and keeping my eyes on his.

“When I saw you with that prick, I understood how badly I’d behaved, and that my place was always at your side.And nowhere else.” He murmurs.

“Why did you leave, then?” I ask him.

“I was mad.” He responds. “Melissa is kind, she’s very nice, but she’s not what I want anymore. I want you and as always I’m an idiot about it.”

I don’t know whether to believe him or not. Even if we move on, I’ll always have that fear in the back of my head that he’s thinking about her, and I’m not sure I can live with that.

“I don’t want to lose you.” I confess. I wouldn’t handle losing him, it would kill me.

“You’re not losing me, baby. Never.” he murmurs, pulling me to his bare and wet chest. The feeling of our skin touching makes me weak and vulnerable.

“I’m so sorry I made you feel like this. It’s over, I promise.” He says reassuringly, bringing his lips down to mine. He kisses me tenderly, his velvet lips feeling like a caress against mine.

He pushes his fingers in my hair, his tongue dipping between my lips, touching mine in soft, rhythmic licks. I whimper, needing more than physical closeness, needing reassurance. One of his hands slides down my back, cradling my spine in the warmth of his pal. I uncross my arms, gripping his shoulders tightly.


“Shhhhh.” He breathers, trying to soothe me. “I’m not going anywhere.” He says, wrapping his fingers around the base of my throat.

“I’m never leaving you.” He murmurs, flexing his fingers, his thumb caressing the side of my throat. The gesture is very dominant, but it’s reassuring.

I want him dominant, because when he is, it means he’s mine. I want him to be here.

“Don’t hurt me.” I plead, looking up at his eyes. “That’s all I’m asking for. Don’t hurt me like this.”

He places his thumb under my chin, tilting my face up some more. He gazes down at me, his eyes shiny with sincerity.

“I promise.” He declares. I take a deep breath and hold it in, watching as he leans closer to me. He kisses me, and I let it all go, everything. He literally takes my breath away. And while he makes love to me, I let him take my doubts too.


Scene one • Part one
Neymars POV

‘So, since the media thinks you’re only dating girls who are models and stuff, we think its time for a PR stunt. You’re going to “date” an ordinary girl, someone who nobody knows. This is only going to last for six months, after that you’re free to do whatever you want.’ My manager, Jack told me. He basically does everything what belongs to the media.

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea. I want to be free and be able to do whatever the fuck i want. I’m only twenty two. I hook up with girls all day and the media knows that. Do you seriously think that they’re going to believe that I’m dating a girl and it’s going to last six months. I don’t think so.’ I simply said.

'That’s the problem, the media has a specific image of you and that has to change. You can’t hook up with those girls anymore, because you need to work on your image. Its important, believe me. You will need it someday.’ Jack said, i could tell he was annoyed.

'Okay, fine. When am I going to meet her?’ I asked. I really hope she’s a hot girl, and that she is in to me, so i basically could fuck her. I mean, i have needs too right?

'In a few minutes actually. Remember, don’t be a dick.’ He said, walking away wanting me to follow him. I didn’t move and smirked. 'Oh please, I’m never acting like a dick.’ I laughed.

Jack turned around, getting angry. ‘Neymar! Come with me now.’ He yelled. I laughed and walked with him to the meeting room. ‘Yes sir.’

(Y/N)’s POV
You waited for Neymar to enter the room. Honestly, you didn’t want to do this. Neymar was an arrogant, selfish footballer, he was just too full of himself. But you needed the money. Your mother was sick, like really sick. You wanted to help her so bad, but you didn’t have enough money so you quit your job for this new 'project’.

Jack opened the door and there he was. The one and only Neymar da silva santos Jùnior, also known as Neymar Jr.

'Hey babe.’ He smirked and walked over to you. He kissed your hand and sat down in the chair next to you. You rolled your eyes and looked at him. He was everything you expected him to be, and he only said two words to you.

'Hello.’ You simply said and looked at his manager, and some other people who were going to tell you what was going to happen.

'Okay so, (Y/N) this is Neymar. Neymar this is (Y/N).’ He looked at you. 'A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.’ He smirked. You rolled your eyes. 'How cheesy of you!’ You said sarcastically. You faked a smile and faced the people again.

'Glad you two get along!’ Jack said, sarcastic obviously. 'Okay, first thing you have to do as a couple is going to a fancy restaurant, have diner blablabla and at the end of the night you kiss, Ney you bring her home, kiss her again.’ You sighed, you knew you had to do this, but you didn’t expect to do it on the first day. 'This is going to be fun babe.’ Neymar laughed. Ignore him (Y/N), ignore him.

'Anyway, tomorrow you two are enjoying ice cream in the park. You take her to your home, play some fifa with her, that’s great advertising for them too. Oh and take a lot of pictures, post them on instagram. Show the world you are a happy couple.’ Neymar nodded. You nodded too. You couldn’t do anything else. You needed this money for your mom. You needed to keep that in mind. This was all for your mom.

'I’ll meet you two here in two days. Good luck.’ Jack walked away. 'Well, i guess we have to go to that restaurant then.’ You stood up and walked out of the room. Neymar followed you, smirking.

'Tell me honey, why are you doing this? You seem to hate me.’ He grabbed your hand, since there where camera’s taking pictures of you two.

'Neymar!’ 'Neymar who is your new friend!’ 'Over here!’ The paparazzi screamed. They all wanted to take good photos. Neymar rolled his eyes and brought you to his car. 'Get in.’ He demanded. 'Woof!’ You smiled sarcastically and got in the car.

He got into the driver seat and started his car. ‘You didn’t answer my question.’ He said, while driving. ‘Because i need the money.’ You answered. He frowned. ‘You could do normal work? It isn’t that hard you know.’ You looked at him, in disgust. ‘Oh like I haven’t tried that? And it’s not like you would know would know what’s a normal job is like.’ You stared out of the window, not wanting to speak to him anymore.

He ignored what you said last and continued the argument. ‘Well why aren’t you doing normal work then?’ He asked, you heared he was irritated. ‘Because I need a bigger amount of money.’ You mumbled. ‘And why do you need a bigger amount?’ He asked. 'Last time i checked, it wasn’t your business.’ You answered, giving him a death glare.

'It was a just a question (Y/N). Are you always like this? I feel sorry for your family.’ He laughed. 'Do. Not. Talk about my family.’ You raised your voice. 'You’re such a bitch.’ He laughed. You arrived at the restaurant. 'I’m a bitch? Maybe because your acting like a fucking dick.’ You argued the whole night, and once you walked outside with him you wanted so bad that there were no paps. So you didn’t have to kiss Neymar, but there where tons of them.

Neymar wrapped his arms around your waist. ‘Just kiss me.’ He whispered, annoyed. You really didn’t want to do it, but you did it for your mom. You pulled away after a few seconds and grabbed his hand. You walked as fast as possible to his car.

When you got in an the paparazzi was out of your sight, you brushed your lips with your sleeve. ‘That was disgusting!’ You breathed out. ‘Well, you have to get use to it.’ Neymar rolled his eyes.

'Where do you live?’ You told him your address and the rest of the car ride neither one of you said something. You looked in the mirror only to see you were followed by paparazzi. Neymar didn’t notice it and you didn’t want to talk to him so you decided to just stay silent.

Neymar parked the car in front of your house and opened the door for you. He grabbed your hand and you heared the clicking of the photos and the paparazzi screaming for Neymar. Lights were flashing in front of your eyes, but you tried to ignore it.

Neymar walked you to your front door, and cupped his hands around your face. He kissed you for a few seconds and then he lets go of you. ‘I see you tomorrow.’ He said, smirking. ‘Already looking forward to it.’ You rolled your eyes. You opened your front door.

You closed your door and walked over to the living room. ‘Mom, are you alright?’ You whispered to the woman who was laying on the couch. ‘Yes love, don’t worry.’ She spoke, reaching for your hand. You tried so hard not to cry. You grabbed her hand, and sat on the floor next to the couch. You closed your eyes and sighed. Day one was done, but there where loads of other day coming. Hurray!
Part two? 😊 Let me know what you think! I want to thank Kayleigh for helping me with ideas for this fanfic, you’re a babe 😘

I’m Still Alive, Aren’t I?

I just read all of your stories, and I’m in love. You’re my favorite writer. I was wondering if you could do a Dean X Reader where the reader is kidnapped by Abaddon, and the boys have to save her. I love anything with protective Dean and Sam. Thanks!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,751

Warnings: Blood and gore, possible spoilers (S5/S8)

A/N: Sorry it took so long to get to this, I’ve been busy with school and stuff lol. Anyways hope you enjoy.


Aaaaand another slap to the face.

Currently you were sitting in a chair in some sketchy room with no windows and rusty metallic walls. Not only that, but you were currently strapped down to the chair being beaten by the one and only Abaddon. Yep, her. You weren’t exactly sure what she wanted, but here you were, blood covering most of your body and still haven’t gotten anywhere.

“Seriously, give up Abaddon,” You spat blood to the floor, where it joined in with an already existing puddle.  Lights flickered non-stop and your wrists were getting rope burn, and that stung like a bitch.

“Uh, funny,” Abaddon chuckled, “Not until you give me what I want,” She plastered a grin on her cherry painted lips and flipped her hair to the side.

“And what exactly is that?” You asked once again, after almost two hours of being here. Honestly, this was pointless. She obviously wasn’t here looking for Sam or Dean, since she would have already gotten to the point to find them. No, she was taking her time and it was definitely a waste of it.

“Remember the apocalypse?” She asked, looking back at you as you nodded, confused, “Dean was Michael’s destined vessel, Sam was Lucifer’s destined vessel, all that jazz,” She continued, waving her hands in the air, “Yeah, well you’re my destined vessel, sweetheart,”

Okaaaay. To say you were shocked and confused would be a minor explanation. For example, if you were her destined vessel, why is she harming you?

“If I’m you’re vessel, why are you doing all this? What’s the point?” You asked, slightly hazy.

“Good question, (Y/N), because you are stubborn, God knows how stubborn you can be. You and Dean really are meant to be,” She mumbled, “Anyways, you aren’t going to say yes willingly, so I need you to say yes. You won’t say it without some… persuasion. Better have you bruised and beaten then not at all,” She smirked. You took a minute to process what she just said, staring at plain wall but your mind was swirling with so many thoughts. Abaddon, you’re her vessel. You thought back to what Sam did with Lucifer, how he let him take over to lock him back up in the cage. You thought of maybe doing the same with Abaddon, but where would you lock her up?

“Don’t you know me,” You smirked up at her as her face turned to a scowl, before she pushed a strand of stray hair behind her ear, leaning in close to your face to whisper.

“Oh, I have all day, (Y/N), don’t think I won’t do this,” Her voice low and eyes deadly as she backed away from you, walking back to the table where she had weapons placed across it, kind of like Crowley did. They were really similar; Abaddon was like a female Crowley. Which sucked, because one was enough. We don’t need two.

Abaddon approached you, knife in hand as she pressed the cold metal to your throat, and before she could slice you with it, she was interrupted by a bang outside, signifying the entrance of an uninvited guest. You had an idea you knew who it was, but wouldn’t want to get your hopes up to high. You knew the Winchesters would find you, but you knew they were much more sneaky doing so. Your boyfriend Dean wouldn’t sleep until he found you, you were certain, but you weren’t certain they would find you now.

“Oh, looks prince Dean is here to save his little damsel in distress, huh,” Abaddon chuckled, pushing the knife into your throat, causing you to let out a small cry as it pierced your skin and you could feel the drops run slowly down your neck.

The door slammed open and Sam and Dean barged in, guns aimed in your direction, until they saw Abaddon and aimed them slightly higher at her standing position. Dean caught sight of the knife against your throat as he slowly let his concerned green eyes turn dark, jaw clenched as he took out the demon knife.

“Well, well, well, we’ve got the golden trio back together!” Abaddon let the knife drop and she clapped her hands, her lips forming a wicked grin while eyeing the boys like her next meal.

“You better back away from her now unless you want us to slice that massive head of yours off your shoulders once again,” Dean growled, dark eyes pointed at Abaddon.

“Oh, Deany, this time I’ll be the one to cut your pretty little green eyes out,” Abaddon’s smile faltered into a harsh glare, slowly walking towards the boys. You wiggled in the chair, hands bound together behind your back and blood oozing down your neck.

That’s when you remembered the demon knife stuffed down the back of your jeans. You mentally facepalmed yourself, feeling stupid for only remembering this now. Your bound hands slid together slowly down the back of your chair till you could feel your finger tips against the waistband of your jeans and you sighed out in content, watching Abaddon continue approaching the boys, a loud ringing of adrenaline in your ears blocking out their conversation. Your hands gripped the blade and you let out a small breath, eyes shut closed as you pulled out the knife, gripping tightly. You pulled it out completely and smiled, before using it to slice the rope holding your hands together. You felt the rope loosen as you continued to quickly run the blade over it, as fast as you could. Less than a moment later, the rope was on the floor and you were out. You stood up slowly, the knife in your hands as you walked up behind Abaddon.

You made eye contact with Dean, whose shoulders relaxed slightly at seeing you walk, and he gave you a small nod. You walked up behind Abaddon and held up the knife, targeting the right spot in her back that would slice through to her heart, but before you could stab her, she turned around and gripped your wrist tightly, sending the knife flying and pain shoot through your arm as she twisted it, a loud crack sound echoing through the rusty old room as you fell to the ground, certain that your arm was broken.

“My goodness, you never learn, do you?” Abaddon chuckled, after rolling her eyes, eyeing you laying on the floor in excruciating pain, your sight becoming slightly blotchy as you looked down at you arm as it started to throb, slightly turning purple at your wrist. Before Abaddon could do anything else, Dean came up behind her and sliced, making Abaddon’s eyes go wide and her head fall to the floor, rolling to a stop right beside your face. You grimaced and scooched over, soon regretting the move as your arm felt as if it has been set on fire. A strangled cry left your throat as Sam and Dean crouched next to you, eyeing your wounds.

“Dean, she needs to go to the hospital,” Sam’s voice seemed far away, though you could feel his hand on your shoulder, telling you he was right next to you. Your eyes started to flutter and you knew you weren’t going to hold on much longer. With blood loss and and the never-ending pain your body is in, you were going to pass out, you knew it. You tried to say something but blood was the only thing to come out of your mouth.

“No, (Y/N), baby, stay with me,” Dean’s voice was shaky as he gently picked you up bridal style and started walking - you assumed - to the Impala. You gently shook your head and let darkness overtake you, slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your eyes opened up, but quickly slammed shut once again as a bright light was directed into your eyes. You automatically knew you were in a hospital, and you groaned to yourself, the pain in your body slowly waking up with you.

“(Y/N)… You’re awake,” A faint voice said from beside you, making you turn your head and see Sam sitting there, running a hand through his hair as he shot you a small smile which you returned.

“How long have I been out?” Your voice was hoarse and you felt dryness in your mouth.

“Two days,” Sam coughed, standing up and walking over to your bedside. You looked around and saw no Dean, feeling slightly disappointed, an aching feeling in your chest.

“Dean’s downstairs, he hasn’t slept at all, he’s been worried sick,” Sam chuckled, slowly walking over to the large white door on the other side of the room, “I’ll go get him for you,”

You nodded in appreciation and Sam took off down the hallway. You groaned and laid your head back on the pillow, a headache creeping it’s way in. You looked down and saw your right arm in a cast and a couple stitches on your left arm. You brought your good arm up to your neck and felt some stitched there too, making you wince slightly. That sure as hell ain’t pretty.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty,” Dean’s gorgeous voice took over your eyes, making you feel content as you looked over to the door where your extremely tired-looking boyfriend stood. You shot him a smile which he returned, walking over to you, eyes filled with adoration, making your insides warm up slightly. Being a hunter, it’s hard to be in a relationship, it’s a weakness. But everything felt right with Dean, everything.

“How you feeling?” He sat down next to you, putting his hand on yours, warming up your fingertips.

“Exhausted, sore,” You mumbled, making Dean’s eyebrows furrow slightly.

“God, baby, we tried to show up earlier, did we ever try, I’m so sorry,” He mumbled, bringing your hand up to his lips as he placed a gentle kiss on your bruised knuckles, making you shake your head up at him.

“Dean, I’m alive, aren’t I?” You smiled weakly, not even sure if it showed but Dean nodded slightly.

“I know, but I feel so guilty, I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to protect you,” Dean’s eyes showed sadness as he looked over at you and you rolled your eyes, a small smile on your lips.

“Dean, don’t feel guilty, okay?” You asked seriously, and he nodded slightly, “I love you,”

Dean placed another kiss on your knuckles, “I love you too, (Y/N), so damn much,”

From That Moment

Summary: Day 340

She is finally flying again.

When she sees him again, he is surprised.

She smiles. “Hello, kitty.”

She feels her heart is about to burst as he merely grazes a hand over her cheek.

A/N: Stop me of this sin

Day 1

She still feels him when she blinks open her eyes.

She still tastes his lips against hers when she sits up in her bed, clutching the sheets to her chest.

She still hears him breathe against her cheek as she looks over to the empty side, surface ruffled and laid upon.

His fingers brushes against her sides as she walks towards the bathroom, the cold floor biting her skin.

His chests presses against hers as she lets warm water rain onto her, scrubbing herself red and raw.

But she knows it is futile to get rid of his essence.

He is one with her.

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