lays on ground and sobs

I just had a terrible thought for the Andromeda verse but…

After learning where she is and getting used to it, Tali drinks heavily to the point she’s drunk even in battle (yet still can lay down the butt-whooping). It’s common to find her just laying on the ground somewhere, drunkenly sobbing to herself. 

Even if they restrict her, she still tries to find a way to drink because she needs something to numb the pain knowing all of her friends are dead.

  • Clint: *has a wife*
  • Clint: *has 2 kids*
  • Clint: *is expecting a child*
  • Clint: *is very happy in general*
  • Joss Whedon: wow, Clint's finally getting a lot of recognition and the happiness that he deserves after being ignored in two movies
  • Joss Whedon: it'd be a shame...
  • Me: Joss no
  • Joss Whedon: if something were to...
  • Me: don't you even touch him
  • Joss Whedon: happen to him...
  • Me: bitch I will cut you
  • Joss Whedon: lol jk let's kill Pietro instead
  • Me: *lays on the ground sobbing with Wanda*

I’m crying over the idea of Sam putting on the Joy of Painting when Steve seems extra stressed. And then when they pick Bucky up, he and Steve start watching it together, asking for it when they both need something nice and calm and beautiful in their lives. 

I’m crying over ‘happy little [blank]’ and ‘almighty decisions’ and other quotes becoming running jokes between the three of them, how sometimes they drop into a Bob Ross impression to amuse each other

I’m laying on the floor and SOBBING INTO THE GODDAMN GROUND over the idea of them SETTING UP AN EASEL and PAINTING ALONG WITH RECORDINGS OF BOB ROSS’ THE JOY OF PAINTING, like not just Steve but Bucky and Sam, too. 

I’m getting dehydrated from this fucking headcanon okay I’m not okay