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day 5/30 day studyblr challenge! > your favorite book.

january 15th, 2017. i love the adventure and the depth of this book! plus bilbo is my favorite fictional character. 🙃i also love pink and gold.

GAS-15 Gary Stading (CA, KIA 25 April 68) on the beach at Chu Lai… Note the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), as well as the ‘California’ and single stripe on the cap. 

Note from Doc Norman: I was present when this photo was shot. It was taken by the Battalion mail clerk. Can’t remember his name, but he was an oriental guy, heavy into photography… It was colorized by somebody cause the clerk only shot B & W. He [the mail clerk] wanted to be a news photographer when he got back to the world and all they do is B & W. … Doc

Stading was in Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade.

I wonder what it would be like to be yours. For you to be madly in love with me and I’d admire you while you admire me and watch you go insane. I wonder what it would be like to lay together with the lights dimmed and just tell each other stories. I wonder how long we’d travel down winding roads blaring our favourite songs that no one else really has the appreciation for. I wonder if your mom would like me and if your dad would tell you to keep me close. I wonder when you’d tell me you loved me and why you felt that the moment was right. I wonder a lot about you and my mind dances on a lot of possibilities that I wish would come true.

The T & A room

Women have a special problem. Initially, when any man first sees a glamorous example of femininity, an instantaneous shift takes place. He enters his T & A room.
I don’t mean to say he turns and physically leaves. That would
be very odd; a girl perched prettily on a stool with men spotting her then madly scrambling out and physically diving into their T & A rooms. No.
It’s an event in the mind that crackles at the speed of light. He lays eyes on her and “Bam!” into the T & A room.
You might ask, “Well what exactly is the T & A room?” We’ll get to that.
Just please understand that when Charlie first stands there stunned into silence by the breathtaking beauty before him, he doesn’t really see her.

Oh, he takes an initial snapshot all right, but now he’s rummaging around looking through the shelves labeled “blonde hair”, “high cheekbones”, “very shapely legs” and other stuff, making instantaneous comparisons.
He’s reminiscing through his various recollections of the high school beauty queen, his sister, the girl, who liked him a lot, the girl who he dreamed about, and literally thousands of other loved and cherished memories.
The mound of Playboy and other trashy magazines he had read when younger are also included, of course and are used in making the comparison, this all happening instantaneously.
You have to get an idea of the size of the T & A room. It’s huge, as you might imagine, contains every memory he has ever had that would apply to this particular circumstance, the beauty in front of him.
Now, in a case one or two of you are still wondering what T & A means, let me enlighten you now; T & A stands for temptation and admiration so the T & A room is the Temptation and Admiration room.
If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone. They’ll tell you.
And typically, men spend a great deal of time here happily thumbing through their recollections, smiling and perusing the massive numbers of memories, the shelves and drawers looking for entertainment.
One more thing about the T & A room. It has a door at the far end with a sign which shouts in capital letters, “Restricted Area! Jungian Psychologists Only. All others, enter at your own risk!”
If you open the door it leads down rough stone steps and into darkness, the Collective Unconscious. This is where the Anima lives. This is where the feminine aspects of every man secretly reside. The Anima is, in short, the woman in a man, the archetype which rules over the relationship between men and women. It is a kind of innate guide that leads one through the ambiguous path of meeting the woman and interacting with her. Here we find the Mother archetype, Mother Earth, The Lover, The Sophia or the Wisdom of God from the Gnostic, living beyond the annoying light of the Ego.

The point is that physically attractive ladies have difficulty getting to know men because the men hold them in such high regard, and on such a high pedestal, that they (the men) become tongue-tied and choked on their own adrenaline, and it takes time for the Goddess Image to fade and the human being named Nancy or Katerina to replace it.
So please have patience ladies, he’ll come to his senses. Eventually.

My thanks to Kati Magoon whom I dedicate this paper to. Without her inspiration this effort would never have seen the light of day.
Jon Hassinger, astrological instructor and contributor to Astrolocherry.

Falling in Love- Finn Balor Drabble

As the morning sun rose, gently filling your bedroom with light, you lay still, allowing yourself to wake up from your slumber. You didn’t have to turn around from facing the window to know Finn was awake, his fingers were slowly dancing along the exposed skin that you shirt didn’t cover. He knew you were awake, your breathing wasn’t as deep as it was when you were asleep. Your breathing was long and drawn out, plus subconsciously you were moving closer into his warm chest, an obvious sign of your alertness to Finn. He shifted so he rested on his elbow, moving your hair away from your neck, pressing his lips softly against your skin. His lips felt warm against the exposed skin, making you sigh happily. Causing him to smile, Finn mumbles a good morning while still attached to your skin, choosing to just nuzzle his head against you. You made no response, just basking in the silence and warmth that surrounded the pair of you.

“Do you remember that time we were driving home from a show and our car broke down?”

You hummed in response, not knowing where his train of thought was going, but letting him continue.

“It was pouring down with rain and the tow truck said it would be an hour away and you decided it would be the perfect time to dance”

You giggled at the thought.

“The rain is always the best time to dance Finn”

His laugh was giggled against your neck causing shivers to cascade down your spine.

“It was not the right time to dance Y/N but I watched you get out and twirl around and I couldn’t help but join you. No one was around to stare at us, and you looked gorgeous and the happiest I had ever seen you. You saw me and yelled my name over the heavy rain and wrapped your arms around my neck and that’s when it hit me”

You turned to face him, still confused as to what he was talking about.

“What hit you?”

“When I knew that I was completely in love with you”

You stared straight into his eyes, honesty pooled in his blue eyes. Of course you knew he loved you, you had been together for over 2 years but he had never told you when he knew he loved you, and it made your heart swell.

“I knew from that moment I couldn’t let this crazy, exciting, gorgeous young lady out of my sights. I had feelings for you the moment I met you but seeing you standing in the rain, smiling up at me as we danced like a couple of teenagers, I knew right then that I was falling in love with you by the second. I kissed you and I never wanted to be without you. In that exact moment, everything felt right. It felt strange to be so happy over someone, something that wasn’t wrestling but that made me even more excited to see what we would become. Now I am just the luckiest guy in the world because I get to wake up to the most stunning, loving woman every single morning”

Still stunned, you couldn’t utter a single world. Instead you knew one way you could show your love in this moment. You leaned up, pressing your lips against Finn’s awaiting ones. The kiss was soft, gentle, but it was telling him everything with just your lips touching. You could feel him smiling, his hands moving to pull you closer to him. You pulled away, smiling like a school girl who just kissed her crush. For someone who was hesitant of the ideal of love, if Finn was anything to prove, falling in love was easy if you were lucky enough to find the right person.

more junk about Gregor

* ironically smol

* mess with his family and he’ll break your face

* would scream like a little girl on thrill rides if he rode them

* the over-protective big bro

* once got in a knife fight with his own conscience

* has justifiably concerned parents

* not sure what normal is but knows he ain’t it

* takes like ten years to notice a crush

* has a negative self-preservation stat

* walking existential crisis

* too reckless for his own good

* does what he wants especially if you tell him not to



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

So remember when we were driving, driving in your car, speed so fast I felt like I was drunk — city lights lay out before us, and your arm felt nice wrapped ‘round my shoulder — and I had a feeling that I belonged, I had a feeling that I could be someone.
—  “Fast Car”, Tracy Chapman. ♡

Imagine having a late night video call with Johnny. The sky is dark, you could already see the moonlight shinning through your curtains. Your lamp and laptop were your only light sources. Laying on your side and placing your head on your pillow, he follows your lead. He looked handsome even if he was wearing his pajamas: black shorts and a branded t-shirt. You two begin to talk about your day, what you did, what you ate and everything else in between. You can feel the tiredness overtake you. You yawn as Johnny talks about what Jaehyun did earlier today, but you tried to fight it as much as you could. You could hear Johnny say something, mumble really before you succumb to your sleepiness.
You wake up and you notice your video call is still on. Johnny is sleeping. He still looks handsome regardless. You see that he sent you something on the chat.
“You know you’re cute when you sleep? Just one of the things I love about you.”
You smiled. You knew you loved this boy too much.