lays here not doing homework


Can I request an imagine? A really cute & fluffy one where I and my crush (Jacob)doing homework and end up cuddling Thanks 😙 love your blog sweetie

You sat crisscross on your bed trying to get this stupid trig done. A big test was tomorrow and you were beyond screwed on your math if you didn’t focus. The culprit that was the distraction was y/c. He kept throwing pieces of paper at you like a loser he was.

“Can you not.” You groan at him.

“Y/nnnnnn” He drags your name.“ You’ve been doing homework for 2 hours.”

“And?” You say not getting the hint of annoyance he was having. You never took your eyes off the paper that was on the bed infront of you. One hand was with a pencil and the other was a calculator.

“And… I’ve been laying here nothing to do.”

“Where’s your homework?” You say in a monotonous voice, clearly not paying attention.

“Finished like an hour ago.”

“Cool.” You say still not paying any attention.

“Don’t you love my dress that I wore today?” Y/c says.

“It’s nice.”



“Dress, really?”

“Oh, ha ha. Your funny.” You say in a boring voice.

He groans further more, scooting towards you.“ Do you need help?”

“No, God can you stop being so annoying.”

“You know what? No.” He grabs your textbooks and throws them on the floor. Next he grabs the pencil in you hand and throws it at the wall.

“What the fuck y/c-”

He silences you with him lips as he crashes his lips on to yours, molding them together. He puts his hands on your cheeks pulling you into him as you rest your arms on his.

He pulls lightly on your lips as he release you.“ Babe, you need a break before you go insane.”

“The way you kissed me has already drove me in that direction.” Your voice filled with love and lust all the same time.

“Don’t be cheeky with me.” He pecks your nose then your lips before grabbing hold of you and pulling you towards the head of the bed.

You put your head on his chest while you slowly put one leg up over one of his. He wraps his arms around your torso, bringing you closer to him.

“Nap?” He suggest.

After a long period of silence you speak. “Fine” you say in defeat.

You feel his cheeks turn up as he rest his forehead on yours.

Soon after a while you feel his breathing change indicating he’s fallen asleep, you fall under the sleeping spell feeling at peace for once.

laying here watching her do homework & sing along to a song she dedicated to me. i didn’t think i’d ever be capable of loving another human so much. im going to marry this girl, mark my words.