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Last week of exams

Okay guys I have to tell you. This weekend there will be no pages.

I was gonna do three or so, because I need to study but I can still take breaks and stuff, so I thought I could do some pages.

But the teacher moved the exam to this next SUNDAY.


Uh…. thankfully, there’s just two exams left… I will compensate you guys, I promise. For now, I’ll just lay down and cry for a bit… then I’ll go back to my text book.

ok ok ok ok ok

now that I think I can handle the hubub and it’s died down a bit, thank you everyone so much for the outstanding outpouring of support and excitement for Viridescent Skies!!! I am super touched (and a bit overwhelmed!!) and so, so very glad that everyone enjoyed it so much!!! The reaction was much bigger than I expected, but honestly I am just thrilled everyone enjoyed it! Please treasure my darkside tsundere trashson, Anakin ‘I don’t like that little monster at all :\’ Skywalker!!!!

Thank you everyone who ever reblogged a part of it (whether you added tags or not)!! Without you, I never would have felt encouraged to continue writing it. Thank you everyone who ever sent me asks about it! Without you, I wouldn’t have had some of the ideas I did! It might not have gone in the direction it had! Thank you to everyone who liked and replied to the posts, and who stuck through with the story even if it made you a bit uncomfortable

(no one has said as much, but I’m aware of what I write lol)

because writing does not take place in a void, and all those sparkling stars reminded me that there was something out there in the darkness.

Special mention to @grayjedii , @strunmahmah , @isweariamanadmin , and @ebonykain (who I can’t tag??? for reasons????? wat) who sent me nice messages and encouragement. @likealeafonthewind who has bolstered me with ideas for my various AUs and may have trapped me in Star Wars fandom (I am happy to be here), and also helped me reach a wider audience I would not have without, and @fireflyfish for being nice and also helping me reach that audience and being excited about VS, and also for writing Tano and Kenobi because sometimes I like to read fic to make me excited about writing my own xD (I LOVE IT IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED) @rainglazed FOR BEING SUPER SWEET and drawing fanart!!!! for Viridescent Skies!! because I !!!! am seriously overwhelmed!!!! thank you so much!!!!

There are also so many more people out there that reblogged and commented and tagged on Viridescent Skies than I have mentioned here. I assure you, your encouragement and excitement and wonderful words have been read and treasured and I ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!’ about them and I’m just so pleased!! I have usernames memorized and I re-read the lovely things you said to encourage myself. I am excited!!! that you are excited!!! about Viridescent Skies!!!!!

Without every single one of you, this AU would have languished as that very first part.

I don’t have a set date, but there will be an Episode II of Viridescent Skies because I heckin love this AU and I want to show that my trashson can actually avoid falling entirely to the Darkside, Anakin, thank you: I know you need attachment to be stable and have been denied that at every turn, but please do not depend entirely on your tiny padawan to provide that.

Also because it deals with Sidious and all that fun stuff, it will take a while for me to plan. I am more of an Anakin than a Sidious lmao, so being that sneaky will take me a while to plan out. Thankfully, we have Obi-Wan on the case

(I have to still write Obi-Wan being smart though ohhh my god)

Also the thing I’ve been talking about, Anakin’s Tatooine Trauma, will be on the back burner. I don’t yet have a solid hook for it, but I think it’s important to address. Also it is Suffering, and I dislike writing Suffering (alluding to it is all kinds of fun tho) but yes. I have ideas and I have finished ironing out the kinks, so all I have to do is figure out how to climb into Shmi’s head.

in the mean time, I’m probably gonna work on something else, like the timetraveling vaderwan au, or getula minor which has yet to have a single part posted because I haven’t written it yet Dx

“Need You”

(Image not mine)

Hey love! Can you write a Niall imagine where he is feeling really sick at your guys New Year’s Eve party and he’s being really clingy and quiet which is concerning but eventually he tells you he’s not feeling well & that he’s going to go lay down in your guys room for a bit and a while later you get a text from him saying he needs you because he gets sick in your guys room? Thanks love!! I love your writing

A/N: Here you are! I hope you like it! x

Want an imagine? Inbox me! :)

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: None…

You had already opened the second bottle of liquor that you had bought for the party, seeing that the boys and the other guests drank like fish. You chuckled, Louis throwing around the idea of playing “Spin the Bottle”. You were about to make some sort of comment about how you weren’t in middle school any more, before you felt a hand lace around the middle of your back, and a head on your should.

The familiar blonde haired boy was leaning against you, more so then usual, and you had to place your hand on the countertop next to you to support the extra weight. “Are you okay?” You whispered, looking down at him. When he didn’t answer, you reached over, lifting his face so that he could look at you, and you realized that he had practically fallen asleep resting on your shoulder. “Go sit on the couch, my love,” you mumbled, placing a soft kiss on his forehead, “Ill bring you some tea.”

Niall was never the overly quiet type; he was normally the one that was egging Louis on with just about as much alcohol in his system. Them Irish really knew how to drink. The only time you had seen him this quiet is when he met your father for the first time. Sweat beads pelted from his brow, his fingers laced together in his lap as he sat next to you at the dinner table. You knew the way your dad was acting was just a scare tactic to let Niall know that he would have hell to pay if he messed with his little girl. But all was better at the end of the night when your father said goodbye to him and called him “son”.

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Request : hey I seen that you’re looking for ideas for daryl smut and i though that maybe it would be cool to see a story about daryl being awkward and not knowing what to do cause I’ve not read anything like that yet and that’s the way Norman says he thinks daryl would be so it would be kinda cool to see it idk if you wanted to do that I’d definitely read it 😊

Pairing :  Daryl x Reader

Word Count : 1193

Warnings : Cursing, Smut, Outside sex

Originally posted by theultimateslice

It’s been two weeks since you settled down in Alexandria. Two weeks of showers, food and getting to lay down and relax. Only a bit though, Carol keeps telling you that you’ve finally found a home. Truthfully? You think that’s shit. Something’s happened with every other ‘home’ that you had. The only place you found a home to you anymore, is Daryl. Although, you haven’t quite told him. The way that he is around Carol, you don’t think that will ever happen. You would say some bullshit about hope, but who has that when the world’s gone to shit?

    If it wasn’t for meeting Daryl, within that first year. You probably would’ve just found an escape out of all of this. Probably would’ve stayed at the CDC, going in the fire, if it wasn’t for that heartbroken look Daryl gave you. The only reason you stay with the group is Daryl. The time he went with those ‘bikers’. You were always keeping your distance, but still making sure he was okay. Wherever Daryl is, you are.

    When you arrived here in Alexandria, the last thing you would think to happen, is them giving you houses. You all stayed in one to be safe for the first couple of nights, Rick saying you would attack if needed. He created a plan, one that never went through. He understood you, nothing ever stays the same now. Hershel’s farm and the prison for example, you thought you found home, but here we are again.

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imagine small jikook chibi size where jungkook is few centimeters taller than jimin locked together inside a small glass box

jimin will be tip toeing to kiss jungkook and jungkook pushing him away by pulling his cheeks 

jimin would be running after jungkook and jumping to his back to get a piggyback

once jimin is tired he will lay in the corner and jungkook would pout because jimin attention is no longer on him so he go and pinch the jbooty

when jimin wouldn’t move, jungkook bit his lower lip and lay down next to him while playing whith the back of jimin shirt 

when they are served dinner which is strawberry cake jungkook would take all the strawberries one by one and feed them to jimin 

at the end when they go to sleep jimin put his face on the crook of jungkook’s neck, they cuddle while patting eachothers back till they sleep 


Another headcanon for pregnant!Tina because I’m really a sucker for it. It’s another idea of how Tina delivers her child with Percival (still happening post-film with past GoldGraves, ect… you know the song now):

  • So one very early morning Percival summons Tina to his office. Tina is not in the best of moods since she’s nearing her term and she’s not having the best of nights right now.
  • So here she is, crossing the empty building to get to Percival’s office. She is 100% sure he will ask her about the child.
  • And guess what, she was right.
  • Of fucking course they start fighting because Tina refuses to tell him who is the father.
  • She starts having contractions. Percival starts to panic.
  • Tina is taking none of his bullshit right now and slaps him once or twice.
  • Percival manages, despite his shaking hands and his adrenaline going through the roof, to transform one of the chairs into a divan so Tina can lay down a bit.
  • Tina insults him several time in between her orders and grips his hand so hard she draws blood with her nails.
  • When Picquery arrives at MACUSA, she goes right to Percival’s office because she got state business to discuss and is totally not prepared to see a sweaty and pale-looking Tina Goldstein laying down on a divan (???), wrapped up in blankets and feeding her baby (????!!!!!).
  • Percival arrives just then with a basin of water and a cloth.
  • There is a very long silence.
  • “Madam President, I swear I can explain everything.” is probably the least convincing thing Picquery ever heard from Percival Graves.

          okay,     the     results    on    the    poll    are    in.    it     seems     that     quite     a     few    people    voted     for     jesse,     over     me    revamping    my     oc.     which    i    am     cool    with!     it     was     just     a     thought,     because     again,     i      thought     rpers    in    this     fandom     needed     more     talon     to     deal     with!     to    have    yet    another   villain    causing    chaos     and     evil.    and    who    knows,    maybe    i    will    do    it    at    some    point,    considering     some    replies    i     got,    and     how    many    people     wanted     to     see     raph     bad    again    (  13    is     still    a     considerable    number,    after    all!  )

         buuuut    —————     there     is     another     more    personal     reason.

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Hades #28

Sorry if there’s any errors, I’m not gonna have these beta’d. I’m just going to write as many as I can while i’m feeling motivated. Thanks for the requests that have already been sent it ! We love you guys !!

You listened to Hades groan as he sat up in bed and rubbed his head, trying not to jostle you too much.

“Is this what dying feels like?” He asked quietly, completely serious, and you giggled softly, rolling over to face your handsome boyfriend. You propped your head up on your hand and smiled at him.

“Is this your first hangover?” You teased, sticking your tongue out at him and poking his side. “I mean, I’m not complaining, you were hilarious to watch last night, but I think you overdid it just a bit.”

He groaned again, laying back down and pulling you close to him. He buried his face in your chest and, with a long sigh, he mumbled.

“How drunk was I?”

“Well….” You let the sentence hang for a second, wondering if you were going to tell him, but decided it might as well come from you before the others began to tease him for it. “You finished off a bottle of vodka and flipped off the rain cloud that came through, telling it to go fuck itself.”

You tried, you really tried not to laugh, but you remembered him standing in the courtyard as it started to rain and had expected him to say something about bad luck and misfortune. But when he stuck his middle finger to the air and shouted at the oncoming storm, you were all dying with laughter, so you couldn’t keep a straight face as you thought back on it.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” He replied into your shirt, groaning at the thought of making such a fantastic fool of himself, but you only giggled.

“Nope. Your temperament was much more lively. I’ll have to get you drunk more often.” You continued to tease him as he held onto you and slipped back off to sleep, deciding to sleep the hangover away and forget the night before all together.