Whenever I post a photo of myself I get a handful of people asking how I do my hair so for future reference here are the three things I basically swear by to keep my mohawk fluffed up how I like it;


Uppercut featherweight is a lightweight water-based pomade that goes in like a cream and sets almost like a wax. It’s very sticky when wet but dries to a resilient, light weight matte finish with some pliability for restyling. I usually wash my hair, let it dry and get fluffy, rub a tiny amount of this on my palms and use it to kind if shepherd my hair into place and then let it dry and brush it up to kind of fluff it up again. It is water-based so sweat/rain/flume rides tend to flatten it out, but otherwise it’s the most balanced combination of hold and comfort I’ve found.


Granted I’m not super well versed in different hairspray brands but I will say this much, you get what you pay for with hair spray. I used to get the cans of $5 maximum hold stuff they’d sell at the drugstore and all it would do was make my hair feel hard and coarse (and not hold together the style at all), but as soon as I splurged on a $20 can of Rockaholic it was like WOW OKAY, I GET HAIRSPRAY NOW! It is really good for keeping hair in the shape you put it with a little more bounce and give than other hair sprays I’ve used. I’d say it’s a fluffier hold than the Featherweight, but it’s a little less forgiving to restyling, like if you wear a hat and it gets smushed, sorry, you have smushed hair now. And on that note;


Layrite Superhold is heavier than the spray and the Featherweight and not as tacky as the Featherweight, but it does seem to be the most restylable in my experience? It’s the easiest to comb back into place without looking like a helmet-haired goofball when I ride my bike somewhere. It’s not gonna get you the same airy hold the others do, but it’s stable. It’s also water-based so sweat/rain can do it in but I have found it’s easier to style when you put it in damp hair than the other two.

Some folks asked like weeks ago what I use in my hair and I put off answering because I have like a whole library of hair things that work to varying degrees of success depending on how humidity/ length of my hair/ heat/ alignment of the stars that I was gonna go into, but I figured I’d just do a condensed version of what I’ve been using most lately. This brand of pomade has been working pretty well for me, a little goes a long way and it’s got great hold without being too formidable for my weak delicate useless hairs. It also washes out really easily, so you don’t need to worry about washing your hair with dish soap like you do with some of the more powerful pomades.