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Hey Emma 💛 Do you have any advice for procrastination? I also have a hard time concentrating, what do you do (or think I could do) that would help with that?

Hi! I’ve had a few questions like this recently so I’m just going to answer this one and hopefully anyone who asked a similar question will see it! But on with the answer. I think there is a few different reasons why we procrastinate so I’m going to note those down and give a few tips for each. You can obviously apply any ideas that you like regardless of what section I’ve put them under! 

1. You’ve got poor work/productivity habits. Generally you leave things until the last minute since you “work better under pressure”. (This is so me, omg.) You probably think you’ll do something after you’ve finished something else, and then never do. You get distracted whenever you’re trying to study and will sit waiting to feel motivated but it never comes. For this I’d suggest:

  • create a productive work environment - choose a space where you will actually work without distractions, organise your study space, have everything you need in easy reach. Surround yourself with things you find motivating such as quotes! 
  • write it out - write down a few manageable tasks that you need to do. Writing the actions they require will help you see what you should be doing to complete something, instead of just the overall task. One by one you’ll see yourself getting things done!
  • focus on 20-30 minute periods - generally we lose focus after a while so taking regular breaks can help give you chance to relax and refocus. Apps like Forest allow you to set a timer and will give you off your phone at the same time. Obviously if you’re being productive, don’t suddenly cut that off because it is “time for a break”.
  • use apps/browser extensions to cut out distractions - ones like RescueTime or StayFocusd will block you from checking certain sites.
  • find an accountability partner - pick someone who you can rely on to check on your regularly and see how your tasks are coming along. You can send them your to-do list and then every few hours you can update them with your progress. You won’t want to let them down.
  • use the two-minute rule - if something takes less than two minutes, do it. Don’t make an excuse, just do it. Tasks that are longer you can either delegate or defer. Here is a simple visualisation of what I mean.
  • record your progress - doing a simple “don’t break the chain” in your planner is a great way to see how productive you’re being and therefore get you more motivated to keep it up!

2. You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Everything seems to be mounting up and nothing seems doable. You don’t know where or how to start. For this I’d suggest:

  • find some help - if you’re feeling like this, it is likely you need some help in some form or another. See if a family member, friend, classmate or teacher (or Google) can help or give you a starting point.
  • tell yourself that getting started is the first step - you don’t need to finish a task in a matter of minutes. Start doing something small. Maybe organise what you need, highlight the important bits of your assessment, or draft an essay plan. The secret to getting ahead is getting started!
  • divide and conquer - figure out what is the overall task that you need to do and split it into manageable parts. For instance with an essay the aim is to write it! Divide it into planning out what you want to write, any references you need, summarising a final draft and then writing each paragraph. By dividing bigger tasks into actionable parts you can reduce the obstacles and get through each part in a more timely manner.
  • reward yourself - create a reward system to celebrate completing a selection of tasks. By rewarding your progress you’ll build an incentive to work and reinforce productivity (great for your self-discipline!). 
  • learn to forgive yourself - if you have an off day, that is okay! You can’t expect to see a huge change in a short amount of time. Remember to come back to it later and try again.
  • don’t over schedule - if you’re feeling pressure from the amount of work and then the added pressure of trying to stick to a time limit, you’re just going to go crazy. Set yourself flexible times to get something done instead of being heavily structured. Give yourself time for a break and the ability to change tasks.
  • stick with one task - it can be so tempting to multitask but try not to. Try to keep focus on the what you’re doing until it is done. If you struggle with that, you could write down anything useful that you randomly think about for another task, use a break-time to think about that other task or alternate between subjects/tasks every few hours.

3. You’re a perfectionist. You either don’t want to start something out of fear you won’t get it right or you can stuck on stuck on the small details. There is a pressure to achieve “perfection”. For this I’d suggest:

  • focus on getting started, instead of finishing - it is easy to get overwhelmed thinking about what something is supposed to be like finished if you’re a perfectionist. Take things one step at a time.
  • remember that your perfectionist tendencies aren’t actually improving your work or productivity but hindering you - you’re continually setting yourself unrealistic objects and (like me) probably feel let down by yourself if you don’t reach them. Be realistic and focus on getting it done!
  • accept mistakes - you’ve written something wrong, don’t panic! Cross it out with a single line and move on. Things happen and you have to accept it. You can’t rip up the page every time you do something wrong, even if it is so tempting.
  • put things in perspective - is what you’re beating yourself up about right now going to mean anything in a week, a month, a year? Be honest if it isn’t, is it really worth putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • praise yourself through the process - try not to criticise yourself but recognise your progress. 

4. You’re wanting to do something else. You find whatever you’re doing boring. You want it to be over with but don’t want to get started. The ultimate catch 22, right? For this I’d suggest:

  • remember that putting it off isn’t going to make it go away - if you leave it too long you’ll end up getting more stressed about it. Best to get it over with. 
  • plan from the get-go - once you know something is coming up (e.g. a test, an assessment, etc) make notes on it! That could be questions, annotations, potential topics, citations, etc. By making the effort to spend time reading through, you’ll save your future self some stress. Especially if it’s a topic you have forgotten. That way your notes act as a reminder so you can get started.
  • set a finish time with a reward - tell yourself that if you finish something by and then you can do something else. Use your self-discipline to not go back on this. Set a realistic time and try to get it complete before. If you can think that you’re doing something fun once it is completed, you’ll be more motivated to get it done.
  • make a structure - for note-taking, it can be overwhelming looking at a textbook and thinking what you’re going to write out. Make a note-taking layout/colour code that works for you and that subject. Mine is here - it just give me an idea of how I’d lay everything instead of going in with no action plan. 
  • try to make it fun - this could be using YouTube to learn or starting a study group. Use different methods for memorising information such as flashcards, mindmaps or study guides (like question/answer).
  • make the effort to refocus - if you’re finding something boring and you’re unfocused, walk away for 5 minutes, get a drink and come back. If you’re really struggling, change topics for a while. Find a point where you can finish and start doing something else that is productive. 
  • listen to some music - generally music without lyrics are best for focusing. Spotify has a great playlist for studying called ‘focus’. However I find my regular music good for getting me a little more motivated and awake. I also like writing essays to music because I weirdly sort of type in the same rhythm. Funny study hack I’ve found that works for me haha! 

I hope that is useful! I must have copied and pasted my whole answer like 5 times just incase my tab reloaded and I lost everything, luckily not! You should also check out this post for smaller motivation tips and tricks! xx


Meet [A.I.] Astella.EX 

I know I promised to release a theme, but well, this one has been under wraps for almost a year now, so it’s about time I got to polishing it up and finishing it! Tada, yukoki’s new blog theme!

I still love the celestial theme (and background!) from the previous theme, so many of its elements still remain… BUT! Instead of that sleek sliding transition, now we have one that is… Based like a typical RPG store huehue. Astella is my OC (Yes the graphics are original) and she’ll be your navigator through my blog :>


  1. Master container-style navigation window that opens automatically
  2. Visit many different pages – FAQ, Resources, Codes, Blog posts – All without refreshing any pages!
  3. Blog content in full screen for maximum visibility
  4. A hella lot of cool transitions!!! (I’m serious, visit and play around hehe)
  5. qt pie astella who’s modelled after me
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hello i am back and finally have another design for you all

i noticed a severe lack of star wars qr codes and i am here to combat that. starting with finn/poe’s jacket from TFA! named finn since it has the shirt finn wore with it, i didn’t think the villager could do poe’s majestic open shirt justice. sorry mayor.

enjoy! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

edit: i’ve made a lot more star wars qrs, see them here!

“Play it again Epsilon.

You sure? I’m not sure how healthy this is, Sis.

…Just play it again.”

House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page. 

Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic


His footfalls were rapid and without falter, as he made his way through the rows of what could only be described as chambers, each one eight foot tall, three foot wide and occupied. His breath would have been puffs of smoke in the air if he too was not as cool as the room he was in. To any other, the Cryogenic room would have been too cold to bear without adequate insulated clothing, but to Loki, it was as though it a spring day, he knew it was cold, he was no fool, there was ice everywhere, but he did not feel it. He paid little heed to the numbers and letters that donned the top of each chamber until finally, he came to the one he had read about, Subject 142RC-87F He looked at the ice-filled chamber and his brows raised. “You are younger than I expected, but that has its advantages.” He stated as he waved a hand and the icy air filtering into the machine ceased. “I doubt you will be too keen to defrost here,” he looked around for another moment. “I hope you do not get teleportation sick.” He grinned before touching the icy machine and teleporting it away.

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Time Management Tips

Short answer?

There isn’t a foolproof method to finding a balance, but there are a lot of things you can do that can make your life a whole lot easier to manage.

Get a Planner!

I don’t care if it’s a regular book planner, or an electronic planner, or you use the calendar on your phone, but in order to remember everything you possibly need to do whether it’s homework due dates, work times, or get togethers with friends, you need to be organized and you need a planner. Life is hectic, and by putting something down in a planner you have it there to look back on, and it gives your brain a mental reminder.

Make a schedule:

Designate certain times for certain tasks or work. Layout a color coded schedule and leave time for breaks, unexpected tasks, or just goofing off.

Work ahead

Work on things that are due two days later as if they are due tomorrow and keep it up (so if something is due on Friday, finish it on Wednesday). It’s hard to get on this schedule, so start early and do things ahead of time, but once you do, keep it up and you’ll find yourself with a lot less stress and ready for the unexpected things life can throw at you.

Don’t just work on one task; work on multiple things

I know it seems counterintuitive, but sometimes you can get sick of doing 40 math problems in a row (sarcasm), and you tend to slow down when this happens. To keep yourself engaged stick between different things. Do some math and when you get sick of it, do some English, and when you get sick of that, do your history reading. Rinse and repeat! Hey, it worked for Rory!

Reward yourself!

Motivate yourself by giving yourself a reward for completing something. Treat yourself with a YouTube video you love, a treat (cookies always work for me), or just simply taking a nap. It’s up to you. Just don’t let yourself go crazy.

I wanted to do the Edge of Seventeen tag by @alwaysimming but with a twist. Using my selfsim as the victim. 

Let’s flashback to 2006 where i was one of those myspace kids who listened to screamo and pop punk, had really bad bleached hair, and was into rockabilly style. I had just started coding myspace profile codes and layouts. Was friends with a few people who got their start on mysapce, but just like oil and water - they don’t mix. Wasted my nights playing The Sims 2 and World of Warcraft. And that sums up my life at seventeen :) 



i jumped on the bio-editing bandwagon (i didn’t really do much to anyone whose bio i hadn’t already done but the current layout stuff floating around has introduced me to COLUMNS which i did not previously realise were possible in bbcode so… basically i Moved Stuff Sideways.)

and then i thought Buffy’s column-of-stuff looked a little short.

and it’s too bad there’s no gender-change scrolls because even though i wouldn’t actually change Buffy (how could she and Maggie have baby fictionals then) it would be kind of appropriate

and then i thought ‘screw what the site actually has i already figured out how to make item-sized item-shaped images and i’ve still got that chunk of colour-swatch code floating around from those client previews a few months back i shall make a new item for Buffy.’

and then i spent three hours learning the difference between 'how canvas actually works when it comes to dynamically-generated striped not-quite-rectangular shapes’ and 'how i think canvas works’ and yes i’m aware it would have been much faster to just photoshop it but hey i learned new shit totally worth it

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how did you add the faq thing over your askbox without adding an extra new page in your htmls for it? Like it still stays on your theme instead of going to a new page, its nice

add a new page, change from standard layout to custom layout, and paste this code in also make sure to change ‘’ to your url and you should be good to go!

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Hi! I just wanted to ask where you got your tumblr theme from/who made it? It's so cute!! >w<

Hi! I’m currently using a premium theme called ‘Baxter’ from Stylehatch!

I heavily modified the code and layout to fit my preferences♥
The link slider at the top is a jQuery plug-in I slipped in – it’s called OwlCarousel and it’s a pretty clean plugin to use :3c

Thank you so much! ♥