Yup… She did really do that… #craycray #friend #laynee

Your name is LAYNEE COOPER. 

While you don’t have that much of an interest in PALEONTOLOGY you are driven by some primal desire to continue your hobby. You’re not really sure when you started TALKING TO YOURSELF but you do it all the time- usually to respond to these weird VOICES only you can hear. You have found as of late that you DON’T REALLY LIKE ANYTHING, which would make you sad, but you are too busy being PANICKY, INTROVERTED, and generally, a NEUROTIC BASKETCASE.

You have found yourself incapable of ENJOYING much of your life as of late, but that may be because of the constant feeling of BEING WATCHED that you experience daily. 

If you would have to pick something you do enjoy, it would have to be making PLUSH TOYS, particularly those of LONG DEAD creatures from the FOSSILS you dig up obsessively. you enjoy making a GALLERY of sorts of the bests that you find.

Your trolltag is tormentedArchaeologist and you don’t like talking much and tend to trail off….

sometimes you freeze up  :’&….

When you’re hard pressed to talk, you can lose control sometimes and P̱̈̆ͥ̈́͊̊͒͢erhaps that may b̭̞͉̺͉̞ͧ̉̊e why your conversations end so S̯̲̖͗͋͟͠O̪͍̱̹̞̘͊̽̓̏ͅͅÕ̋̔͌͗͗̑ͩN̴̥̠̰͉̐ͬͪ̔̋ͣ.

What will you do?

anonymous asked:

If they're in the mini company, which of their dancers are in the junior company? Club is so confusing to me haha

Haha it’s ok Club’s companies are a bit confusing. Their juniors have dancers like Taryn Bee, Claire Glessner, Laynee Hahn, Ava Check, Sophie Simas, Emma Harris, Chevelle Heller, Kelsey Millar, etc. Hope this helps!