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Band member guide by my dad

Chris Cornell: “Oh no. He needs a wash!”

Jerry Cantrell: “No I don’t like the look of him. Nup.”

Anthony Kiedis: *frowns* “Again, dirty.”

Kurt Cobain: “Sometimes, yeah. He’s cute.”

Matt Cameron: “Oh, he’s alright!”

Jeff Ament: *takes a while* “Hmmmmm. No I don’t think so.”

Jeff Ament round 2: “Now yes. He’s alright.” *more recent photo* “and still alright!”

Dave Grohl: “No. He looks like Angelina Jolie. Big lips. Yuck. Mind you, I like Angelina Jolie.”

Layne Staley: “Yes. He’s cute.” *dreadlock photo* “OH NO.”

Mike McCready: “Ugh, no.” *recent photo* “Good now though!”

Mark Arm: “Now he’s just not attractive. Eddie’s better. Eddie Better hehe.”

Stone Gossard: “Oh no. He’s got funny looking eyes.”

Though he may sing in another voice and show his talent through someone else’s eyes, Layne Staley lives on. Even if those don’t choose to believe we can reincarnate, I choose to believe one day I will walk down the street and meet eyes with Layne again. If you choose not to believe this, know that Layne’s spirit does reincarnate every time one of his songs is played or his voice is heard.
—  John Frusciante