layne staley 90's

Layne “Mother Fuckin” Staley, Seattle’s rain soaked, saw dusted, fish smelling 90’s angst in one person. In one LEGEND. We lost you 15 years ago today, to a drug that’s continued to plagued our rain slicked streets since. You put raw, powerful, and uncensored emotion into songs that would build a legacy to live long beyond your physical days. From Nutshell to Bleed The Freak, you graced us with an outlet for all of our hate, and sorrow and pain. You put words to feelings that aren’t accepted by the masses. With a middle finger to the sky you succumbed to harshest disease of them all. Your music has touched millions, me being one of them. You helped me through more than I could have bored you talking about. I guess the point of this is to say thank you, and Rest In Peace you Angsty Angel.