Here in my little corner of England we don’t have any comic book stores. Well, none that really keep their comic books up to date like they do in the states. However, we have an American military base that has a book store/newsstand and one section is just for comic books. It’s a limited selection, but they keep the ones they carry up to date quite well.

For the past 3 weeks they’ve been doing inventory & haven’t been restocking some items, including the comic books! So we’ve had NO NEW COMIC BOOKS in over 3 weeks! Today I went to check with absolutely no hope of finding the situation changed (I’ve literally checked every day except Fridays when I don’t ever go on base.) & much to my surprise THERE WERE NEW COMIC BOOKS!! Layla was especially excited to see Batgirl so we hurried to buy it & read it in the car (well done, Gail Simone, it was absolutely brilliant!) without even bothering to buy what we actually went into the store to buy (candy.)

I picked Layla up from school today & as we were walking out the kids that stay all day were lined up for lunch. Among them was the little boy who used to tease her for wearing “boy” clothes to school, but now thinks she’s quite brilliant for liking superheroes. As he saw Layla and I about to walk past he tugged on his friend’s arm and said, “See that girl? She likes Batman!” To which the other boy responded “COOL!!!” and then they watched Layla as she walked out the gate. 

At first my heart swelled with pride & then I thought “Shit! I’m going to have to start beating boys off with a stick soon! No dating until 16!”