layla the courier


I was thinking of this post all day and I could have sworn it was on ALC but no joy. In fact the only record I could find of it ever existing was via some detective work on pookie02‘s blog! (but the formatting was all wrong and weird so I didn’t want to reblog it)


The song it’s based on can be found here:

Splickedy and I wrote a NaNoWriMo together a long time ago.  We never finished it, which is just as well because it was kind of bad?  But I’m still really attached to a lot of things about it, especially the characters!

From left to right: Fexel Hills, socially awkward and easily frightened professional courier; Layla, devious unwilling mobster; Luka, professional violent jerk who would rather Layla stop insisting he’s like a brother to her; and Shou, motherly land-pirate whose hat is very precious to her.

The dude down in the bottom left corner is technically Don Falco, but he’s since been re-designed so…ignore how he looks?  He has water powers and kills people with them on a regular basis.

layla-granville  asked:

What do you do if one of your frumentarii foul up a plan?

In such a situation, I would not hesitate to have them killed. But they will not be lucky enough to earn the right of a swift death. No. The men need to learn the gravitas of the Legion’s cause. If they become weak, then the Legion becomes weak. And we can’t have that now, can we? The one who has created a crack in the framework of the Legion will be slowly skinned until their body is nothing more that a mass of exposed, pink flesh oozing blood and liqour puris. And the rest of the men? They will watch. They will watch and learn from the mistakes of their, comrade. They will watch as he is hung from a cross for all to see his pitiful heaving frame and hear his desperate wails for mercy. But they will know better than to show him mercy. If he was truly worthy of the Legion’s mercy, then he would have died honorably in the service of the Legion rather than deserving the humiliation for bring it ruin.

Weakness must be eliminated. The men have learn this lesson well under my tutelage.