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Give me the Layla and Warren conspiracy theories

Okay, listen up. First off, we have this rumor off of the TV Tropes website:

It’s since been taken down and isn’t exactly damning in and of itself, but bear with me.

A lot of the characters’ names in this movie mean something; of the central characters, there’s the Warren Peace pun, the obvious Will Stronghold, and Gwen Grayson, which a lot of people have pointed out may be a combination of Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and DC superhero Dick Grayson. The only main character’s name that doesn’t seem to mean anything is Layla Williams, which is weird considering she’s the female lead, and notably similar to supervillain Poison Ivy, whose alter ego is Pamela Lillian Isley, originally Dr. Lillian Rose, so they totally could have gone in that direction.

Now, remember the scene where they’re going through Steve and Josie’s old high school yearbook?

When they get to the picture of Warren’s father Barron Battle, Steve says “Always swore he’d have his revenge on me. And he totally stole the lead in Oklahoma!” and judging from Will and Josie’s reactions he still brings this up a lot.

Oklahoma! is a famous play in which the main storyline revolves around the male lead, Curly McLain, trying to convince the female lead, Laurey Williams, to acknowledge her affections for him. Spoiler alert: he succeeds and at the end of the play they get married.

Laurey Williams.

Layla Williams.

They just called her Layla because no one names their kid Laurey anymore (no offense to anyone named Laurey), and this is clearly foreshadowing Warren and Layla getting together: Warren’s father “stole” the lead in Oklahoma!, a role centered on a romance with Laurey Williams, from Will’s father; ergo Warren was going to “steal” Layla from Will in a future film.

To make the evidence even more damning, the secondary storyline in Oklahama! follows a guy called Will Parker and his quest to marry this girl Ado Annie. He doesn’t look twice at Laurey. I rest my case.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that is just another one of those million weird coincidences that show up way too often in a medium where creators always claim they actually think about this stuff, OR

it’s. foreshadowing. Prove me wrong.


Fairy Tail Chapter 528 Review

So if people have been keeping up I’ve been spoiling this chapter today and boy was I not happy because this chapter my god.

I really like this cover image. I love the new art style of Erza’s first ever armor and I like the touch that Gray and Erza are front and center because in volume 3 it’s the same thing with them on the cover.

So we open on Acnologia stepping on Irene’s corpse which is still kinda amusing because yeah that Irene stuff still is a pain in the ass.

I guess Wendy would know it’s Acnologia because smell more than power but hey this is leading to the where the shit hits the fan.

Yup Jellal is back. Look a lot of people were happy to see hi back but here’s the problem I have. How? No seriously this will be a running theme about bad moments in this chapter and it’s how? We don’t know how Jellal got here, now people will say that scene against august where he said he’d protect Erza but there’s not a scene of him getting up or anything like that it’s just lazy. He comes out of nowhere without any foreshadowing.

So that was my frustration, how are you here? August left you in a ditch. we never saw you get up or anything like that. You just thought of Erza and that was it. But here’s the thing I’ve always said is Jellal’s greatest problem, he is always forced into an arc haphazardly but this arc lacks that because it’s war, it affects everyone. Also, it’s war against Zeref the character you wanted to fight since the timeskip. Also here’s my biggest problem, where are the oracion Seis? Because it seems you left them behind, that is very wrong, you are basically the guild master crime sorciere but you abadoned your guild to save Erza, which I understand is the wwoman you love but shouldn’t your priorities be focused on your team. Or hell just bring them along, it actually would help make sense because Cobra could hear where erza is.

anyway back to the story…

So Jellal attacks for several pages and…

Acnologia shows why you don’t fuck with Acologia. But again just wait it gets better…

Oh no. Yup people Acnologia eats all magic.Which is kinda cool until we’ve seen this all ready. Irene with Deus Zero and August with his negation, all these final bosses have something to do with “your magic is ineffective against me” it just seems lazy.

And best scene of the chapter. No I’m serious. Wendy is deciding that she is the one who must fight Acnologia because it’s her job as a Dragon Slayer. This is amazing to see that little girl who hid from fighting is now facing the big bad herself. This is what a final arc is, the joy of watching that development come through.

Little problem I have is Erza is concerned but Jellal is and why does Jellal care about Wendy? That was Mystogan who cared. I know Wendy brought him back but they’ve barely established a connection and yet there are times he’s worried about her which makes no sense giving they haven’t made a reason for it other than “you revived me”. I guess he’s concerned in a base sense but still, it feel like it comes from nowhere.

Oh god. This was a moment where I was like “THAT SO COOL” but then I remember it was shot down by Wahl Icht, how it it back, how is Ichiya there? I guess universe one moved him but did he fix this ship? It just doesn’t make sense. Where did it come from.

Okay first off I wasn’t mad that Christina could hold off Acnologia, we saw Makarov in Titan form tank it but why Isn’t shooting it? Why? Even if it’s a fast ship, it’s big, Acnologia could shoot it down.

Second, we need to “lead it to a certain place” we can beat Acnologia. Well, now you are straight up ripping off Rave Master because to defeat Endless he had to be lured into star memory. Also this place where Acnologia may be defeated, never brought up before.

And finally this new character appears, Oh boy with the text putting emphesis on “KEY” you know it’s a celestial wizard and one that could know about Acnologia, it might be Anna Heartfilia. OH WHAT BULLSHIT IF THAT IS TRUE! We don’t know anything about Anna, who is she, no actual alluding to the possibility she came to the future. Did she cross the eclipse gate? That is again bullshit if true. This means nothing, you just pulled this out of your ass. Yes we’ve talked about Anna and what she did but again WHO IS SHE?

But some people have pointed out that because of the hairy and how Anna didn’t have bangs that framed her face it could be Layla… WHAT THE FUCK, THEN? If there one character who had been established to be dead this whole series just to come back as a deus ex machina, what a load of crap. Plus with the next chapter called teacher and we know Layla had students, it could be her. And like Anna, no build up prior.


Post Chapter Follow up: Ugh this chapter was not good. I know a lot of people thought I’d hate this chapter because Jellal showed up but that wasn’t my problem. My problem with all of those scenes I bitched about had no foreshadowing, at all. Jellal maybe thinking about Erza but even then, not enough at all. The Christina is back, HOW? New character that may be Layla or Anna, HOW? There’s a place where Acnologia can be defeated, HOW? None was built up, scenes like these lose weight because they weren’t built uo, they rely on the amount of shock value and rise it gets out of you. For this chapter to be liked, you have to be sitting there and just keep saying “FINE” FINE” “FINE” to everything thrown at you and that’s not good story telling.

Okay so Acnologia is this all slayer which again builds up there’s no way to beat him other than dragon slayers. But, you add in this place we’ve never been introduced or alluded to. 5 dragon slayer that can beat Acnologia that was the plan you had to mess with it didn’t you hiro?

Also, I know a lot were happy to see Jellal but her’s my question, why is he fighting Acnologia? It’s been built sense the timeskip he’d fight Zeref but this wasn’t built up at all, other than Erza was there.

So any positives? Well… Yes. Wendy’s moment is amazing, she has come far. It’s always good to see development acknowledged. She’s probably the most developed character in this chapter.

Also Acnologia is still on point. He’s taking everything Jellal has and just laughing it off. It’s nice to see him not treated as less. Also I was Glad to see Erza not do something. She shouldn’t be able to given her condition fro just recovering.

Ugh this is the part where I pass final verdict but before I do, I want to say we don’t have much time left for FT. I think we may have only 15-20 chapters left maybe less. And I want all of them to be great but no more like these, Hiro, please this is what you leave people with, it’s time to buckle down and really try. Because this climax could be awful if you stay the course.

Final Verdict: 3/10

  • Foreshadowing “what’s that”
  • Below average pacing
  • Just all around not fulfilling

@drawacloud asked:

My story is a pirate rebellion in space with magic. (I have a lot of parts to this question because I want to try my diddleydarn hardest to make my autistic character, Layla, accurate)

What does having bad general movement (I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact wording for it) mean exactly? Their fine movement is good but I don’t think they are very good with not Tripping up over things.

They are also nonverbal and use the echo thing to talk with the team. Does this kind of being nonverbal (I apologise if this is the wrong way to put it ) often affect writing skills?

One of the characters is new to the team and asks Layla’s best friend Navette why Layla is “odd” ( it should be noted that he is an alien that isn’t used to humans and how they work) Navette has inability to understand general social this thing is seen as wrong and doesn’t even think that Layla does anything weird “well sometimes I don’t want to talk too” or “everyone fiddles around with stuff I’ll tell you one time…(In reference to stimming) would an ok discription of autism by someone who probably doesn’t even know what it is be “Layla just runs a little bit different. They don’t talk much and God forbid if you turn on the light if you don’t warn them but they’re the best damn navigator we have”?

(The last one got a bit rambly)
Thank you very much for making this blog I’ve wanted for a very long time to write an autistic character but I could never get the right kind of information I needed. Thanks :oD

@scriptautistic answered:

Hi, it’s really great that you are trying to represent your character’s autism accurately. There are lots of parts to your question, so I’ve broken up my answer:

Motor skills

I am interpreting “bad general movement” as “poor gross motor skills” (let me know if I’ve got that wrong!)
Having problems with your gross motor skills means that you struggle with activities that use large muscle groups or the whole body. This is often described as being generally clumsy, and as you said, can make a person more likely to trip over things. Your character may have other problems associated with poor gross motor skills. For example:

Problems with balance - this might affect skating, cycling, standing on one leg, walking on uneven ground, balancing on a bar or platform

Problems with coordination - this might affect running (if they often end up tripping over their own feet), hitting things (for example hammering), kicking things, and catching

These are all just very general ideas - how your character is affected will depending on how developed their gross motor skills are.

Echolalia and language skills

I don’t have any statistics about the link between echolalia and writing skills. Your character may have difficulties with writing, or may not - it’s up to you. Writing and speaking are both complicated processes that require many skills, and Layla may have problems with skills needed for speaking, but not for writing (for example timing or intonation), or they may have problems with skills needed for both (for example language processing or putting ideas into order). Even if they have difficulties with skills needed for writing, they may still be able to do this, but it will be hard work for them.

As a side note - other people might have difficulties understanding Layla’s echoes, but if the team knows Layla well and are good listeners they may have learnt to interpret their echoes. On the other hand, a new person joining the team might struggle to communicate with them, either because they can’t interpret the significance of a delayed echo*, or because they haven’t learnt how to communicate with someone with immediate echolalia**

Which leads us on nicely to…

Describing autism

“Layla just runs a little bit different. They don’t talk much and God forbid if you turn on the light if you don’t warn them but they’re the best damn navigator we have”

This might not answer the newbie’s questions, but it works as a way of essentially saying “there’s nothing wrong with them, now can you get off my back and let me get back to work?”

If Navette is trying to be helpful but is just a bit oblivious, he might not have realised what information might be helpful for Newbie to have - he’s mentioned needing to warn Layla before turning on the lights, but there may be other things that Newbie needs to know. As I said above, if Navette is used to talking with Layla using echolalia, he might not realise how difficult Newbie finds it to understand Layla’s echoes. I am sure there are other things that Navette sees as completely normal that a newcomer might need explaining.

I’m very glad that you enjoy the blog. Good luck with your story!

-Mod Snail

*Delayed echolalia - the individual repeats speech that was heard before and is repeated after a delay
**Immediate echolalia - the individual “echoes” the speech immediately

Watch out for a masterpost about echolalia coming your way!

I’m so sore and tired from yesterday which means awesomeness!

So yesterday one of the last rides I did I fell off the two person raft and when I got dropped into the pool my friends elbow hit me hard in the face.

I couldn’t completely shut the left side of my mouth yesterday because it was so sore. GREAT news is that all is well this morning. 😀😀

Today I may take Layla to a dog park or I may go be a bum pool side.

What are your plans today?

ANGEL.   I will use these three hours I have left of the morning to try and do drafts… I really miss doing things with my muses and I need to organize myself to have time for them and also time to work on my own projects.

Also remember that I have a Natsu, Happy and a Layla in case you want to send them things and interact with them!! ♥

have started shopping around for Christmas presents, and am now torn because Wilko has a cute little toddler tool kit, complete with little plastic hammer and screwdriver and spanners and whatnot, and part of me really, really wants to get it for my little niece…

…but part of me also knows that if I put a toy hammer into Layla-May’s hand, she will use it to wallop anyone who comes near her - not out of any kind of malice, but out of two-year-old exuberance and the sheer joy of possessing something specifically designed for hitting things with

and frankly, she’s dangerous enough already with the little reflex hammer in her toddler medical kit!

So, hypothetically, if Juvia were to end up being the river spirit Eridanus, I have a headcanon.

So, Juvia goes missing one day and nobody knows where to find her. 

Apparently, she does this once every five years to keep herself alive in the human world, but she never remembers disappearing. Everyone is making a fuss looking for her when Loki appears at the guild. He asks what all the commotion is about and Lucy informs him that Juvia is missing. He knows exactly where Juvia is, but wasn’t sure if Aquarius was ready for anyone to know about this yet. He told her that she should probably have a talk with Aquarius. Lucy didn’t understand what Aquarius had to do with anything, but she did as suggested and summoned her from the river outside her apartment. Aquarius arrived and commented on the icky lake water. Lucy apologized and asked about Juvia and why Loki would suggest that she talk to her about her disappearance. Aquarius cursed Loki, but decided it was probably about time to come clean. Aquarius informed Lucy of her time with Layla and how she may or may not have had a thing with one of the men on the Heartfilia staff. The guy turned out to be very untrustworthy after Juvia was born and wanted to exploit Juvia as an oddity because she was part human, part spirit. Aquarius would have none of it and for a while kept Juvia in the spirit world, but Juvia wasn’t cut out for the spirit world because she wasn’t fully spirit. Her body worked like a human despite her magic ability and place among the stars. Aquarius had no choice but to send Juvia to stay on Earthland. Layla knew someone trustworthy on Jude’s side of the family and sent Juvia to live there, telling her that the man was her uncle. Before sending her off, Aquarius had her memories changed so that she wouldn’t remember her or the spirit world. She just wanted her to live a normal life. She knew that Juvia would have to return every now and then to survive, and she would naturally. And every time before Juvia returned to Earthland, Aquarius would tamper with her memories. It pained her to do so, of course, but she just wanted what was best for Juvia. She was so glad to see that Juvia had found Lucy at the tower. It was hard not to say anything, but she knew as long as Juvia was in Fairy Tail, she was in good hands. However, there was the matter of Juvia’s key. Aquarius had entrusted it to Layla to be sure that nobody would ever find it. Layla had it hidden before her passing, but Now that Lucy knew, Aquarius knew that Juvia would need to know now as well. Aquarius asked Lucy to find Juvia’s key and give it to her. If Juvia decided to make a contract with Lucy, the choice was hers, but she didn’t want anyone else to have her daughter’s key. Lucy swore she would find it. Juvia returned a day later and had retained her memories this time. Aquarius finally came clean and this time she didn’t tamper with Juvia’s memories. Juvia and team Natsu set out to find Juvia’s key, but after the second week on the search, Juvia disappeared in a bright glowing blue light right before their eyes. Gray tried to reach for her, but Natsu smacked his hand away. When Gray asked what the hell that was about, Natsu told him that he would suffocate in the spirit world because he wasn’t wearing celestial clothing. Can’t do much if you’re dead. Lucy summoned Aquarius and Aquarius confirms that someone has found Juvia’s key after all of these years. Lucy asks how and Aquarius informs Lucy that Juvia’s key was dormant until she accepted who she was. When she embraced her spirit half, her key activated and moved itself to a new location, much like when Aquarius’ key had when it regenerated, only Juvia’s wasn’t new, it was activating. Lucy asked if this was why Aquarius had them looking for it. She said that it was, because this is exactly what she knew would happen. She told Lucy to find Juvia, kick that wizard’s ass and get her daughter back. The wizard would probably try to keep Juvia in the celestial world and she can’t live like that. Lucy agreed that she would not lose. After over a week of searching and intel from Aquarius, they find the wizard and kick his ass from here to Edolas, winning Juvia back fair and square. Juvia thanks them and Lucy gives Juvia her own key, but then takes Gray’s hand and puts it over the key in Juvia’s. She says that Gray is no celestial wizard, but even so, she couldn’t imagine a safer place for her. Juvia asks if Lucy is sure, and even offers to make a contract with her. Lucy says there is no need because she knows Juvia has her back no matter what. She doesn’t need a contract for that. After that, Gray wears Juvia’s key around his neck with his cross. 

Of course I managed to wiggle Gruvia in there. 

This is me, here. Lol

bardofheartdive  asked:

May I have #1, #4, and #18 for Layla please? (Just like you asked for Veerla. 😉)

Thanks for asking!!

1. What’s their full name, how’s it pronounced, and what does it mean?

Layla [middle name unknown, I keep thinking I should settle on one but I never do] Shepard. “Layla” means night (coming from Hebrew and Arabic), and “Shepard” means, well, sheep-herder…

4. Give three of their strengths and three of their weaknesses.

Strengths: curious, pragmatic, adventurous 

Weaknesses: self-doubting, overly reserved, not great at processing her own emotions

18. If they were a superhero, what powers would they have?

The power to disappear and make people forget that she was ever there.

Imagine Zayn Malik

Pedido: Por favor, faz um do zayn que eles tem filhos e uma das crianças diz que odeia a (S/N) e o zayn faz o filho pedir desculpas e falar que ama ela… Você faz???

Ficou grande, ficou, mas eu gostei bastante do resultado do 1s, e desculpem pelo comprimento!


Era quase meio dia, o almoço já estava pronto, faltava só buscar as crianças na escola. Deixei a mesa arrumada, peguei minha bolsa, as chaves do carro e sai pela porta de casa trancando-a em seguida, e indo em direção ao carro. Entrei, dei partida e segui em direção á escola. 

Depois de uns quinze minutos cheguei em frente da escola, sai do carro já avistando minha mais nova, Layla, que quando me viu veio correndo em minha direção me abraçando, tive que me agachar para ficar da sua altura, pois ela tinha apenas 4 anos.

 - Mamãe, olha o que eu fiz pra você! - disse ela sorrindo e esticando seus bracinhos em minha direção para mostrar o desenho de um coração escrito “eu te amo” que havia feito - Nossa filha, que lindo! - disse eu dando um beijo em sua testa, Layla adorava desenhar e pintar e para uma criança de 4 anos ela desenhava muito bem, deve ter puxado o talento do pai. 

- Mamãe, o papai chega hoje de viagem? - perguntou ela. - Chega sim filha, porque? - perguntei - É que… eu to com muita saudade dele. - disse ela chorosa. - Não fica assim filha, mais tarde quando o papai voltar você vai poder dar um abraço bem forte nele! - eu disse abraçando-a. - Ah, é? - perguntou ela sorrindo enquanto saia do abraço. - Aham, vai poder dar um abraço bem forte e enche-lô de beijos! - disse dando um beijo estalado em sua bochecha macia. 

Foi ai que me toquei…

- Filha, onde esta seu irmão? - perguntei, pois eles sempre saiam juntos. - Não sei mamãe. - disse ela enquanto retirava da mochila seus materiais de desenho. Antes que eu pudesse achar estranho o fato de Erick não ter saído com Layla, meu celular começa a tocar, e ao olhar o visor estava escrito “numero desconhecido”, atendo.

Ligação On

 - Alô? 

 - Alô? A senhora é (S/N) Malik? Mãe de Erick Jawaad Malik?

 - Sim sou eu!

 - Bom aqui quem fala é a diretora do colégio onde seu filho estuda, precisamos que você venha para minha sala imediatamente!

 - Claro! Estou a caminho, algum problema? 

 - Bom, digamos que precisamos conversar sobre o comportamento escolar de Erick.

 - Oh… entendo, estou indo!

Ligação Off

E agora, em que confusão Erick se meteu?

Peguei na pequena mãozinha de Layla e me dirigi até a sala da diretora. Finalmente depois de muito andar pelos corredores da escola, cheguei em frente a porta da sala da diretora. Bati na porta.


Ao entrar na sala pude avistar a diretora com uma cara séria olhando para um menino sentado numa cadeira em frente á sua mesa, cuja os cabelos eram pretos e formavam um pequeno topete. Era Erick…

- Bom dia, a senhora deve ser a mãe de Erick.

- Sim… o que esta acontecendo? - perguntei me sentando em uma cadeira disponível ao lado de Erick e colocando Layla em meu colo.

- Bom, vou ser bem direta… Erick deu um soco em um colega da sua sala! E não quer me dizer o motivo de sua atitude. - olhei na direção de Erick sem conseguir esconder minha cara de indignação. - Ele vai pegar três dias de suspensão… espero que entenda minha decisão em relação a situação.

- Entendo sim… nós vamos indo!

O caminho pra casa foi de um silêncio pesado, eu estava tão pasma com a atitude de meu filho, eu e Zayn sempre o educamos para evitar a violência, e ainda por cima Erick sempre foi uma criança calma e tranquila, igual a Zayn. Quando chegarmos em casa eu e ele teríamos uma conversa séria.

Abri a porta de casa e me dirigi ate a cozinha para esquentar o almoço, que, á essas horas já deveria estar fria.

- Crianças esperem na mesa, vou só esquentar a comida. - disse ríspida. 

Sem dizer nenhuma palavra, os dois sentaram na mesa e esperaram a comida.

Mais ou menos uns 10 minutos depois a comida já estava posta na mesa e pronta para ser servida. Servi cada um deles e depois fiz meu prato.

O almoço, assim como no carro, foi silencioso. Layla e Erick comiam silenciosamente. Layla foi a primeira a terminar seu almoço.

- Terminei mamãe! - disse ela - Ótimo filha, pode sair da mesa e subir pro seu quarto, preciso ter uma conversa séria com seu irmão. - eu disse séria. Layla logo não estava mais na cozinha, fazendo com que eu tivesse mais privacidade com ele. 

Voltei minha atenção para Erick, que também já havia terminado seu almoço. Vi ele olhar pra mim de canto de olho, provavelmente já estava esperando o sermão que eu daria nele.

- Erick… olhe pra mim. - eu disse ríspida. Logo ele olhou pra mim, sem vontade nenhuma. - Porque você bateu no seu colega? - perguntei.

- Não interessa! - respondeu de um modo que parecia irritado.

- Interessa sim! Eu sou sua mãe e exijo uma resposta para a minha pergunta! - disse batendo meu punho na mesa, e já começando a ficar irritada.

- POIS EU NÃO CONTO, E EU FAÇO O QUE EU QUISER! - gritou levantando da mesa.



- POIS ENTÃO VOCÊ VAI ARCAR COM AS CONSEQUÊNCIAS DE SEUS ATOS E FICAR DE CASTIGO, AGORA VÁ PARA SEU QUARTO! - gritei apontando para a escada que dava nos quartos, então ele virou as costas pra mim e foi andando em direção as escadas, quando para no meio do caminho, se vira pra mim e diz a frase que me fez sentir uma facada em meu peito.

- EU ODEIO VOCÊ! - gritou ele, logo voltando a seguir seu caminho em direção as escadas. Cai sentada na cadeira que estava atrás de mim, coloquei minha mão em meu peito, pelo susto. Fiquei parada naquela mesma posição durante uns 15 minutos tentando me recuperar. Olhei no relógio, faltava uma hora para Zayn chegar de viagem. Resolvi então arrumar toda a cozinha para me distrair e não me render ao choro.

Tudo pronto, sentei no sofá da sala de estar com um copo de água na mão, bebi um pouco do líquido, foi então quando me lembrei da briga que tive com Erick e me rendi a tristeza e ao choro. Comecei a chorar sem conseguir parar mais, foi quando escuto a campainha tocar.

Deve ser o Zayn.

Limpo minhas lágrimas, rapidamente e dou uma olhada no espelho para ver se estou inchada ou vermelha por conta do choro. Paro em frente a porta, respiro fundo e abro-a. 

- Amor! - digo com um sorriso no rosto e pulando em seus braços, fazendo com que ele se desequilibrasse por alguns segundos, mas logo ficando na posição normal e me abraçando de volta. - Que saudade que eu senti! - eu disse aspirando seu perfume amadeirado fazendo com que eu me sentisse segura. Não consegui segurar as lágrimas e cai novamente no choro.


Toquei a campainha da minha casa, finalmente eu havia chegado em casa depois de praticamente uma semana fora. Pouco tempo depois minha esposa (S/N) abre a porta.

- Amor! - diz ela sorrindo e pulando em meus braços assim que me vê, me fazendo perder o equilíbrio por alguns segundos, mas voltando a posição normal em seguida, a abracei de volta. - Que saudade que eu senti! - disse ela apoiando sua cabeça em meu peito. E quando fui dizer que minha saudade era muito maior que a dela, senti meu peito ficar úmido, e percebi que sua respiração estava descompassada, e então ela soluçou. Ela estava chorando, eu odeia vê-la chorando. Empurrei ela delicadamente, olhei para seu rosto que estava inchado e vermelho, seguirei seus ombros e perguntei:

- O que aconteceu? - ela não respondeu, só fez sinal pra que eu entrasse. Ela foi andando na minha frente e sentou no sofá, fiz o mesmo. - Vai me dizer agora o que esta acontecendo? - perguntei calmo. Quando ela foi começar a explicar, Layla apareceu.

- PAPAI!! - gritou ela descendo correndo as escadas, deu a volta no sofá e veio me abraçar e me encheu de beijos. Fiz o mesmo com ela, vendo de canto de olho, um pequeno sorriso surgir nos lábios de (S/N). - Filha, eu e a mamãe, precisamos ter uma conversa seria, vai lá pro seu quarto que eu já subo lá pra brincar com você, okay? - perguntei sorrindo pra ela. - Tá bom papai! - sorrio abertamente pra mim, me deu um beijo na bochecha e correu em direção as escadas subindo nas mesmas.

- Agora, me diz o que você tem? - perguntei depositando minha mão em sua nuca e olhando em seus olhos, que logo começaram a ficar cheios d'água.        - Erick… ele… ele… disse que me… me odeia! - disse ela com dificuldade por conta dos soluços e das lágrimas constantes, que deixavam seu rosto completamente molhado. - O QUE?! PORQUE? - gritei me levantando do sofá indignado. - Ele foi suspenso, pois bateu em um colega de sala, a diretora me comunicou a situação e disse que ele não queria dizer o motivo, trouxe ele e a Layla pra casa, e depois do almoço perguntei a ele o motivo, e ele não quis me dizer, tivemos uma discussão e no final ele disse que me… me odiava. - soltou ela tudo de uma vez e deixando escapar mais lágrimas. (S/N) sempre foi muito emotiva.

- Eu vou lá falar com ele! - eu disse decidido. - Okay. - ela disse limpando suas lágrimas na tentativa de parar de chorar.

Subi as escadas com passos firmes, logo chegando no segundo andar da casa e parando em frente a porta do meu filho. Bati na mesma que praticamente na mesma hora foi atendida. 

- Eu vim tirar satisfações com o senhor! - disse bravo. - Oi pra você também pai! - disse ele debochado virando as costas pra mim. - NÃO ME VENHA COM ESSA, QUERO QUE VOCÊ ME DIGA IMEDIATAMENTE O QUE ACONTECEU PRA VOCÊ DAR UM SOCO NAQUELE MENINO!! - disse sentindo a fúria me dominar. Mas senti ela diminuir aos poucos quando percebi que dos olhos do meu filho doze anos saiam lágrimas. - Vocês não entendem! Ele sempre implica comigo, e eu sempre ignoro, mas dessa vez eu não aguentei porque… porque… ele disse que eu era… era… ele disse que eu era filho de um mestiço sujo. - disse ele já deixando lágrimas escaparem. Fiquei paralisado, não esperava que fosse algo tão grave. 

- Filho… e porque não contou pra ninguém? - perguntei me agachando pra ficar da sua altura. - Eu fiquei com vergonha. - disse ele com a cabeça abaixada. - Não precisa ter vergonha, eu e a sua mãe adoramos você e estaremos do seu lado sempre. - disse abraçando ele. - Eu acho que eu peguei um pouco pesado com a mamãe né?! - perguntou ele saindo do abraço. - Pegou filho, e acho que você deve desculpas á ela. -  É verdade, vou descer, você explica pra ela depois? - Explico! Agora vai lá! - eu disse, logo vi ele sair do quarto correndo. desço rápido para ver a cena. Avisto de longe (S/N) e Erick se abraçando.

Esse é meu garoto!

Espero que tenham gostado!!

PS.: Desculpa de novo pelo comprimento do 1s.







At this point I’m almost certain Zeref isn’t going to die by this attack. There are so many reasons, including (I HOPE) his confrontation with Lucy (Mashima did plan something of the like before, I’m sincerely sincerely hoping that he hasn’t given up on that idea).

Also, who the hell is Anna?

Edit: Whatever Layla did may be the reason Brandish hates her so much. 


1x12 “Faith”
Where One Is Not Quite Like The Others

I’m sorry but this visual, this recurring gesture may have been one of my favourite things about the episode. All these touches deciding over life and death and then there is this one among it, the odd one out, that makes all the difference. Life and Death connecting once more via Dean who lives without having faith and Layla who may only have weeks left but has faith twice as strong. And they connect with a gentle touch… I am sorry I just find this moment very poetic and beautiful. Call me insane and crazy for typing this, I don’t care… It’ll always be one of the best episodes of SPN and to me this aspect right here is one of the reasons why. ;___;
One True Magic Theory

Back in the Tenrou Island arc, Hades told us that 

Mard Geer later told us in the Tartaros arc that Hades was right and that magic really was “born in the darkness.” I figure that he had no reason to lie and is more realiable than Hades because of his connection with Zeref and E.N.D…

Mashima has been hinting at the true nature of magic since the Edolas arc, and then he reminded us with Mard Geer because it’s probably going to have a big role later on, since it has to do with Zeref and Layla Heartfilia.

Layla and Lucy both think that the One True Magic is love

Which certainly seems to support how Natsu and Erza can win with the power of friendship, how Fairy Sphere can transform a group’s feelings into magical power, and how Lucy was able to summon all her celestial spirits plus the Celestial Spirit King all at once when she wanted to save Loke.

But that doesn’t explain how Tartaros can use curses, which are so fundamentally different from magic that detonating Face would not affect the Tartaros demons.

Curses seem to be the opposite of magic, born out of negative emotions, but they both come from the same place. Curses can’t have come from the One True Magic if Layla and Lucy are right and it’s love, so the One True Magic (let’s call it OTM) is probably not love.

It’s WAY more likely that the OTM is emotions. Aside from Tartaros, all the Fairy Tail villains used normal magic. Zero, for example, cared only about destruction and his magic originated from negative emotions, so it’s obviously not as clearcut as magic=love and curses=hate. If people like Zero can use such powerful magic, the OTM seriously can’t be love.

That Fairy Tail keeps winning all the time, though, despite the odds being stacked against them so much, suggests that love has an edge over hate, and that may be why Layla–who may or may not know what she’s talking about because she may or may not be connected to Zeref–calls it the OTM. 

Because it’s stronger

Because it wins.

About the Dimaria-Layla theory

Brandish about Dimaria


Brandish about Layla

Considering that Brandish seems to have such apparent hatred towards Layla, and a seemingly casual dislike towards Dimaria the possibility that Dimaria is actually Layla Heartfilia may have just reduced. 

On the other hand, it is also likely that Brandish’s dislike towards Dimaria may stem from her unconscious recognition of Layla (if the theory is indeed correct).

Fairy Tail/Layla Theory

This may be far-fetched but it definitely seems that the 12 Spriggan are kind of counter parts to the FT members.

In the way that it is Light/ Dark  or Good/ Bad.

Natsu - Zeref (Brothers on opposite sides)

King of Sorcery Orgast - Makarov

Juvia - Brandish (Similar appearance & personality)

King of Desert Ajeel - Gajeel (Similar name & and somewhat similar appearance)

War Princess Dimeria - Erza (Erza’s magic specializes in weapons + war)

Winter General Ibel- Gray (Ice + Winter)

Now the real thing I want to point out is that Lucy literally means light, while Layla means dark or darkness. So, although it’s just a theory, I really do think Layla may have a big role in this arc.