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I’ve been on tumblr for a year now, and when I first joined, I had NO Idea what I was doing, I didn’t think anyone would like my blog or I wasn’t gonna have many friends on here. But I’m so happy That I have reached 300 Followers!!!I just wanted to say, thank you all for putting up with me LOL 

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Thank you all sooo much!!!!!! 


Welp…another year is about to be over. First and foremost, I wanna wish all my followers a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! I’m not so much in the holiday spirit this year but this isn’t about me. I figured I do one more follow forever before we all change our urls after Christmas is done so here it is. Thank you to all the new followers I gained, and a thank you to the old ones that chose to stay with me. I don’t know why you guys follow me but I’m really glad you did. You blogs make my dash awesome and I appreciate you all for that. See you guys in 2K15!

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Today (13th June 2014) marks my one year tumblrversary. One whole year on tumblr and I can honestly say making a blog was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because I’ve got to meet so many cool people along the way. I just wanted to say thankyou to every single one of my followers and everyone I’ve had the opportunity to talk to, you guys are the best. (I’m gonna stop there because it’s starting to get sappy, sorry haha). So here is an updated forever follow. I’m sure that I’ve probably missed people, so if you’re not on here please don’t be upset because if I follow you it means I like your blog! Enjoy :)


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so! i’ve reached one thousand followers and i told myself that when this happened, i would be making a follow forever so here it is! hooray!

i made this blog four months ago and i’ve only been watching rooster teeth videos and in the rooster teeth fandom for four months as well but it feels like i’ve been here a lot longer. i was in a really tough place for awhile before i got into these guys and when i started watching their videos, it sort of brought some happiness back into my life and its inspired me to do other things as well which have contributed to my overall happiness and positivity - long story short, rooster teeth has improved my life and so have their fans!

it means a lot to me that you all have decided to follow me, i know i can be a little obsessive about ships sometimes and hell, i might be a little obnoxious but it means a lot that you all are following me and i appreciate every single one of you ;-; and there’s people that i follow that have really lightened up my life and i wanted to give thanks to all of them here! and some of you have followed me over from old blogs and have been watching me change and become a better person and i also thank you for staying with me when i know i was being super difficult. so thank you all for being absolutely lovely people! :D if you’re bolded, that just means you’re one of my absolute favorites ^_^


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and if you’re not on here, i still love you!! please don’t think i don’t. you’re all incredibly amazing and i appreciate every single one of you for making my time on tumblr extremely enjoyable and fun <3

So I’ve been saying for a while that I would do one of these, since I hadn’t done one in aaaaages, but I’m finally getting around to it! It’s a perfect time, since I’m closing in on 600 (yay!) and it’s the start of a new year, so why not?

But yeah, for real, heinous graphic aside, I have the best followers ever! You’ve all helped make Tumblr enjoyable for me, in one way or another. Thank you for the laughs, the conversations, the reblogs, and everything in between. I appreciate everyone who follows me. Love you guys!

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It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve joined tumblr and never did I think I have soooo much fun being a part of the wrestling fandom along with some others and meet and get to know some amazing people. I don’t know why you all followed me to begin with. And now at 2,000 followers, I still don’t know why! But you guys are still here with me and I love you for it. I wanna thank y'all for gracing my dash, making me laugh, making me smile, sharing feels, fangirling and liveblogging wrestling or all the above. Online friendships do exist. ♥ 

Bold are my super faves but regardless, each and every one of you followers are special to me. Believe that. If you changed your url and I missed you, it wasn’t on purpose and I apologize!

# - C 

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kindofanenigma's First Ever Follow Forever

Somehow I managed to get 100 followers since January (so thanks to every one of you), and obviously I suck at trying to figure out how to make the whole title picture thing, because otherwise this would have looked much prettier. But I just wanted to do one so I apologize for the blandness. These are some of my favorite blogs, and I’ve been trying to make Tumblr friends, so if you want to be my friend that’d be awesome lol I’m really sorry if I forgot to add you!!

ajleespigtails ajleesus ambrolleigns axelutelyperfect believeinsass bestsincedayone bolieveorleave brieesus briemode brrocklesnar bryansbeard bryansfringe christianscharisma coltycabanabanana danielbryun datwwelife dean-got-that-ambooty dickziggler gayjlee glamslams hardyhighdive hellowrestling heytheredelilaahhh hunnybunnyambrosemoxley2014 ibreathewwe iwasmakingitreign jesusknoxville kittyyzma layla-and-kaitlyn-arebeauties loveforwrestling mcmahonism miztakesaremade nikkibellavevo nikkimode nowimaboliever ohhotrobvandamthisismyjam robvandamdatass roman-anoai romanreignshairdresser romans-roar romanssamoanqueen romanvreigns romenreigns samoandynasty850 shes-on-a-rampaige slayjaylee slayomiknight squeakinkronk straightedge-moxicity straightedge345 straightedgemeansimbetterthanyou straightedgesincedayone sunsethflips super-geekgoddess101 thesmackdownhotel thewidowsedge trinityfatus triplepowerbomb uce-o vikinglordlesnar wwe-long-live-pillman xfeelingheelishx yayjlee ziggelangston 1dsmutt

I don’t know how I reached 1,900 followers on here but I have you guys to thank for that. Despite me blogging about things other than wrestling, you guys chose to follow me and stick around, gracing my dash and making me laugh or smile whenever I need it. Tumblr is my escape from personal life yet each of you are special to me. I love you all. ❤

There’s a list of people that I appreciate; talking to me, asking me questions, tagging me in stuff, I notice it and here’s a thanks from me to you. They’re listed in alphabetical order so if I missed someone, I truly apologize.

# - A: 5-seconds-of-pure-entertainment accola-beauty adriennegabriella airrollins ajleecmpunk ajleespigtails ajleesabs all-day-i-dream-about-seth alloftimeandspacetiff alone-alive-still-unbroken ambr0ses ambreignsx ambrosedarling ambrosley amysterywrappedinsideabitch ayye-itsraee

B: b0lieve-in-the-buzzards baddiebey barrettwantsdecorum bat-tista becarefulwiththeangel believeinrandyortonsdick believeinsethrollins benoitvsguerrero blackwidowzz bournelitas buckybarnes-rogersthat

C: captain-ambrose cdiddy404 cesaroisking cesarossection chelsie-mae cherrypie-yeahh chocolate-berry23 chrisjerichoo christianscharisma chuckstaylors cmpinktights cmpumk cmpunkarmy cmpunkpuppylover coltycabanabanana crazyrkofan creepingonthepussy crookedmoonsaultpunk cultofpunk

D-H: dawnrockssocks devilitt dinyvontessa divaschampion dolphslays fabj0hn fame-ass-ers flawlessglamazon futurewwedivaschamp fyeahambrose gangstakrys garrettrunnels gingermilkytea goatfacedanielbryan grumpylee heytheredelilaahhh

I-L: i-am-a-paul-heyman-guy i-never-stop-lookingx ibreathewwe imadean-ambrosekindabitch itseulonzobitch jaredspadacock jet-steele johnnyrzezniks jon-moxicity jonathansgoods julaisawwe kamslam kee-yaw-nah kelseyyblair killemwithdeliciousness kingajstylesambrose kingambrose kingkassius kingsleyyy kissmesober lady-regal layla-and-kaitlyn-arebeauties leggomycreampuff litafan4ever loverholic-inspirit

M-P: marylovestheshield maryse0uellet mcmahonism momsenkilledmomsen moxleysmistress mrs-ambrose-rollins-reigns nattiewattie nikkinuggets ortongasm pauleheymanguy paulxheyman perversionsofjustice pezziecoyote piercetheignorance primadorton princerollins princessreigns punk-auditore punkedbyambrose

R-S: randy-theviper-orton realityera reignofjustice reigns-made-of-ambrose reignshounds reignss rhodesdynasty rickiwwefan rkoambrose roaringreigns rollinsofjustice rollleigns rolllins romanreigned romansassypantsreigns romenreigns ryanhaywoodsvoice s3thr0llins sammartinos sethballins shanemcmahonsjerseys shawnmichaelsmullet she-is-a-saucey shieldmovement shieldofl0kiiiii starryskyeskittles steph-the-fangirl-925 stickynikkis stonecoldsbeer straightedgemeansimbetterthanyou stumperspunk sugarhoneybeehair summerslae synystermoxley

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Holy shit, I have been on this site 4 years ago today! Lol, god, I have no life. No seriously, I really don’t. I did forget and leave my blog around 2011 then came back in 2012 and since then, I’m glad I stayed and didn’t delete this because I have had the time of my life on here: from liveblogging every Monday night to defending queen Nattie to the ends of the earth, I don’t know how I reached over 2,300 followers but… Thank you all, so very much!

You know the drill: if you’re on this list, I find you to be special on my dash. If you’re not, that does not mean you aren’t still special, because either way, you continue to follow me and that means a lot to me.

My main faves:

deansroman wwefanatic91 theseththatlived fearlessbanks briesdean boughtin brassringclub sammyssavior typhoidcandy wrathofbalor kofiskingston yayjlee alexasbliss simulated-heat whatwwe she-is-a-saucey litafan4ever

Some more awesome people I follow, in no order because I’m lazy this time around: kittyyzma divaschampion cassadysamore youwantfandoms flawlessglamazon moxleysmistress kelseyyblair lanasreign blacktylers theprincethrone cmxpunk glamslams litasmoonsault dinyvontessa thismyzombiecircus theshieldisthefuture all-day-i-dream-about-seth crookedmoonsaultpunk thatnerdychickfromjersey robvandamdatass alone-alive-still-unbroken samoan-sex-god-reigns wwe-army dawnrockssocks stumperspunk c0tt0ncandi extremeviki54 baedrianneville thee-asshole-of-moxicity ajleesus sixdegreesofsandow theeryanleflare starbrose uce-o straightedgemeansimbetterthanyou cultofpunk maryse0uellet the-dark-knight-rollins sugarhoneybee928 dirtysdeed cdiddy404 kinglesnar gingermilkytea ibreathewwe ziggler-wwe shellybuttface itseulonzobitch deanambrase dreyarslaxus fabj0hn ambroseriously rkoiseverything steph-the-fangirl-925 jerikane twerkforambrose layla-and-kaitlyn-arebeauties thashield rethsollins sethwalkers colesteencole jonmxley raaebaanz johnnyrzezniks kingsleyyy ambrosethreigns datwwelife adriennegabriella theatercandy princessreigns tylerrollinsgirl stephslays itamihideos bree-ah-nuh shanemcmahonsjerseys

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even though i’m still going through a semi-hiatus, i’m not gonna do a fancy photoshop edit or gif because inspiration still isn’t there, ANYWAY… i wanna thank the followers that continue to make me have an enjoyable, chill dash, the people i reblog from, the people whose stuff i admire (and be jealous of), the people i’ve befriended on here. wherever you fit in either one of those categories, thank you for still following me after all this time:

@deanambrsoe 🎊 @sethsthrone 🎊 @wwefanatic91 🎊 @cutebrose 🎊 @brassringclub 🎊 @boughtin 🎊 @all-day-i-scream-about-sports 🎊@sethwalkers 🎊 @alexasbliss 🎊 @renaeyoung 🎊 @whatwwe 🎊 @cmxpunk 🎊 @adriennegabriella 🎊 @shesanambrosegirl 🎊 @datwwelife 🎊 @fabj0hn 🎊 @gingermilkytea 🎊 @moxleysmistress  🎊  @robvandamdatass 🎊 @glamslams 🎊 @shellybuttface 🎊 @litafan4ever 🎊 @keviinowens 🎊 @frankydoylee 🎊 @typhoidcandy @kofiskingston 🎊 @blacktylers 🎊 @jerikane 🎊 @romenreigns 🎊 @lanasreign 🎊 @thashield 🎊 @sethfreakingr0llins 🎊 @twerkforambrose 🎊 @primadonnaseth @nikkibellah 🎊 @mattiasclements 🎊 @imjaebaes @layla-and-kaitlyn-arebeauties 🎊 @uce-o 🎊 @cultofpunk 🎊 @johnnyrzezniks @divaschampion 🎊 @simulated-heat @cassadysamore 🎊 @ibreathewwe 🎊 @stephslays 🎊 @alundrablayze 🎊 @stumperspunk 🎊 @copilotfinn 🎊 @ajleesus 🎊 @waywardjanis 🎊 @kittyyzma 🎊 @thee-asshole-of-moxicity 🎊 @stellarollins 🎊 @litasmoonsault 🎊 @wwe-army