Title: Not you
Prompt: Matchmaker (Day 1)
Theme: Prelude (none)
Comments: i was reading romeo and juliet and this came to my mind lol. happy first day of ss month 2015! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 



“You and Hinata would make a really cute couple.”

Sasuke glanced at Sakura with bewilderment. “What?”

Smiling, the pink-haired girl shrugged. “You’d look nice together.”

He stared at her, his confusion melting into annoyance. The sun was setting and they were laying on the grass, cooling off after a tough training session. Naruto had gone off to get some water, so for now, it was just the two of them. Sasuke didn’t mind being left alone with Sakura; he felt very comfortable around her – comfortable enough to have been dozing off before she said that stupid thing. Too bad she had to ruin the mood. 

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked.


“Why would you say such thing?”

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[ENGSUB] Go Fighting Episode 3 Part 5 (END) (Cr: Stel J & youngstars710)

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Part 5:

Avilana had retreated to the music rooms for the night to practice her singing and piano playing, her voice drifting down the halls of the basement. As her fingers pulsed along the keys like a heartbeat, the girl sang “Lay down here, beside me in the shallow water, beside me where the sun is shining on us still.” Completely lost in the song, the girl barely heard the person in the doorway, before stopping completely and whipping around in surprise. “I- can I help you?”

siemari asked:

Max hunting lizards? hallucinating? Because that's always fun. Finding a dog??!

It had been days since water. 

The sun seemed to shine hotter and brighter each day. Eating away at him. Wringing him dry of all his liquids til none remained. Water. He needed water. He stared up at the sun from where he lay, protesting its heat silently, helplessly. Sand was crawling into him. Heat laid heavy on him. Death was coming, crawling on its hands against the burning sand, sliding its two tongues out toward him-

No. It was a lizard. 

Its bones broke in his hand, and its juices filled his mouth. It wasn’t enough. As the blood slid down his cragged throat he could hear them again. Hungry, thirsty, wanting, wanting him. They spoke up when he fed, they spoke up when water filled him, they whispered when he was dying. 

“Max? Max where are you?”

He sat up, just to check, but the horizon was empty. Empty as the sun crawled to it slowly. The days were becoming longer. Stretching around him as he saw her again, far in the wasted dunes. Just able to make out her dusty feet kicking up the sand. He steeled himself as he stood, waiting for what came next. What always came next. The invisible buring rubber and the stained steel and her eyes. Her eyes. 


It’s a million degrees outside and everyone’s just dying. Krista hates it and has devolved to laying on the floor and groaning loudly. ‘It’s so terrible~~~!’ ‘I’m going to die from dehydration if I don’t stop sweating~~!’ Then she’s so sad she starts trying to lay all over Ymir. ‘Make it stop~~~’ ‘Just turn off the sun~~~~~’ but Ymir’s so hot she isn’t even wearing a shirt anymore and she just keeps having to push her little sweaty body off of her just to have her crawl right back on.

Modern Corgis are run by solar power. Their solar panels are made into microscopic bits to be planted into your fur and captures sun light by laying flat on their back. This newest technology contributes absolutely nothing to the environment as corgis do not use fuel in the first place, but as the new generation are becoming increasingly tech savvy, dog breeders needed a way to attract their attention.

TMI gang beach trip headcanons: 

  • Magnus “borrows” a huge SUV to drive everyone down. 
  • On the morning of the trip Alec is running around making sure everyone packed properly. 

“Izzy did you pack enough sunscreen?" 

"Jace! Stop trying to shove Church into your bag! I don’t care if you bought a pet sized life vest." 

  • Once they get to the beach Jace and Alec take off into the water. Izzy and Magnus lay out in the sun to tan while Clary gets out her sketchbook so she can draw the waves. Simon stays under the umbrella reading manga because he burns like a delicate flower under the summer sun. 
  • Jace and Alec have boogie board races which end when Jace loses his boogie board to the current. 
  • Simon attempts to get into the beach spirit by making a sand sculpture of Isabelle. 

"Simon your whale looks great! Who knew you had such artistic ability?" 
"Jace that’s supposed to be Isabelle." 
"Well I can kind of see the resemblance…if I tilt my head this way…and close both eyes…" 
But Izzy appreciates the attempt anyways. 

  • Alec somehow gets volunteered by Jace to get buried in the sand so everyone delights in pouring sand onto him until his head is the only thing aboveground. He is not happy. 
  • Alec also is very adamant that everyone re-apply their sunscreen at least every two hours because their gear would be 100x more uncomfortable if they had to wear it over sunburn. 
  • When it finally gets dark, Magnus makes fireworks appear in the sky, making the perfect ending to a perfect day.

i have developed a nice ritual. i wake up by the sound of my cat wailing to be fed (a second time in the morning) (a fucking brat) (truly me) at 845 or 9am, i lay in bed staring at the wall watching the sun move until i want to get up. i make breakfast in silence in my empty apartment. i read a chapter of a book. i go to my favorite castle to do work. i sit in a park and talk to the plants when i get bored. there is a plant shop next to the castle i like to sit in front of. i smile at the plants, and a dog that sits underneath a kiosk for hours on end and likes to be pet. i sit with him for half an hour and eat tomatoes. then i go back to the castle to do work until i want to leave. i like to watch the sun through the stained glass in the spiral staircase. it’s very precious, these old buildings in new york. i hope they last forever. i stood in the west 4th station and stared at the iron ceiling for awhile – this peeling mass of a thing, looked like a large flat onion, so many layers of skin just falling off. it will last a long time, it has seen entire generations die and their children and their childrens children, too. it’s old in a rougher way than the castle. the castle doesn’t give a shit about modernity. it doesn’t have bathrooms, you have to go somewhere else. that’s fine with me. more time to pet the kiosk dog. 

anyway, i like that i can do these things now – work in castles, write in parks. meditate with dogs and plants. eat tomatoes in the sun. see people when i want to and never when i don’t. watch the paint peel from the onion of west 4th. 

The Signs as Different Aesthetics:

aries- the feeling after a good workout, getting into a heated argument, being on top of a mountain

taurus- eating at a luxurious restaurant, going barefoot in a grassy field, the smell of crisp dollar bills

gemini- being on an airplane looking at the clouds, talking on the phone for hours, reflecting in a coffee shop

cancer- the smell of summer rain, deep conversations with friends on the beach, night swimming

leo- winning an award, laying out in the sun, crowd surfing at a concert

virgo- a nice stroll through a forest just after dawn, reading a good book at the library, thinking about life

libra- cuddling with someone you care about, taking a deep breath of fresh air, doing yoga

scorpio- cliff jumping, walking into a party, a good cry by yourself

sagittarius- buying a plane ticket to a different country, dancing with friends around a bonfire, singing at the top of your lungs

capricorn- the feeling after reaching a goal, gardening, watching your favorite tv show

aquarius- watering plants, giving a speech, joking around with friends and laughing until your stomach hurts

pisces- daydreaming, listening to a small rivulet, laying on a blanket while looking at the stars