Always be, never be

My dreams take me north of here,
They play out with crystalline clarity
A land not so distant
Yet world’s apart regardless

My dreams place me in another’s arms
And we lay in an embrace eternal
Soaking in the midnight sun’s warmth
Bathing in unabashed moonlight

My dreams conjure her majestically
Hair as black as the curtain of night
Eyes that shine like the stars
Skin that glows like the heavens

My dreams give me a taste for colour
An overwhelming feast of the senses
Of the green woodland pine
Of the bitter cold oceans blue

My dreams unwittingly taunt me
With a life that will never be
I can see my world perfected
But dreams they’ll always be

projectalteration asked:

The sun rose as Jiena found herself laying with Shibuya in the other's bed. Their faces were close to each other's, but the other remained asleep. She didn't wish to disturb her sleep, so she tried to close her eyes and go back to sleep...

The first thing she heard was the sound of Jiena shifting in bed, before feeling her cuddle up against her. Slowly opening her eyes, Shibuya was a bit surprised someone else was in her bed (and that they were both naked, no less), until the events of last night came back to her. It had all happened so fast. It seemed…unreal. Was this going to be a one-night stand? Probably not. “Hey,” she started, still a bit groggy. Normally she slept in longer than this. “Mornin’.”

To Mistur… by Alan Antiporda
Via Flickr:
…Here’s to you my friend. Cheers, Spring will be here soon enough. So it’s a glass with a lime slice inside and laying against the glass with ice to keep it from floating. Sun is just behind the lime, and the glass is sitting atop a trash can. I had to lay on the ground to get this shot. Actually DigitalShe inspired me.

simple aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries:smeared lipstick, high top converse, running through the streets at night
  • Taurus:prairie grasses and flowers, walking through gardens, dancing in the rain
  • Gemini:a pitch black field where you can see all the stars, matching school supplies, large bookshelves
  • Cancer:flowers in your hair, classic jazz, simple necklaces
  • Leo:high waisted shorts and crop tops, sneaking out of the house, wind blown hair
  • Virgo:coffee shops, doodling in class, oversized scarves
  • Libra:christmas lights draped over your bed, pretty watering cans, laying in the sun under big fluffy clouds
  • Scorpio:winged eyeliner, abandoned buildings, large empty fields where you can run
  • Sagittarius:vinyl on a rainy day, hiking, catching fireflies
  • Capricorn:snow topped mountains, fresh and crisp air, the first snow of the year
  • Aquarius:conspiracy theory documentaries, running into the ocean, thrift store finds
  • Pisces:paint stained coffee mugs, large sweaters, a perfect ball of yarn

I sit on a chair in my garden and my friend say “ I hate cicadas, they are so noisy. “ and I try to imagine a summer without cicadas and there’s nothing that makes me more sad. I remember when I was 5 sitting on the shoulders of my dad and cicadas were singing and the sun was on my face and I was happy and I remember when I was 16 and gave a kiss to a boy under the pines and in the silence of our clumsy kiss cicadas were there singing loudly and when I was 8 and I got my first puppy we used to lay under the sun and eat fruits and everything was soft and warm and stained with strawberries and I pray that every summer I live will have that noisy sound every day, because all my memories of beautiful summer days has the cicadas cry so clear and vivid in my mind and without that noisy sound summer wouldn’t ever be the same

the signs sorted into hogwarts houses
  • gryffindor:leo, libra, sagittarius
  • hufflepuff:taurus, cancer, pisces
  • ravenclaw:gemini, virgo, capricorn
  • slytherin:aries, scorpio, aquarius