Creepy Story

This is my teachers true story. This happened to her parents before she was born. We’ll call them Mary and John (because why not? And I forgot their names.)

So my teacher, Caroline, has a phobia of aliens. Not all aliens but certain ones. The have to be a certain colour, shape, look, etc. (E.T. fits into that category) and when she sees them she will start crying. Shes terrified of them.

Before she was born, her parents were party people. Once she was conceived, they had to stop. They would go out to Mary’s parents place, drive into the middle of the field near the house, lay on top of the truck (or in the bed of the truck) and listen to music, looking up at the stars. One night, when she was 6 months pregnant, they were out there, relaxing. 20 minutes, they were out. 20 minutes of relaxing and listening to music. After 20 minutes, the sky filled with bright, blinding light. They could barely see. John yelled at Mary, “Go! Get off the truck and run towards the house!”. They rolled off the truck and started running, fast as they could. In about 5-10 minutes, they got to the house. The lights had gone by then but they were spooked. The got inside and slammed the door. Marys dad was in the entry way with a gun, all his brothers and family an everyone around him.


Both of them were really confused. “We were on the truck! We were there for 20 minutes when the sky lit up and we ran back here!”.

“No! We looked everywhere! In the field, around the truck which was abandoned, in the forest. You were no where! You’ve been missing for 5 (it was either that or 2. Sorry, I can’t remember!) hours! No where!” Her dad said.

“What? We were gone for 20 minutes! What are you talking about?”

No one knows where they were for those missing hours, they don’t remember anything, and they don’t know where the lights came from.

A place for each sign
  • When you're stressed, close your eyes and go here.
  • Aries: A dark cozy room with a burning fireplace, hear the comforting sound of it crackling and focus on only that.
  • Taurus: A garden, a tall tree where a bird sits and hums, focus on the warmth of the sun touching your shoulders, warming your body.
  • Gemini: An old library, no sound but your footsteps against the concrete ground, listen to the pages turn and inhale the dusty smell.
  • Cancer: In the rain, imagine yourself standing out in the pouring rain but it's not cold, it's just the comforting feel of it drenching your body and the soft thudding sound of it hitting the ground.
  • Leo: A beach, entirely deserted with the bluest water lapping against the sand, listen to the waves feel the breeze.
  • Virgo: Sitting up in the tallest tree with the breeze hitting your face and the strong scent of pine rushing up your noise.
  • Libra: Laying in the tallest grass field with the grass dancing along creating shadows, focus on the breeze flowing around you.
  • Scorpio: In the sand, at night with all the stars glittering and the sand still warm from the day, feel the warmth of the sand as your body sinks into it.
  • Sagittarius: Flying through the blue sky, running your hand through clouds your hair blowing in the air, look at the sky feel the wind blow, focus on how it feels.
  • Capricorn: A pergola at night covered in white Christmas lights and the soft sound of a piano near by, pay attention to the sound of the music and relax your mind.
  • Aquarius: Lying on a cloud, floating quickly passed everything feel the rush of moving fast, but also feel the calmness of floating.
  • Pisces: A canopy in the woods, with the smell of damp leaves and the sound of trees blowing, let your mind drift and your body relax.

i just want to be in love. i want to hold someone’s hand in the passenger seat. i want to get drunk with them and lick the liquor off their lips and tell them how beautiful and wonderful they are to me. i want to have someone to text when something good happens, when something bad happens, and everything in between. i want to stay up late talking about our dreams and wake up with my head on their chest and go out to breakfast the next morning. i want to buy them corny presents and write them cute letters and take photo booth pictures and lay in fields and laugh until we kiss. i want to go to sleep with love in my chest instead of the bitterness.

I love gentle things like having tea and sweets at midday, listening to melodic nature music, walking barefoot in the forest, cooking good food for loved ones, reading, falling asleep to the rain, walking through the misty dewy grass in the morning, waking up to bird songs, burning sweet candles, making friends with animals, picking wild berries in the summer, gardening, whistling back to the birds, running through fields of flowers, laying in the cold grass to watch the sunset, doing something sweet for a loved one, turning essential oils into bug repellant that also makes you smell like you are a part of nature, laying under a tree on a hot day and looking up at how the sun shines through the leaves, listening to bees buzz from flower to flower, and snuggling with a dog or cat.

Does anyone else ever get really sad because they’re not living the life they want to live? I want to go on adventures. I want to drive to the beach to watch the sunrise at 6 a.m with coffee and breakfast. I want to explore new cities and try new foods. I want to roam through the woods and swim under waterfalls. I want to lay in the middle of a field with a 6 pack and stare up at the stars. There’s so much I want to do yet here I am not doing any of it. 

You’re driving a long, dark stretch of highway, when Death appears in the passenger seat, informing you that you are about to die. The car then spins out of control, flipping, and you black out. You wake up, hours later, in a deserted field. Death is laying lifeless on the side of the highway.


Unveiling the Mandelbrot Set.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, mathematicians working in an area called dynamical systems made use of the ever-advancing computing power to draw computer images of the objects they were working on. What they saw blew their minds: fractal-like structures whose beauty and complexity is only rivalled by Nature itself. At the heart of them lay the Mandelbrot set, which today has achieved fame even outside the field of dynamics. 

The Mandelbrot set is a fractal. Fractals are objects that display self-similarity at various scales. Magnifying a fractal reveals small-scale details similar to the large-scale characteristics. Although the Mandelbrot set is self-similar at magnified scales, the small scale details are not identical to the whole. In fact, the Mandelbrot set is infinitely complex. Yet the process of generating it is based on an extremely simple equation involving complex numbers.

The Mandelbrot set is an incredible object that equals infinity. It’s really amazing that the simple iterated equation Z = Z^2 + C can produce such beautiful works of mathematical art.

How do I tell her that she inhabits my mind 24/7, whether I’m trying to sleep, drinking coffee, or driving my car- she is constantly on my mind. I want to be able to hold her hand, or kiss her forehead, I want to be able to lay in a soft field of grass and just talk about anything and everything. When she doesn’t text me- it makes me miss her more and more, and I feel silly for feeling that way. I know she has better things to do then wait by her phone. But I just want her. I want to know what she’s thinking, what’s she’s doing- how she feels. I only want her to feel happy and hate knowing that I cannot do anything to stop the pain she’s going through. I want the good & the bad that comes with her- she’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. It scares the hell out of me because it seems she doesn’t want the same and I know I’ll probably get hurt but I just want to try. I need to try. I don’t want anybody but her, nobody can compare. If only I could tell her, how do I tell her?