laying in the floor in a puddle of my tears

When Fairy Tail Ends
  • Me: *on the floor* *wrapped up in a blanket* *crying waterfalls*
  • Mom: *walks in* What's wro-
  • Me: *sobbing and speaking incoherently* F-FAI-FAIRY T-TAIL HAS ENDED! *continues to lay in a puddle of tears*
  • Mom: ... *walks out*
Christmas Party (Jungkook Smut)

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“Who’s coming this year?” You ask your mother, a tone of drain apparent in your voice.

“Ah..” She played with the temperature on the shiny new pressure cooker. “The boys and their parents, a couple of staffs–”

“The boys?” You ask already knowing the answer. It was always the boys. They were always invited to the annual Christmas Party but were always way too busy to attend, apparently.

“I feel as if you ask the boys every time. You know.. Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin–”

“Yeah yeah yeah..” You mutter, clearly annoyed. Your mother worked as a stylist for BTS since debut, and three times that working just in the industry.

“I’m glad your home this year for Christmas.” You say, smiling and wrapping your hands around her torso.

“Me too.” She says rubbing your arm that was around her. “Why don’t you go get ready?”
“What’s the point..” You say rubbing your neck and heading into the living room.

“I WANT TO SEE YOU WITH ONE OF THOSE BOYS TONIGHT!” She teases from the kitchen. It was always her goal to see you date someone successful and handsome. More on the handsome side.

As the slick black car that was a standard for any celebrity rolled up to the house, you messed with your hair a little bit more. Your clothes were casual which was a massive understatement compared to what BTS was wearing. They slowly walked up the stairs to the front door of the house, peering through the small window in the middle of the front door and waving. The first person to come in the house was Jimin.

Jimin and you had a special relationship. You had a feeling that Jimin had longtime liked you, but it was hard to say.

“Hello!” You say, bowing to them as they all piled into the small front door area.

“Are we the first ones here?” Jin asks. Jin looked out for you like an older brother would, but that wasn’t really uncommon for him.

“Ah..” You turn behind you and look around the empty living room. “So far.”
“Mmm..” Taehyung says brushing past you.

“There’s food in the kitchen..” You mutter as everyone but Jungkook leaves the front door area.
“I’m having trouble.” He smiles, bending over but still looking up at you. He was wearing a  suit that was matching to the rest of BTS– a black and white coat, simple black pants, (and the only thing that was different than the rest of the members) a bow tie for Jungkook.

When he finally gets his shoe off, he awkwardly makes conversation.

“How’s your mother?”

“She’s good. Just preparing for the upcoming holiday.”
“Ah.” Jungkook smiles, taking a cube of cheese from the platter that was being served around. Other people had just started to arrive.

“Yeah.” You say, looking off in the distance for someone to come and save you from this awkward despair.

“So um..” Jungkook slides closer to you, trying to act like it was completely natural to be this close. “Do you have any plans– for Christmas I mean.”

You shake your head and point to the tree as you finish up your appetizer. “Just presents.”

“Wow..” Jungkook says, starting towards the Christmas tree. It was no secret your family had money; mostly from your mother’s work.

“What did you ask for?” Jungkook asks, squatting down and admiring the heap of presents underneath the tree.
“I don’t remember, honestly.” You laugh, rubbing the back of your neck where your hair had stuck due to the intense heat of this room.

Jungkook stands up and turns back to you, having at least 5 inches on you. He smelt good; really really good.

“DINNER WILL BE IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES!” Your mother announces; the now bustling living room extremely active and lively.

Jungkook smiles and starts towards the dining room, you trailing closely behind.

As everyone starts to take their seats at the table and prepare their dining utensils; Jungkook swiftly takes a seat next to you. Across from you is Jin who looks more than ready, Jimin besides him, then Namjoon, Yoongi, and Taehyung next to you. Of course, around the table were scattered staff, crew, and managers that your mother had grown close to by becoming BTS’ primary stylist.

“Pass this down.” Taehyung mutters in your ear, hitting your arm and handing you a basket of napkins.

You nod and start to pass them down the table.

“You could’ve just passed the basket down.” Your mother laughs from across the table.

“Whatever.” You mutter, grabbing a napkin and passing it to Jungkook. In the heat of passing the napkins down, your hand accidentally grazes across his lap, creating a small jump of tension from him.

“I’m sorry.” You mutter awkwardly, picking up the pace and making sure not to graze your hand across his lap again.

Your mother sets the platters of food down on the table but before you eat, of course she has a complain.

“Dear god ____! What are you wearing?” She asks, across the table; causing everyone’s eyes to be on you.

She always has something to say. She always thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous to be the daughter of a stylist and not dress edgy and modern everyday.

“Can you please go change?” She asks with a tone of irritation and annoyance in her voice. You furrow your eyebrows at her, extremely embarrassed and extremely annoyed.

“Whatever the fuck ever..” You whisper sliding out your chair and sprinting up the stairs, slamming your bedroom door shut.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” You scream out of anger, kicking the edge of your bed post. “God I could KILL her!”
After about five minutes of a mental breakdown, there’s a knock on your door. You don’t answer, but instead bury your face deeper into your hands and try to slow your crying.

Although, you weren’t quite sure why you were crying. In fact, your mother’s request was extremely easy. I guess it was just the idea of the embarrassment that accompanied.

“Oop.” A voice says standing in your doorframe. “This isn’t the bathroom.”

You look up to see Jungkook standing there, one hand on the doorknob and the other tucked into his pant pocket.

“Are you okay?” He asks, suddenly turning serious and jumping by your side.

You nod, your soft crying now coming to a sudden halt.

“What happened?” Jungkook asks, his arm wrapped around your side and the other rubbing your arm up and down.

“I don’t know why I’m crying.” You manage to get out, a little laugh at the end.

“Pff..” Jungkook smiles, his hand trailing lower and lower on your back.

You slowly look up and into Jungkook’s eyes, he was already at yours. The smell of him fills your nose again, that manly, audacious smell that you had come to adore at this point. You instantly planted your lips onto his. A moment of astonishment comes from him before acceptance. He eases his tongue into your mouth, feeling the ribbed part of your upper and lower mouth.

“I didn’t expect this.” He manages to get out once coming up for air.

“I didn’t expect you to barge into my room.” You mutter back, your hand moving to his lower neck when he slaps it away.

“Keep your hands by your sides.” He orders, biting your bottom lip until you tasted blood. You let out a small yelp, but he continues, moving to your top lip. By this time, his suit jacket had been thrown aside. His hand was feeling your breast through your shirt, still sucking at your top lip. You slowly moved your hand to his cock, starting to rub over it just as he jumps back.

“Did I say you could do that?” He asks, gripping your chin while wiping the blood away from your lower lip.

“No.” You manage to moan out.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll make you suffer,” He grunts, taking off his button-up to reveal a set of abs.

“Take it off.” He orders, leaning back on your bed and watching you take off your clothes like some animal on exhibit.

“Get on your knees.” He orders as you were in the middle of taking off your panties.

“I didn’t say I would–”
He grabs your neck and starts to massage it, but with pressure; instantly shutting you up.

“You aren’t going to what?” He asks, taking off his belt to reveal a clothed cock.

“Nothing.” You say, looking up to him and staring him in his black eyes.

“My cock has been fastened up in these fuckin’ pants all day long.” He says taking your head and shoving it into his underwear. His cock was clearly hard, it was obvious through his underwear.

“Take them off!” He dominates. You comply and slide off his underwear so it lies on the floor by his ankles. “God my dick was hurting in those pants.” He moans.

There’s a silence before you start to take his cock in your mouth. His dick completely hollows out your cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes.” He moans, his hand snapping to the back of your head like a magnet. His hips thrust forward which sends your gag reflex spinning.

You weep, coming up for air and rubbing the tears from your cheeks.

“Did I say you could come up?” Jungkook asks aggressively, shoving your head back down on his dick.

He pushes your head down as far as you can go a couple of more times before learning how far down and how long you can go. He slams his eyes shut and his head rolls back, letting out a loud moan. When he looks back down at you, he stares into your eyes, then wiping away the tears from your cheeks.

“Lay down.” He suddenly says, removing his cock from your mouth. Although confused, you comply.

“Close your eyes.” He orders next. You follow this order.

It was about a minute before something else happened. You felt either his finger or his cock run between your folds.

You hadn’t even noticed how wet your pussy had gotten– if there was a puddle where your knees were on the floor that wouldn’t of surprised you.

“Oh my fuckin’ god.” You manage to get out as Jungkook teases you with what seems like his fingers. “I’m going to cum so fast.”

“Don’t cum until I tell you.” Jungkook orders.

“I don’t think I can do that–” you mutter just as Jungkook takes his thumb and rubs it against your clit.

“Jungkook..” You moan out.

“Moan my name louder and I’ll bring my mouth to it.” He promises, picking up the pace in which he rubs your clit.

“Jungkook!” You moan louder than before.

“I don’t think that’s loud enough. My mouth is getting bored.” Jungkook says, rubbing even faster than before.

“Jung–” you cut yourself off just as you squirt all over his fingers.

“Did you just,” He stops rubbing your pussy all together and hovers above you, his face inches away from yours.

“Did you just squirt all over me?” Jungkook asks; sounding more like a demand.

You whimper as he stares you in the eyes, two inches away from your face.

“I’m going to make you fucking suffer.” He promises, going back down to your pussy and taking his tongue to it. While sucking on your clit, he starts off by sticking three fingers in your pussy.

“Too–” you manage to moan out from the pounding of his hand inside you. “Many..”
“That’s what you get.” He mutters from your drenched pussy. “Don’t cum again unless I allow you.”

You head rolls back and your fingers find your own hair.

“Oh my god that feels so good..” You moan out from your clasped hands.

“Does it?” He asks, sticking a forth finger in. You could instantly feel your pussy stretch and enclose around his thick fingers. If his cock wasn’t throbbing at this point, you don’t know what would send him spiraling.

“Your stretching out real nicely.” He grunts from in between your legs as he takes his tongue to your clit again.

“Jungkook I’m really going to cum again,” you plead.

“What do you want to do?” He asks when he takes his head away.

“To cum.”

“Where?” He teases some more.

“On your fingers! Goddamit Jungkook!” You scream out.

“Go ahead,” he smiles.

“Oh my god.. Yes yes yes..” You put your hand in his hair and push harder than you did before; leading up to your nicely timed climax.

“Damn you squirted a lot.” He smiles, removing his fingers from your pussy, your walls enclosing around nothing to your dismay.

“I want your cock.” You say flatly.

“My cock?” He points and stands up. His cock was harder than it was before you had given him a blowjob.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why?!” You ask in terror and shock. That’s the one thing you needed the most right now and he refused to provide you with it.

“You came before I told you, remember?” He smirks and his lips find your neck, leaving big bruises all up and down.

“Please.” You moan into the side of his head.

“Not yet, baby.” He chuckles, his right hand massaging your breast. You let out a series of moans as Jungkook’s cock rubs against your mid torso, grinding up and down on you.

“If you keep doing that, won’t you cum?” You ask slickly, trying anything for him to fuck you. He shoots a glance to you, one that clearly read, “your right, but shut up.”

“I’ve suffered enough–” you say just as he smacks a hand over your mouth and shoves his more than hard cock into you. If your screams weren’t muffled from his hand that was covering your mouth, it was more than certain someone would have come up and looked for you two because of that loud scream.

He thrusts in and out of you, each thrust getting deeper and deeper. His hands run up your side, pawing with your breasts. He removes his palm from your mouth, exchanging it with two fingers instead which sent him spiraling.

“Get on your elbows,” he orders, flipping you around doggystyle.

Doggystyle was noticeably Jungkook’s favorite. He reached places that you never thought he could reach, let out moans you never thought he could make, and turned you on more than you thought he could ever.

“God your ass looks so good from here..” he moans out, gripping your ass in his hand. You arch your back each more which earns a smile from Jungkook. “So hot..”

“I think I’m gonna cum,” he grunts out seconds later.

“No no no..” You tease. “You can’t cum yet!”

He smiles just as his dick pulses inside of you, moaning louder than before. You take his warm cum as it slides down your walls and he removes his cock from you.

“Now we have to go back down there and pretend nothing happened?” You ask him as he redresses.

Jungkook smiles as you redress first, exiting your bedroom door to be met with Taehyung sitting outside, his back to the wall.

“How was it?” He smiles and asks, standing up as the door creaks open and Jungkook comes up from behind you.

“Is it my turn?” Taehyung smiles, a smirk spread across his face.

Inspired by @golfalphamike‘s amazing fanfiction, Starfall. I wanted to make something that could sort of act as a “cover” for the fic. I just love this fanfiction so much. I read the synopsis and thought “Oh, this looks like a neat concept” and then next thing I know my heart is torn into tiny pieces and I’m laying on the floor in a puddle of tears at 4 in the morning because I read the whole thing in one sitting. I seriously couldn’t tell you another time a fanfic made me so emotional, and I certainly never felt compelled to make fanart based on fanfiction before. So, yeah, I highly recommend this fanfic and I hope the author appreciates this tribute I made for it. By the way, the pile at Marco’s feet is supposed to be empty photographs, but I’m not sure how well that actually comes across. Ugh, I may go back into that later and fix it but for now it is what it is.

I was making this instead of doing actual homework because I’m an adult who prioritizes correctly B) I promise I do more than just draw Starco all day no I don’t.