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Keep You Warm

Summary- Y/N braves the snow to be beside her beloved Phillip
Word Count- 1.7k
Phillip x Reader

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     Cold metal stung your fingertips as frigid air rushed through the door, your footsteps soft as they pressed gently into the snow. Dark hung over the gardens while you attempted to close the door despite the draft desperately trying to pull you back. The edges of your dress traced a trail in the fresh snow as you hurriedly made your way towards the Hamilton’s. A chill ran through your body as the wind bit at your nose and any skin left uncovered by your clothes. Only moonlight illuminated the snowdrifts still pristine and growing steadily as the snowfall continued. Echoes of your footsteps upon crystal ice rang out on the path towards the door which glowed with a soft light that warmed you upon sight. Your hands trembled slightly with each knock on the door, willing yourself to stop shivering before the door swung open. Footfalls could be heard within the home as the lock turned, light pouring from the doorway onto your face, framed only by locks of hair tinged with ice. Alexander stood before you, quickly grasping your shoulder and pulling you into the family home. 

“Mr. Hamilton, I’m sorry if I woke you but our house is so cold and I couldn’t rationalize heating it with just me so-” The words fell from your chapped lips as you stood in the foyer, soaking in the heat radiating through the space. 

“Y/N, my dear, Eliza and I have both made it known you’re always welcome here. You didn’t wake me, I’ve been up working on this bill for Congress. Sit here and have some tea while I go get Eliza and Phillip, they’ll be able sit with you while you defrost,” He spoke with a smile, placing a warm mug of tea into your hands before turning out of the room towards the staircase. Steam from the beverage filled your lungs, each breath working to banish the frost threatening to overtake you from the walk. Your eyes were closed as you basked in the calm that flooded your body whenever you were at the Hamilton’s, when suddenly a force crashed into you with great energy. Surprised, you opened your eyes to reveal Phillip and his mother hovering at your side, Alex nodding from the doorway as he returned to his work. 

     “My love, are you okay? Father said you walked here in the snow? I can’t believe you Y/N,” Phillip laughed slightly at your choice to journey through what was rapidly becoming a blizzard. A blush flushed your cheeks as he pressed his lips to your forehead then slid in against you in the seat. Eliza shook her head, smirking as she herself poured a mug of tea before sitting across the table. She extended her hand to you, wrapping her fingers around yours.

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How come the Hamilton fans aren’t all over this video?

Hamil squad and how they meet you

•you work in retail so you’re use to seeing attractive customers come in and you not be able to do anything about it without getting fussed out by your boss.
•though that doesn’t stop you from flirting with cute people as you ring them up.
•so naturally when 4 REALLY good looking guys come in you know that you’re gonna flirt with them no matter how many disapproving looks you get.
•though their attractiveness quickly wears away when they’re in the store 45 minuets past closing.
•you’re ready to strangle each and every one of them.

•alex had come into the store once or twice before and had seen you walking around cleaning up the store and thought that you were just the cutest thing he’d ever seen.
•so naturally he tries to flirt with you every now and then and get EXTREMELY flustered when you flirt back as you’re ringing him up
•alex has bought more useless stuff in the couple of weeks he’s kept coming back to flirt with you then he has in his entire life.

•john gets suspicious about why alex has bought an assortment of random items every saturday for a month.
•so he decides to snoop and finds out he’s been flirting with you nonstop and john is just as quickly taken with you and comes in a few minuets after alex to flirt with you as well, though alex was subtly flirting and john was out right very plainly just hitting on you.
•you’re a little taken back by his by his overwhelming confidence and very obvious flirting, but his curly hair and abundance of freckles is drawing you to him.

•laf and herc notice something is up and start questioning them until alex and john take them to your store.
•a quite “oohhhhhh” falls from their mouths as they realize why they’ve been coming here so often.
•so of course they stay way past closing to the point where you actually have to tell them to get out.
•they’re all so flustered they don’t know how to respond and quickly run out of the store.
•they all sit in the living room of their apartment in complete silence as they try to come up with a way to get you to be okay with dating all 4 of them.

•they come back the next day at closing with flowers and chocolates and other things alex and john have picked up that you like to give to you as you’re leaving.
•you watch them quietly as they try to explain how they feel about you and that they know that this is sudden and out of no where and that they’re sorry if you’re incredibly uncomfortable.
•your giggles cause them to fall silent.
•"you guys should at least take me out to dinner before confessing you undying love for me" you tease but are soon whisked away to the closest dinner and smile softly as you listen to the boys fight over who gets to sit next to you

•as strange and wrong as your relationship looks, you all couldn’t be happier.
•they’re your boys and you’re all the stars in their sky, their moon and sun.
•sometimes you wish you could go back in time and erase your memory so you could fall in love with them all over again

Hamilton Characters as Things I've Done
  • Hamilton: there was an optional 1 page essay, I wrote a 16 pages and included a PowerPoint. This was for fire service training. 

  • Burr: Introduced my friend to a fandom where I was a popular blog and he became more popular than me
Eliza: Rapped my entire life story to my Psych teacher, forgave my toxic friends because I still loved them
Angelica: Punched my friends ex boyfriend in the face because he said she was ugly, threaten to fight everyone
Peggy: I was in a teacher's class for 4 years in a row and she didn't even know I existed till the third year
Lafayette: Insult all my friends in Morse and mess it up slightly so it doesn't make sense to them when they try to translate, ironed an American flag patch on the chest of my sweater and wore it everyday for 3 weeks at school
Mulligan: got so pumped I pulled too hard on a chainsaw string to start it and I broke the chainsaw. Jumped on top of a table at my 8th grade graduation and shouted "HELL YEAH" 

  • Laurens: Everyone thought I was secretly gay with my best friend, turns out they were right, black out drinking more so than not and kissing every boy at those parties
Jefferson: I didn't like a girl because she was better than me when it came to English and I despised her and I still do, sabotaged an ex friend's class presidency so I could get it
Madison: sneezed 8 times in a row during a seminar, apologized, and sneezed again 4 more times. I was in the front row
King George: I made my ex boyfriend delete his Steam account under the impression I was helping him download games from my account 

  • Washington: slept for 27 hours straight after getting into a fight which resulted in a broken arm
John Adams: I was the group leader in projects, I never did shit but I got credit
Shine (A. Ham)

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Word Count- 1.1k
Summary- Alex would go to the end of the universe for his family

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“Okay so see that super bright star right there, that’s Vega. If you look right there you can see how it forms the constellation called Lyra,” Alexander’s eyes were locked on you as you pointed out each constellation visible in the clear night sky. You had driven Alex out beyond the city, insisting that no matter how much you loved Laurens if you spent any longer in their apartment you’d explode.

“Babe you’re not even paying attention,” You giggled, curling deeper into his shoulder.

“What’s that w-shaped one there?” He murmured, pointing to a group of stars above your heads.

“That’s one of my favorites, it’s called Cassiopeia. One of its stars gives off lots of radio signals that you can listen to. In ancient mythology she was a beautiful queen too,” Each word rolled effortlessly from your lips as you tangled you fingers in his curls.

“They all have such pretty names. When I finally marry you, I hope we have a daughter as beautiful as you and all these glowing stars,” His voice was sleepy, his breathing slowing as he drifted into sleep leaving you alone beneath the celestial blanket with thoughts of your future with Alex filling your mind.

You sat up instantly in bed, pain wracking your body. You pushed on Alexander’s shoulder while pulling yourself from the bed, clutching your body.

“A-Alex, we need to get to the hospital,” His eyes dilated with astonishment, nodding as he helped you and his unborn child to the door of your home. The image of him, standing in the doorway with the duffel bag you both had packed prior in eagerness for your new addition, glowing with excitement filled you with joy. His hand never left yours, planting kisses on your forehead throughout the day. Hours passed until you finally got to hold your daughter. Tear-filled eyes gazed upon the tiny girl who looked so much like the man you loved.

“I never thought I could love anyone as much and yet here she is,” Alex’s lips whispered beside your face, his voice laced with emotion. Exhaustion washed over you as you lay in the hospital bed watching Alexander cradle his child, bouncing her slightly while walking around the dim room.

Your heart swelled as you opened your eyes and saw three tall figures simultaneously attempt to squeeze through the narrow hospital room door.

“Shut up dumbass, you’ll wake the baby,”

“John don’t curse in front of the lil Hamilton,” Lafayette scolded as the group finally got through the door, hurrying to surround you and Alex as you sat together on the hospital bed. The little bundle in your arms squirmed as she became seemingly aware of the crowd in awe at her.

“Boys, meet Cassiopeia Margaret Hamilton. Or as we’ll be calling her, Cassie,” Coos filled the room as your daughter blinked her eyes and smiled.  It had been two and a half years since that night you and Alexander spent beneath the stars. It had been almost a year since your wedding, the only night which contained more happy memories than this one. Alex’s look when you told him you were pregnant three months later was pure elation, him spinning you around while yelling ‘We have to call everyone! Your family, Laurens, Laf, Hercules, this is the highlight of my entire life,”. All of the moments leading up to this night where you finally got to hold your daughter.

“Can I hold her?”  You pulled your stare up to the anxious at your bedside. You nodded, grinning as you passed the baby to John.

“Don’t drop my kid,” Your husband joked, clapping his friend on the back. Laurens smiled as the child hummed lightly, his eyes glowing.

“Are you going to be like your father little one, already wanna start talking?” The room laughed, the idea of your little daughter having Alex’s ambition making the whole room blissfully hopeful. 

“Do you mind if I-?” Laf inquired, face lighting up as Laurens gently passed Cassie into his arms.

“She’s amazing, you guys- yes, you little one, you’re amazing!” He touched his nose to the child, chuckling as she blinked in amazement.

“Your uncles are going to take very good care of you, ya know that? Me and Uncle John can go on adventures-”

 “Darling, me and Laurens are going to try and find the cafeteria and get some coffee or tea or something. D’you want anything?”  You shook your head as his hand slipped from yours. You watched him playfully shove Laurens as they walked out of the door, no doubt talking about him becoming a father, something you and Alex had discussed upon his confession that nobody thought he would be the first of their group to have a family. Lafayette and Hercules sat on the couch near the window of the room, laughing to themselves as Cassie wrapped her hand around their finger while they rocked her softly. Time flowed easily with the boys in your room, Alexander returning later with Laurens and several cups of coffee. Their presence filled the room with happiness, Cassie perfectly content to be traded among her guests, cradled in their arms as everyone smiled and laughed. Alexander and Cassiopeia were your family but the three boys made it more than that, the bond shared between you stronger than any other. You lay in the hospital bed that night sleep threatening to overtake you, your baby began to cry in her bassinet and you could feel the bed shift as your husband went to comfort her.

“Hush my little star, no crying- that’s it. I hope you know I love you more than all the stars in the whole universe Cassiopeia,” He soothed, his voice lulling you to sleep as well.

“I’d go to the edge of the universe for you and your mommy baby girl,”

How I influence 5 year olds

@linmanuel a five year old is now quoting hamilton

My friend and I have sung so much hamilton, we have ruined her 5 year old sister! Whenever someone’s asks what her name is she says alexander hamilton. She doesn’t say it calm either, she shouts it. It’s wonderful!