Been sometime since I’ve said anything on here sorry just been offline for a bit.  At the moment my schedule at my job is pretty hepatic. Until March I will have more open Schedule to make more time for the comic.

 I’ve been discussing with some okay staff here of SFLL about certain things. Particularly about updating the comic. A while back someone mentioned something in the inbox about updating in greater batches of pages than just doing two page every week.

So that’s probably something we are going to incorporate with the comic. having batches of pages at a time. And dropping them when they are ready.

  Thanks for following and supporting. I’m looking forward to get the ball rolling. and getting the pages out to you guys to enjoy. Let me know what you think about the change.


"Lylat Legacy" - Star Fox Fanart by Layeyes

“Lylat Legacy” – Star Fox Fanart by Layeyes

Deivantart user Layeyes must be excited for a new Star Fox releasing next year, because he has a gallery full of really awesome Star Fox fanart. Take a look at these below and then be sure to check out his gallery for other pieces from other games.

It’s very cool to see someone exploring James McCloud a bit. I’m actually really surprised that James hasn’t gotten his own spin off game yet…

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Smash 4 and Work has been heavy lately. I work at the Airport. It’s packed with things to be done, being it’s the holidays. which I have had little time to do much at home. let alone draw something. This comic update will be delayed to sometime this week. but too all happy holidays and SMASH BRO-ing 



Waaait a second... that follower...

Is that… layeyes, the artist of Lylat Legacy?! For real?!

Holy crap! Hey dude! Thank you for following!

I’m a huge fan of your webcomic! You’re doing Miyamoto’s work by making the Star Fox team be the badasses they are supposed to be. The characters all have awesome new backstories and designs, they really could use more coherency in their characters and stuff.

By the way, I love the way you’re handling Slippy so far! I specially like how his personality and friendliness are strong parts of his character as opposed to just random trinket traits stated on a trophy description or manual! That’s pretty cool!

Also, your art is top notch material, broski! If you’re planning on going serious and be a pro, you got potential! I mean, dayum! That there comic sometimes feels like you’re watching stills from a a movie or anime! (I even remember some dude saying he thought your comic was a concept for an Star Fox anime at some point!) Dem camera angles and compositions, mang, Makes each panel feel alive!

Also dat style is very recognizable as well, specially some of your style choices like some characters hair styles and facial features! It’s funny and very cool how you play with those choices and references. Very anime-y! That passion for the medium is strong with each art piece!

In short, you have everything! Keep at it and don’t stop, man! If you ever felt you were going the wrong way, you’re not!