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Hi there. I found my way to this blog. I hope you're still here... I had started watching the Star Fox Lylat Legacy comic you were making a few months ago, and became really inactive due to my computer being broken until recently. I'm sad to hear that you guys have completely stopped all efforts towards that comic... I know it's your decision, and I'm not here to judge you, but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a place where I could at least read the rest of the comic?..

OH yeah You can find all Three Chapters on my Pixiv. 

thanks for all the love, the comic is discontinued, for personal reasons alone. 

Hope you enjoy what’s there,

-Future Layeyes
(Please note that you don’t have to make a pixiv to view the comic you can x out the login pop up) 

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If Zach hadn't found Devon and delved into a serious relationship with her, would Dylan have still desperately wanted to fall in love and feel less alone relationship wise? To me, his journal reads that the loss of Zach propelled Dylan into the desire to find someone for himself. But if he never lost all of Zach's attention, would it have mattered as much?

First of all this is a great, well thought out question. :)   I think you’re on to something: that if Dylan hadn’t witnessed his best friend ,who was similarly depressed, falling in love and being transformed positively by having a girlfriend than Dylan might not have taken noticed that he was acutely lacking in having his own soul mate too, which depressed him even more in his sense of loneliness.  
It’s a combination of all these things that Dylan took note of:  1) The fact that his best friend abandoned him and that hurt..a lot.  2) his best friend had replaced Dylan with someone else that understood Zack on a personal, intimate level..ouch (why can’t I ?!? ) . 3) His best friend now had a sense of belonging and purpose being in love, and serving the purpose of a boyfriend to his girl . In Dylan’s mind, there is no higher purpose than to have his love and have a sense of purpose and place in the universe within the context of being with his love.    In this contrast, Dylan felt he lacked while Zack’s had this streak of good fortune having ‘found love’ and being in love.   So, it made Dylan feel even more alone, strange and left out and he concluded that Love with a soul mate is what he needed to fix his life too, the same way Zack had done.   If Zack had never met a girl that changed his life, it’s hard to say whether Dylan would’ve been shaped to desperately need a love relationship as a solution to end his state of suffering.  There is something about the fact that Zack was Dylan’s best friend that he felt abandoned him that set him on this obsessive quest for love. Dylan might not have been so fixated had Zack not met Devon precisely when he did when Dylan and Zack had been so close. On the other hand, If it wasn’t Zack who found himself a girlfriend, then it would have been some of his other friends that began to have girl friends which eventually would also have given him the message that he was somehow inadequate and lacking in life because he himself did not have his love, his own True Love. 

By the way, Dylan mentions “my love” 14 times in his journal.  

To My Love
As a man, a conquerer does his deeds of
He thinks he is complete. Yet, the true
great person achieves happiness only when he
has met his soulmate.

Alone, unknown, until they first time they lay
eyes on each other. A true love is hard to come
by, yet the most fulfilling, beautiful, completing
achievement any man can have.
Some have wealth,
some have power, some have great intellect, yet i feel
an infinant # of times greater than those as i
have found my true love.


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