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I played around with it for a while and here’s what I have found out. The 3D grid tool does absolutely nothing. I cannot get it to work. Maybe, I’m doing something wrong, but it will not work for me at all. That being said, the 3D perspective snap is pretty cool (not the same as the grid at the top). If you go to Snap at the top:

It will make a little useless box like this:

Now, I spent waaaaaaaay too long trying to play around with this box (I resized it, I figured out how to click the box and then plane, and so much more…all completely useless). So here’s the trick to it. Go to your layer’s panel and double click the 3D perspective layer:

This will pop up:

And gives you a bunch of options to do things with. I don’t really find this thing useful, but I’m sure a bunch of you will, so go nuts. I haven’t really played around with it too much yet. I look forward to seeing what you all do with it. (PS you have to click the camera on the left to rotate around the object).

EDIT: I played around with it a bit more and you can do very basic 3D with it, so maybe we’ll see more 3D intense things from this program.

-Ani (Lord of boxes and way too many verts)

Edit: After you have inserted a 3D Perspective layer, the 3D Perspective snap button means your lines will snap to the surfaces of the selected 3D object.

Insert a 3D layer as above, then add a normal drawing layer above, click the 3D Perspective snap button, and try drawing.

tinyturtletimtim  asked:

so i know its probably been a while since youve even thought about lyricstucks but i just wanted to know how big your canvases were/how many panels you tried to stick to using? im working on something similar right now and im not sure what i should do so im trying to get a place to start. hope youre doing well!

well hello there!!  for the record I think about lyricstucks about once a month but that’s beside the point; let me dig into my handy-dandy MASSIVE HOMESTUCK ARCHIVES.

here’s a screenshot from the folder I stored Light Em Up in.  the “untitled” ones are the .psds with all the layers.

there were 72 panels in all (I didn’t try to limit it at all, I just drew however many I felt the song required), and it looks like I put 10-13 panels in each .psd:

of course, the method I was using wasn’t incredibly layer-heavy, so depending on how much junk is in the file you might want to do less.  or I guess you could make a new .psd for every single panel, but that certainly wasn’t my way. @v@

anyway, the size!  looks like these were 2250/1500 px.  I find anything less than 2000 px in width leaves things looking too pixelly for me?  but again, grain of salt.  also, the long panels had to have their own .psd files, and they were 3200 px in height.

hope this helps! ^u^

anonymous asked:

hi, i've been looking through icon borders and i've noticed that you guys have a few circle and/or other shaped borders available for download, and i've been trying to figure out how to use those on gifs, so if one of you could make a tutorial on that, that'd be great! i know i figured it out a while ago but i tried again and i can't seem to get it, so it's sort of driving me crazy. thanks!

Under the cut is how to make something like this:

For this tutorial, you need to have:

  • Photoshop (I’m using CS5 Extended)
  • The timeline option (but it might work without as well).

PSD is shared at the bottom as per usual.

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anonymous asked:

hiya! i've been looking through your ps help tag and it kinda kicked my ass into gear to try and learn how to make edits but i was wondering. how do you like. Know when you see a panel that has something you'd use in an edit? is it a thing based on the art of the comic or something about the way the character's positioned?

ok this is actually a rly good question i didnt even know i thought about it until this Very Moment 

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fireaga  asked:

on a serious note i do want to ask what kind of methods you use for your colorings, esp /post/144568188491. if you don't want to say i 100% understand

instructions under the cut,

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm sorry for asking but how did you do that text effect in this graphic post/154934521112/ ?

Hi. You mean the semi-transparent effect above, right?

1. Type in the text you want but make sure it’s white
2. On the layers panel, next to ‘Opacity’, click the drop down (it should read ‘Normal’) and change it to ‘Difference

lostinmonstax  asked:

Hey :D I was wondering can I ask how you got the front to move on this gifset >> changkyun(.)cf/post/157177807588/monsta-x-zodiac-signs

ohhh you mean font!! haha well it might take a lot of explaining so i’ll do it in a tutorial style if that’s okay ~

so what you need is: 

  • basic photoshop skills
  • photoshop cs6/cc 

i’ll be showing you how to do this:

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anonymous asked:

Ok probably you guys are done with these questions but i need to ask, do you think you can tell how to colour gifs manually?? I have never know how to do that 😣 thank u

no problem!! when we say that we colour gifs manually we mean that we adjust everything ourselves~ so if you’re familiar with the adjustment layers panel in photoshop, we basically choose a few and play with them until we’re happy!!

everybody colours their gifs differently, but as a guide, i usually go with selective colour > brightness > colour balance > hue/saturation and then i’ll add more as i see fit ;; tbh my colouring process is literally just me moving the sliders around and stopping when i think it looks good LOL

here’s kind of an example of how you would colour manually!!! but obviously the layers you would use and the amount you would adjust isn’t the same ;; and  we went over this really quickly omg so let us know if you need more help :^)

@m3wlissa-simblr replied to your photoset “LEMONDROPS.PSD - an action by me! I made an action for y’all! It makes…”

i might be confused, but all i got was a download of the picture? idk where to find the action

Hi! The download is a PSD file (I called it an action because I don’t know what to call it lol). If you open the file in Photoshop, there should be a folder called “citrusmiint - lemondrops” and a layer with the preview picture in the Layers panel. The folder is the “action”. Right click the folder and select “Duplicate Group…”, and a window will appear where you will choose where to duplicate that folder to.