Does anyone else reguarly experience a tingling painful reaction to being too warm? Is that me? Is it a sensory thing? Autoimmune thing? I don’t know but its been happening for years and no one can tell me what it is.

Like warm bathwater, too many layers, too high interior heating, ect. And it’s all over but usually goes away before I can check for hives, (binders are a pain to remove quickly.) Also none of these temps are unrealistically high. It happens around 75 degress Fahrenheit or higher. A great warm day to some people is an itchy mess for me. (Which is why i get so hype for cold weather)

The only thing that helps is cold water or air, or scratching. Scratching isn’t great because I already pick my skin and hair.

It’s just super irritating and I’m venting. Sorry D:

Nobody sees the pain of Medusa. Everybody just sees her as a hideous monster. Nobody sees how she got cursed because she got raped?? And in a twisted way, was protected from further abuse by turning men into stone. This story has so many layers, I can’t even…you can keep peeling and you’ll find so much in it.

In order give animals the extra layer of care, many hospitals in the San Francisco area have began training kittens in a 19 week medical assistant program. Upon completion of the program, the kitten nurses will be deployed to animal shelters and clinics around the city to help doctors communicate with the animals and assist with the nursing procedures.

this is so many layers of fucked up. that jingle ball pic is almost identical to the baby pic (hair style). the bears putting freddie m as their icon….like wtf wtf wtf. and annmaries tweet about the babies around the same time.

i kept wondering why annmarie became a thing. Who first figured out she was involved with 1D stuff/Simon. 

it sounds so crazy but that pic of louis at jingle ball. if you ripped off his shirt - that’s your baby pic….wtf


  "Fisher doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the many different layers he’s brought out in Mickey over the years.“

  "It was Fisher’s uncharacteristically quiet performance in those same moments that resulted in a heartbreaking showcase for the actor.”

  "Fisher’s Mickey has become the embodiment of that contrast that the show has so carefully created. It’s not a balance easily maintained, but Fisher does it masterfully.“

  ”Fisher crushes it. He nails the subtleties of his character and the emotional battle of wills going on inside his head. When Mickey tells Lip that he’s sorry that he didn’t do anything earlier and that he didn’t know it could get this bad, it’s a perfect moment of character introspection and growth without it being overplayed.“

Forest Light, 48" H x 60" W, Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas in Palette Knife

 My work has been compared with artists such as Hofmann, Pissarro, and Klimt.  I use single-point perspective, a precise arrangement of squares to create a specific scene, and heavy texture through the use of oil paint applied in many layers with a palette knife.  

 I actively exhibit my work throughout the Midwest including the Museum of New Art, Michigan State College of Law, and River’s Edge Gallery to name a few.  I have also been selected for several site-specific public art commissions in Michigan City, IN; Royal Oak, MI; Howell, MI; and Romulus, MI. Here is a link to my website to see examples of my work and more information:

Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely,

Emilie Beadle