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ICAM re: your thoughts on the Aidan NYT interview. It must be so frustrating to him to have read the books, understood his character completely, played Petyr with many subtle layers, only to have D&D dumb it down in these last few seasons. I think he's backtracking a bit in these interviews based on the crappy direction of the show. If you watch seasons 1-4, you can't tell me they weren't going for a bit of a romantic angle with PxS.

Yeah, guy’s studied the books even tho it wasn’t a requirement (now I know why), discussed the character w/ GRRM, and tried to sneak as much of it into the show as possible only to be saddled w/ this flat af final arc…  typical example of “when you downgrade the antagonist, you automatically downgrade the ‘hero’ and cheapen the entire story”. 🙃

His take on LF and PXS reflects the initial “book input”, imo, and I agree w/ you completely: now this clashes w/ the ham-fisted in-your-face fan service plot, so I suppose he can’t really go around talking about a complexity that’s suddenly MIA. Even when it was there, he often drew strange looks for talking about it bc most ppl have perfect tunnel vision when it comes to LF.

All the delicious layered grayness is getting scrapped bc it wouldn’t allow for the anticlimactic, nonsensical demise they are lazily setting him up for. In older interviews he resisted the “basic villain” label, too, but now he’s like “whatever”. I feel the same way most of the time even tho I genuinely enjoy parts of the fanservicing.

It’s frustrating w/ LF but strangely enough - for me - it takes nothing away from the overall enjoyment of the character & ‘ship. Maybe bc it’s just so badly done and so obviously forced that it’s also easier to pretend it never happened? idk

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"Tearing down statues of slave owners is the same as Nazi book burnings!" "This is your brain on respectability politics"

how many layers of respectability politics are you on

What You Leave Behind: Part 2 of 3

Read Part 1

Summary: Asha; translated to mean ‘life’. However, this child, so aptly named, would forever be haunted by the life she stole… BBRae, character death.

The hospital is white.

Clean, pure, pristine.

It smells a lot like antiseptic and day-old food from the cafeteria. Not to mention, shit and urine, but no one ever admits to that.

The hospital is warm; a choking kind of heat that can make someone feel an overwhelming bout of nausea, and perhaps even a fainting spell if wearing too many layers.

Somewhere, there are newborns crying their first cry. Somewhere, there are people taking their last breath. Hope and death; imminent and forever intertwined.

Somewhere on what is supposed to be deemed the happiest unit in any hospital, there’s a man shouting, and his scream is both bone chilling and blood curdling.

It’s sadness and misery and hopelessness bundled into one octave of sound, loud and aching. It turns into a wail, so tragic and painful it brings tears to the eyes of those in the surrounding area. It turns into sobs. Dry and wretched, all-consuming.

Death doesn’t frequently visit this floor; death is confined to the souls of the old and the sick and the dying. Those who are weary of living, and are tired. Too tired to fight.

However, that day, death took a soul it shouldn’t have; ripped it from the body of a woman who would never be a mother.

An exchange.

A promise.

There can only ever be one.

Somewhere, there’s a broken man pleading with the grim reaper himself.

Somewhere, there’s a newborn who opens its mouth to scream for the very first time, only nothing comes out…

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it's amazing how many layers of false progressiveness people can be on that saying "m*n socially oppress women" somehow becomes a controversial statement lol

Oh biggest worm Progressive tumblr rly doesn’t think women have any problems it’s funny

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How can you be so nice and patient with everyone?

Well hon, to put it shortly, I don’t judge people from what they look like, or what their magic is. That’s pretty silly, especially when there are many other beautiful things that make up a person. I try to see those, hon, instead of the outside layer everyone sees.

For example, I think it is just ridiculous people judge magicless people on their magical ability! It’s not something they can control, so why judge them on it, hon, when there’s so many layers for individual people?


The Making of Cinderella’s Dress

The dress was created of many layers of gossamer weight fabric, hand-painted in watercolor shades of pale blue, turquoise, lilac, lavender and white. The dress used over 10,000 Swarovski crystals and 500 hours to complete with 20 tailors working. Sewn with four miles of thread, the dress seems to move effortlessly, float gracefully with every step the Princess takes. The many shades of color and near weightless layers give the dress depth and richness of color that billow out from beneath the top layer of fine silk.

How to Attract the Signs

**Check Sun, Moon, and Venus

Aries: Don’t be timid. Compliment them, but don’t be insincere. Admire their appearance, but also their mind. They love lively discussion on current events, sports, music, politics, art—find something that clicks for you both. Don’t be afraid to go to them for advice. Never try to order them to do something or restrict them, though. Just be spontaneous, and go with the flow. 

Taurus: Be patient. Take your time really getting to know them. Make them laugh. Be sure to make the first move when the time is right. Buy them food, and they’ll love you. Money is a good topic of conversation. Feel free to show off your prized possessions and show lots of admiration and praise for theirs. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Let them speak about what they’re passionate about. 

Gemini: Be knowledgeable about current events, books, art, politics, et cetera, but never try to outdo a Gemini. They want someone who is intelligent, but not someone who is more so than them. Be honest, always. Make them laugh, or hit them with some juicy gossip. When trying to make a gemini fall for you, your words are your weapons. Don’t ever be insincere towards them, and be upfront about your intentions. 

Cancer: Don’t play hard to get, and don’t play with their emotions. Be direct about how you feel about them, and show them how much you really like them. Show them your softer side. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of them. Appeal to their romantic side—they love music. Be patient with them, and don’t try and make them rush into anything. 

Leo: Lay the compliments and praise on thick. Make your admiration very clear. The best thing you can do is appeal to their ego. The second best thing is to make them laugh. Impress them by showing them that they’ll have nothing but the best in your presence. Don’t skimp on the flowers, chocolates, and champagne. Give them the attention and love that they desire. 

Virgo: Make your intelligence and credentials evident, as Virgos are very attracted to intelligence. Always be a good sport. Don’t be whiny. Don’t be nosy and try to make them share more than they’re willing to. Virgos are private people. Keep the atmosphere tasteful. Avoid offensive or vulgar entertainment. Don’t be put out by their excessive worrying.

Libra: Pay them large compliments. Libras love to be admired. Let the conversation flow, as Libras are wonderful conversationalists, and they also love a good debate, so feel free to bring up controversial topics. But beware—another topic they love to talk about—themselves. Show them that you have good taste, and don’t be afraid to go all out.

Scorpio: Listen to them with full attention. Be sincere. Show them that you’re lively and interesting, with many layers for them to explore. They love to hear funny or intriguing stories and anecdotes. Don’t be afraid of their unpredictability. Always be respectful of them, even when you’re in an argument, and never, ever patronize them. 

Sagittarius: Ask them about their work, their friends, their thoughts on books, films, news, art, et cetera, but be careful not to pry into their personal lives. Don’t be put off by their sometimes very blatant honesty. Never try and control them or take away their freedom, and don’t put your emotional needs before their privacy. 

Capricorn: Don’t be afraid to take the initiative with the conversation, and be amusing. Don’t force them to show their feelings or try and breach their privacy. Show that you are interesting and intellectually stimulating. Listen when they talk. Don’t act immature. Capricorns are serious people who prefer serious topics. And always, always, be on time.

Aquarius: Talk to them about topics that are significant or important or at least interesting. They love deep conversation and debates, especially those involving books, art, politics, and science. Show them your humanitarian side. Don’t immediately hit them with your emotions and affections. Aquarians want their space. Give them time to know, trust, and depend on you, and don’t nag them about their mistakes.

Pisces: They enjoy talking about art, entertainment, books, and poetry, but to really catch their interest, discuss any topics relating to the occult, mysticism, spiritualism, conspiracies, the supernatural, and reincarnation. Feel free to ask them for advice and tell them your problems, but be sure to show them that you are strong, supportive, and have goals in life. They love flattery, so be sure to compliment them whenever you see them. Be sentimental, and always be kind. 

That Time We Flew Past Pluto…

Two years ago today (July 14), our New Horizons spacecraft made its closest flyby of Pluto…collecting images and science that revealed a geologically complex world. Data from this mission are helping us understand worlds at the edge of our solar system.

The spacecraft is now venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper Belt…a relic of solar system formation…to reach its next target. On New Year’s Day 2019, New Horizons will zoom past a Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69.

The Kuiper Belt is a disc-shaped region of icy bodies – including dwarf planets such as Pluto – and comets beyond the orbit of Neptune. It extends from about 30 to 55 Astronomical Units (an AU is the distance from the sun to Earth) and is probably populated with hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 62 miles across, and an estimated trillion or more comets.

Nearly a billion miles beyond Pluto, you may be asking how the spacecraft will function for the 2014 MU69 flyby. Well, New Horizons was originally designed to fly far beyond the Pluto system and explore deeper into the Kuiper Belt. 

The spacecraft carries extra hydrazine fuel for the flyby; its communications system is designed to work from beyond Pluto; its power system is designed to operate for many more years; and its scientific instruments were designed to operate in light levels much lower than it will experience during the 2014 MU69 flyby.

What have we learned about Pluto since its historic flyby in 2015?

During its encounter, the New Horizons spacecraft collected more than 1,200 images of Pluto and tens of gigabits of data. The intensive downlinking of information took about a year to return to Earth! Here are a few things we’ve discovered:

Pluto Has a Heart

This image captured by New Horizons around 16 hours before its closest approach shows Pluto’s “heart.” This stunning image of one of its most dominant features shows us that the heart’s diameter is about the same distance as from Denver to Chicago. This image also showed us that Pluto is a complex world with incredible geological diversity.

Icy Plains

Pluto’s vast icy plain, informally called Sputnik Planitia, resembles frozen mud cracks on Earth. It has a broken surface of irregularly-shaped segments, bordered by what appear to be shallow troughs.

Majestic Mountains

Images from the spacecraft display chaotically jumbled mountains that only add to the complexity of Pluto’s geography. The rugged, icy mountains are as tall as 11,000 feet high.

Color Variations

This high-resolution enhanced color view of Pluto combines blue, red and infrared images taken by the New Horizons spacecraft. The surface of Pluto has a remarkable range of subtle color variations. Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story.

Foggy Haze and Blue Atmosphere

Images returned from the New Horizons spacecraft have also revealed that Pluto’s global atmospheric haze has many more layers than scientists realized. The haze even creates a twilight effect that softly illuminates nightside terrain near sunset, which makes them visible to the cameras aboard the spacecraft.

Water Ice

New Horizons detected numerous small, exposed regions of water ice on Pluto. Scientists are eager to understand why water appears exactly where it does, and not in other places.

Stay updated on New Horizons findings by visiting the New Horizons page. You can also keep track of Pluto News on Twitter via @NASANewHorizons.

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The great artist Michelangelo claimed that his sculptures were already present in the stone, and all he had to do was carve away everything else.
Our understanding of identity is often similar: Beneath the many layers of shoulds and shouldn’ts that cover us, there lies a constant, single, true self that is just waiting to be discovered.
—  Sheena Iyengar, The Art of Choosing

This is fanart for @marinette-buginette‘s awesome drabble for Marichat May, which you can read HERE.

Thank you to everyone who watched my streams for this piece, to everyone who encouraged me and gave me feedback and advice and support (especially @dracoskullart) while I embarked on this endeavor! This is my first time doing something like this, and I had a blast over the course of the past week and some XD There are still things I wish I could have improved, and there are some mistakes I won’t make next time, but for now I am proud of me < :D

I haven’t slept in 24 hours… *passes out*

(Also, I have no clue why the quality is so grainy!? =_=)  


Go HERE to see non-grainy version!!!

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I just realized that Bitty only wears his blue hoodie when something important will happen between him and Jack like when the kissed or when he was asked to be his boyfriend and stuff

ok i basically just went through the whole comic again (lol) but OH MY GOD!!! for one thing, I noticed that Bitty LITERALLY only starts wearing BLUE blue, (like, falconers blue) when things start happening with Jack

aka the epikegster (FIRST TIME WE SEE THE HOODIE) up until then, he’s in mostly greys, teal, reds, etc.

(the rest under the cut cause this got loNG) 

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Strip Busting

m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting, tease & denial

You will need:

- nothing but your bodies


- agree to a safeword
- male partner stands naked with legs spread and hands behind back
- female partner starts fully clothed (as many layers as she likes)

How to play:

- Each round the female partner delivers a hit to the nuts of her choice (kick, punch, slap, knee, etc) or a squeeze of no more than 5 seconds.

- For every hit the male partner takes and remains standing, the female partner removes one item of clothing.

- For every hit the male partner takes and falls to his knees/the floor, the female partner puts one item of clothing back on.

- Only once all items of clothing have been removed is the male partner permitted to fuck her/cum.

- If the male partner gives up before then or uses his safeword, he must make the female partner cum and he is not permitted to cum for the rest of the night.

- Teasing/sexually frustrating male partner between rounds is encouraged!

Have fun!

Young Viktor Nikiforov dressed like a Disney Channel main character and you can’t tell me otherwise.

There were pastels and patterns and so many layers? Sometimes Yakov got migraines just from looking at him???

Viktor kept a lot of those clothes even after he developed a more masculine and mature aesthetic and sometimes Yuri P shows up unnanounced and throws himself into the back of Yuuri and Viktor’s closet.

“Would you like a cup of tea, Yura?” Yuuri asks, leaning around the corner.

“No,” Yuri snaps. “What do you think of this?” He’s wearing a peasant top and jean vest tucked into a tulle skirt.

“Is it a pretty day or a handsome day?”

Yuri frowns down at his shoe choices and says, “Pretty.”

“Very pretty, then.”

Yuuri isn’t sure what Yuri was dressing up for, because he appears to spend the rest of the day lounging around, viciously pummeling Viktor at video games. He only stops insulting Viktor briefly, for about fifteen minutes, as Viktor puts an intricate braid into his hair and mumbles about choreography through the bobby pins in his mouth.

“Why don’t you just give him all your old clothes?” Yuuri mumbles after Yura leaves.

“I’ve tried,” Viktor says, shrugging. “He won’t take them. I think he wants to have a reason to come over here and be told he looks pretty. He’s a teenager. He needs reassurance.”

Yuuri nods slowly. “Does he know that he doesn’t need an excuse to come over here and be told he’s pretty?”

“He’s sixteen, Yuuri. Do you know how uncool that would be?“

“Fair enough.”

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Can you make a tutorial about...Line art and coloring? it's ok if you don't want to, I was just asking

I’m not sure what i can explain with lineart, but I do know one trick that many newly blossoming artists should know when it comes to flat colors!

Now I use SAI, so I’m not sure if it works the same on photoshop.

So flattening is hell to most, because you think you gotta do this crap;


Have you heard of the SELECTION TOOL????

you probably have, but here’s how I use it for flattening!

when that’s done, set your selection tool like this!

nice, now select OUTSIDE of your lineart, like this!


this tool will increase the selected area by one pixel! Depending on how thin your lineart is, you may want to do it once, twice if thicker.




Now you can color it! BUT! Heres another trick!


make a new player! and clip it onto your grey base layer!

the Clipped Layer only colors on your Grey Base layer!!! Awesome!!! this will make flats a whole lot easier!! And you can clip as many layers as you want for different colors!!

Hope this helps some fellas out!!

How to Attract the Signs

**Check Sun, Moon, and Venus

Aries: Don’t be timid. Compliment them, but don’t be insincere. Admire their appearance, but also their mind. They love lively discussion on current events, sports, music, politics, art—find something that clicks for you both. Don’t be afraid to go to them for advice. Never try to order them to do something or restrict them, though. Just be spontaneous, and go with the flow.

Taurus: Be patient. Take your time really getting to know them. Make them laugh. Be sure to make the first move when the time is right. Buy them food, and they’ll love you. Money is a good topic of conversation. Feel free to show off your prized possessions and show lots of admiration and praise for theirs. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Let them speak about what they’re passionate about.

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