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100-year-old box of negatives discovered frozen in block of Antarctica’s ice

While restoring one of the exploration huts in Antarctica, Conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a box that turned out to be a remarkable treasure. It contained 22 never-before-seen cellulose nitrate negatives documenting the life of Antarctic explorers a 100 years back. Preserved in a block of ice, these negatives surprisingly lived up to our days to shine a light on the Antarctic heroic era and the landscape itself. After being frozen for a century, the negatives had to be gently restored by firstly separating one from another, then cleaning, removing the mold and consolidating the cellulose nitrate image layers. Only after this painstaking process they were turned into digital positives.

As stated in the media release by the Trust, the box of photographs was probably left in Captain Scott’s hut by Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Ross Sea Party, an expedition that was stranded after their ship floated away to the sea during a massive blizzard. The group was finally rescued but only after three men were already lost.

image breakdown of the gif

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I figured it’d be helpful either way… Uploaded to imgur to save our blog screens here. I literally took the gif and exported the layers as images so it should all be in the ‘correct’ order.

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1932 - The year the Polarisers were invented used in the Polaroid Camera. Each number is displayed within the Polaroid canvas background, with some commonly known Polaroid cameras throughout time including Model 95 Land Camera, SX-70, Spector and Snap with images layered behind from the times.

I have information that I don’t know what to do with:

The other day, I told @nugget2 that Rick Sanchez is 6 feet tall but they couldn’t believe that Rick could ever be that tall, so instead of doing anything productive, I looked into a way on how to tell how tall Rick is.

I layered two images of Rick and Ice-T from Get Schwifty. Since Ice-T is an actual person, I could use his height as a comparison to Rick’s. Now obviously, Rick isn’t standing all the way up, it was very hard for me to get him standing up completely in the same sized frame as Ice-T. 

So here is Rick standing up completely, and his head (not including his hair scruffles) comes up to the top of the clock. 

And Ice-T comes up a bit above the clock. 

We have to compensate for the scene panning out, along with Rick stepping a bit away from the couch, so we could easily say that Rick is around the same height as Ice-T, maybe a bit taller. And according to Google, Ice-T is 5′ 11″.

To conclude: 

Rick Sanchez is a giraffe. 

HOW TO → colour a screencap

this is going to be a short tutorial on how to colour a dark/desaturated screencap on GIMP. it includes steps on cropping out black bars on natively captured screencaps, as well as how to adjust hue and saturation to make an image brighter.

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Hi everyone! This is the team’s pixel artist Miki o//

Honestly I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been part of Aurora for more than a year now, it’s amazing how time flies. Over that time, I’ve really gotten to know members of the team, and formed lovely friendships with people such as Fran-kha and Tobi. It makes me happy to say we’re a group that’s been brought together by doing things we love - art, music, story-making and programming. This project is more than just a game to us, it’s a great deal of effort and love (at least I feel that way ///). 

It was saddening to have to see Fran leave, and later see some of the messages directed to Tobi as well. But with that I saw the incredible amount of support from you all, and it was incredibly heartwarming (the team were gushing over the kind messages you precious cinnamon rolls). We’re trying our best to work on Aurora in our free time, and I’m lending a hand with managing the blog and posting updates so we can avoid any incidents with concerned followers. (So expect a few pixel sneak peeks and trash doodles maybe?)

I hope this post and doodle can be a small apology for our inactivity, but more than anything, a big, big thank you to all of you out there who have been following and supporting Aurora. It really means a lot to us!

Love, Team Aurora <3