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200 followers! I want to start off by thanking every one of you! I wanted to put together a followers gift so I made three things for you.  First is a recolor of the basegame one piece swimsuit.  Second is a recolor of the basegame strapless one piece swimsuit.  Third I took the strapless one piece swimsuit and made it into a top.  It will tuck into most bottoms and layers over tights.  It will look like a normal swimsuit if you pair it with a nude bottom.  Or you can use it as a bodysuit and layer it with pants or skirts.  They all come in WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s neutral and unnatural palettes. All are standalone and basegame compatible.  Thanks again for following me!

Download: One piece | Strapless | Strapless as top

Sadistic Tendencies {Park Jinyoung} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:  For the smut game, Jinyoung with 7, 30, and 18 would be the hottest thing. like damn.

Pairing: Jinyoung x  Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: smut, overstimulation, kinky, bondage

|| Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist ||

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My Dirty Girl, Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: My Dirty Girl / AO3
Rating: M for sex and language.
Length: 4.5k
Summary: Between Poe and Reader, it’s always about the competition and it’s always about sex. Never anything more serious than that.
But when Poe goes missing, presumed dead, Reader comes to realize Poe meant more to her than just a quick romp in the sheets.

Masterlist / WIP List 

A/N: It was supposed to be only sin but feelings got in there somehow. Blame @irebelcaptain for this, she was ready to sell her soul (aren’t we all?) to see a fic go with this gif and I couldn’t help myself.
(Credit to gif maker)

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The Summer Soldier (Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) - Part II

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Soldier keep on marchin’ on

Head down til the work is done

Waitin’ on that morning sun

Soldier keep on marchin’ on

Set from Age of Ultron in between with Civil War, The Avengers have new recruits in the team, many from the aid of Captain America. One of them happen to be you, The Summer Soldier, an unheard project of HYDRA. What the team doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But will open their eyes

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Platonic), Avengers x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Bleeding, Weaponry

Word Count: 4,952

Part I

Taglist: @redroomproperty @midnightreme @tvdplusriverdale @ravenclaw-geek24 @ladywitheclecticheart @priettierthanyou

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Boyfriend! Jinyoung

  • First of all this boy is petty and will keep bringing things up to guilt trip you for fun
  • like the meat with jackson
  • “You went out to eat ice cream with yugyeom without me? i thought i was your boyfriend”
  • You: “you were practicing for your school drama at school jinyoung-ah and WE go out to ice cream together all the time”
  • “yeah but is he your boyfriend though?”
  • you: “jin-”
  • “Are you leaving me for younger and taller boy??  just so you know his sexy dance cannot defeat my peach. it’s all for show, but i can give it to you for real”
  • he’s known for being affectionate and have a lot of skin ship and extra touchy when with you.
  • always near you and putting his arms around your waist from the back.
  • or pulling you to sit between his legs when having a movie with the members. 
  • always using his pouty lips and puppy eyes at you when you’re mad at him for whatever reason.
  • “Jagiya~ dont be maddd. you’re my precious girl~ ppoppo~” pucker lips.
  • of course he’s also the jealous type. he shows it and doesn’t keep it in and can really be quite scary for the guys who are receiving his death stare.
  • pulling you to his side and kisses your cheek when he notice a guy checking you out and you’re just confuse by the sudden on set of affection. 
  • whispering “mine” to you before kiss attack you.
  • the boy is a tease. a real painfully slow tease. his goal is to make you whine.
  • slowly inching his fingers to your thighs and running his hand up and down your thin layer pants under the table. getting closer to your ears like he’s going to whisper something but just brush his plump lips at the shell of your ear.
  • subtle touches while acting nonchalant in public and smirking at your fluster face. you try to pry his hands away gently but it’s always back up on your thighs or back of your arms, around your waist. his body heat so close from behind all the time why is he like this.
  • always worth the wait once you guys are in private and he was also building his own needs so it was right to business once the door are close. 
  • he adores you and take picture of you when you aren’t looking because he think candid pictures are so beautiful. set it as his lockscreen.
  • gets really hype when someone ask who that is on his screen.
  • stay at your place a lot that there’s so many of his laundry lying around your place and is that thing wash? why does it look like a snake on the floor oh my lord jinyoung is that your underwear from yesterday?
  • he likes to call you princess in english because he said he likes it when people call him prince.
My thoughts on 5h Angel mv

Before anything else, I need to get these issues out of the way first.


So, yeah, I said before I wanted concept. I wanted plot. I wanted a story. I wanted to see an old school mv with plot and swag. I got swag, i didn’t get the plot. And it’s disappointing. BUT, I’ll just assume that the label didn’t give them enough budget for a full on mv with lots of crew and shit. That’s what I’ll just assume so I would sleep better at night.

Then again, I’ve seen indie videos have mind blowing plot with basically just one lousy camera. And apparently, 5h and the director were aiming for “artsy” so I don’t see any reason for them not to have given us more. But, maybe Angel is just another teaser single. And promo singles don’t need expensive production and shit. I’m thinking that we’ll get more meaty videos AFTER the album is released.

• “5h being hoes”

I keep seeing this on Twitter or YouTube, and a friend also mentioned the male gaze and objectification to me. Tbh, I didn’t see a hint of the male gaze in this mv. Yes they were sexy and were posing provocatively sometimes, but I don’t think it’s on a male gaze level. Male gaze for me is pandering to the male’s visual appetite, particularly zooming in on the boobs and the butt for no reason at all other than to specifically sexualize the women on camera to satisfy the men’s craving for, well, boobs and butts (just check out most hiphop videos.) But what if the girls actually just wanted to pose sexy and wear sexy clothes? I didn’t see boobs or butts close up.

(This is also where people can get confused with Camila. Complaining about how she was complaining about being overly sexualized in 5h and yet she’s being sexy in her dancing and whatever. I’m like bitch no.)

A woman can be sexual and embrace her femininity and sexuality as long as she’s ready and she does it for herself. If she says she feels sexualized, then you can’t take that away from her. If she chooses to be sexual now, then you can’t slut-shame her for embracing her femininity — which is a natural part of being a woman, just like men are privileged to be as overt with their manhood as they want to be. We should stop suppressing women’s celebration of their sexuality, while we celebrate men for basically the same thing.

And this is where my point about the Angel mv video comes in. What I actually saw in the vid are 4 empowered girls who are confident and aware of their sexuality and power and femininity. I didn’t see them being objectified (I guess that’s just a matter of perspective). I think, even before their 7/27 tour, they keep saying that they will wear clothes they like and they will be as sexy as they like. And that to me is what I saw in Angel.

I saw maturity. I saw them growing into women who are (no Angels lol) expressing themselves. And if they wanted to wear sexy clothes, who are we to say they’re hoes? If they are in control of their sexuality and image, then that’s fine. Like, have you seen Lauren and the way she dresses? That’s a person who wears whatever the fuck she wants, and I think that Lauren and the girls are outspoken enough to speak up if they’re uncomfortable with what they’re wearing and how their videos are conceptualized (in this era, at least)… (We saw that in 7/27 Camila. She insisted on wearing extra layers of cloth or pants in her costumes. The girls didn’t. They wore what they chose to wear).


• it’s def better than Down. Down can choke on a hairy dick.

• if this is a promo video, then I guess it’s fine. But this video is all-fluff and no-meat.

• sure, the aesthetics are lit. I love the old-school vibe. It reminds me of 80’s grunge (the film style), and the girls are 100% fine!! Like omg Ally is a fucking stand out! Lauren is Lauren so no surprise. Normani looks like a boss. Like a mafia wife killin’ it. And Dinah is ugh omg she’s soooooo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

But yeah. The video is nothing. It’s cool yeah, and it’s promising.. but it turned out to be a flat line. Like start to finish there’s nothing happening. But I don’t think it’s bad (they really look cohesive), I just wanted more.

And what’s up with that guy? Is he daydreaming or dreaming? Coz if he’s dreaming then that’s a weird sleeping position 😂😂

Also, what’s up with the random shots of the sky, an ocean, a fence, a lamp post or whatever? Is that a dream-like state? Just random clips interspersed with beauty shots of the girls?

Lauren said the video is artistic. Yeah maybe in a visual sense, it is, but it’s empty.

I needed more.

I can’t even make a proper review of it because it’s severely lacking other than the aesthetics and the girls being immensely beautiful. But we know that already, so can they please give us something more next time? (I think they will. So I need to chill my butt)

In conclusion, if their purpose is to tell us that the girls are no Angels, that they’re hot and sexy and have swag, then yeah the vid is successful.

But to be fair, this video is at least something different from their usually polished bubblegum pop stuff. It’s something gritty in terms of visuals, and I like that 5h3 era is showing us new sides of the girls. They’re exploring and they’re giving us something new. Even if we don’t embrace it the first time, or despite their label’s lack of support, they’re still giving us a part of themselves, and I guess that’s what’s important. I need to chill and be a good fan and just wait for them to do their thing.

The video is a 7/10 for me. 6/10 if I’m in a bad mood. The imagery is cool, but it would have been better if they incorporated something else to balance the meaningless beauty shots.

10/10 just for that one-second clip of Lauren banging the doorframe in sync with the beat. That’s sexy AF and it’s my fave part 😂

And Allysin yeah you’re doing amazing sweetie!!

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Imagine Thorin insisting that you take an herbal painkiller for cramped muscles, but instead of it working like a painkiller it works like an aphrodisiac for humans

You: so are you sure this will work the same on humans as it does on dwarves?
Thorin : no, but if it gets you to shut up about your achy muscles for even a second I’m willing to risk it.
You: alright, but if I die because of this I hope you know I fully intend to haunt you until you die.
Thorin : fine just take the medicine.
*an hour later *
You : *laying in a single layer of clothing and panting softly* Thorin…should the medicine have kicking in by now?
Thorin : Yes…is it not doing anything?
You: it’s doing something, but I don’t think it’s what you intended it to do.
Thorin :have your legs stopped hurting at least?
You: No, but now I’m unbearably horny.
Thorin: I don’t understand your world’s slang, we’ve been over this.
You: fine, for humans that herb is an aphrodisiac, and since you were so insistent I take the medicine I think you should do something to help me!
Thorin :what am I supposed to…wait are you saying we should have intercourse!

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its like -93519 degrees outside