layered hair

Real life Sirius Black

today I was in the city and sitting in traffic and I saw a BEAUTIFUL MAN with dark, thick, wavy layered hair just past his shoulders, intense eyes, and a little bit of facial hair. I’m assuming he’s Italian (I live in Italy). He also had one long pointed earring, and he was wearing an oversized forest green sweater.

I SCREAMED because HOLY HEK IT WAS IRL SIRIUS BLACK but I couldn’t get a picture and I am full of regret


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …