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Okay so our leaders are so special because they have links to the legendary birds. HC Where they all have affinities aligned to their birds and it marked them physically in some way!

Candela: Most of the right side of her body is covered in burns she got literally fighting Moltres in order to bond with the damn thing. That’s why she wears so many layers and a high-collared cloak. She’s not ashamed of her scars, but they get her weird looks, and it made it hard for her to gather Valor members at first. So she covers up, and uses her charm to gather as many people as she can. Most everyone knows about the scars now, but when the new members catch her at the gyms working out with trainers and pokemon in a tank top, she has to explain to them that it’s rude to stare. 

Blanche: Blanche used to have really pretty black hair and they always wore it down and grew it long. When they gained their affinity of ice, they meditated on the island in the presence of Articuno for five days. They almost froze to death, their hair turned white and now Blanche is always cold, which is why they wear a long coat and layers all the time. Blanche used to dye it all the time, but it always faded remarkably fast. They stoppped trying eventually, but Blanche always wears a ponytail now.

Spark: Okay so they can’t all be sad right? Spark actually didn’t have a hard time bonding with Zapdos. The bird zapped him on sight and when he woke up, his hair would never lay flat again, and he blew up his pokedex. He had to wear gloves all the time because he couldn’t control it at first. He accidentally sucked all the power out of his apartment building once only to blow up ten minutes later. The building caught fire and was without power for weeks. Needless to say he was kicked out. Spark has better control now, but he still drains a pokedex in half an hour if he doesn’t wear his gloves.

anonymous asked:

hey whats your trick when you dress to make your chest look flatter? im always looking for better ways than mine because i suck at it :/

tricks I personally use: 

  1. wear a tight sports bra 
  2. push breasts to apart instead of together
  3. vertical lines in your aesthetic as much as possible
  4. layers 
  5. high collars/men’s shirts 
  6. wearing belts to make your waist/hips come out as far as your chest so your shirt lies flatter and breathe deep & expand your belly not your chest– it’s healthier & will make things look a little more even too

If you’re thinking about wearing a kimono costume for Halloween, READ THIS POST FIRST.

I hope you realize that the above photo does not depict kimono. AT. ALL.

These are also NOT kimono. They are bathrobes patterned after kimono.

This is also NOT a kimono. This is a nagajuban, the underwear for a kimono, like an undershirt or a slip (a piece of underwear that used to be worn under dresses). You will often see waitresses at pseudo-sushi restaurants wearing these. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

These… are NOT kimono. They are yukata, a lighter version of kimono worn usually after a bath in the summertime. They are acceptable to be worn in public; however, they function as the Japanese version of a bathrobe

THESE are kimono. Older women wear darker, more sedate colors with shorter sleeves; young unmarried women wear brighter colors with long sleeves, called furisode

Here are some more examples of furisode. Notice that there are at least three layers showing at the collar/neckline. The one on the right has a padded hem because it is an uchikake, an ornamental piece often worn on the stage. 

Wedding kimono can be quite colorful…

…but white is the preferred traditional color. White and red are colors of celebration in Japan. 

From the Heian Era to the Muromachi Era, formal court kimono were jūnihitoe, literally “twelve-layered.”

It has been vastly simplified in modern times. This is how a real Japanese waitress (perhaps at a ryokan or inn) would wear a practical kimono. 

BOTTOM LINE:  If you can’t tell the differences between these, don’t fucking wear a kimono costume. If someone has given you a yukata, by all means wear it, but be sure you understand the difference between a yukata and a real kimono.