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Ralph Lauren Purple Label AW17

It’s easy to understand why Ralph Lauren is still considered to this day as one of the most successful brands of all time, not only by those inserted in its aesthetic sphere, but by every reputed personality in menswear, regardless of personal style and taste. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren owes its success to brilliant storytelling and the early adoption of the “lifestyle concept”, the introduction of narrative and context to fashion. 

This concept has been so exquisitely explored throughout its life cycle that the Ralph Lauren aesthetic is an immediately recognisable trademark. Even if the quality of the lower tier lines isn’t what it used to be, they still provide timeless garments that don’t compromise the integrity of the brand as a whole. Another superb aspect of Ralph Lauren is the ability to adapt and expand to new markets without ever losing its DNA - be it on RRL, RLX or Home, lines who seek to attract distinct consumer profiles, traces of the brand’s universe remain.

A perfect example is its AW17 collection from the luxurious Purple Label line. If you haven’t seen it in person I recommend doing so the next time you visit one of their flagship stores, trust me it’s worth it. This top tier line delivers some of the most high-end garments around, made from luxurious fabrics and portraying an uncanny attention to detail in both design an construction. Usually associated with a more formal style due to the outstanding suiting offerings, usually accompanied by the expertise of their in-house tailors, Purple Label has been evolving, currently offering a wide range of styles as seen above. From 3-piece suits, to tuxedos, playful ikat patterns and sweatpants, the collection sees the Ralph Lauren man as a whole, providing spot-on options for different occasions - what’s not to love?

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: angst, slight fluff
Word count: 1.6k

Summary: You’re set on a blind date and meet with someone you never expected to see again.

“It’ll be fun!” You roll your eyes, irritably smoothing out the wrinkles in your short, black dress. Looking over yourself in the mirror, you sigh softly, playfully flicking at one of the shiny white rhinestones glimmering on the rims of your shoulders. Were you really going to go through with this?

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Based on Marianne’s tunic in the movie Strange Magic. Should be worn with purple leggings.

Marianne’s tunic is SO PRETTY but SO CONFUSING. It seems to be assembled from petals, so there are a lot of pieces and at least three distinct layers but with overlapping details that make it harder to figure out.

(This is part of the ‘famous like the Kardashians’ AU)

<<I’m not sorry that I’m actual Hamilton AU trash and I’m pumped to write more from this universe.>>

All parts-plus character studies, oneshots, and anything related to this universe can be found HERE

“Stepping Into Style: Schuyler Sisters School Us All" 

Our favorite trio has once again graced the streets of New York City with their presence. The Schuyler sisters made the hearts of Manhatten simultaneously palpate and grow six sizes Monday morning in the true fashion of their sisterhood; linked arms, coffee cups pressed to freshly glossed lips and heads tipped back in laughter to the inside jokes that make all of us wish we were the daughters of this New York Senator too.

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Okay so our leaders are so special because they have links to the legendary birds. HC Where they all have affinities aligned to their birds and it marked them physically in some way!

Candela: Most of the right side of her body is covered in burns she got literally fighting Moltres in order to bond with the damn thing. That’s why she wears so many layers and a high-collared cloak. She’s not ashamed of her scars, but they get her weird looks, and it made it hard for her to gather Valor members at first. So she covers up, and uses her charm to gather as many people as she can. Most everyone knows about the scars now, but when the new members catch her at the gyms working out with trainers and pokemon in a tank top, she has to explain to them that it’s rude to stare. 

Blanche: Blanche used to have really pretty black hair and they always wore it down and grew it long. When they gained their affinity of ice, they meditated on the island in the presence of Articuno for five days. They almost froze to death, their hair turned white and now Blanche is always cold, which is why they wear a long coat and layers all the time. Blanche used to dye it all the time, but it always faded remarkably fast. They stoppped trying eventually, but Blanche always wears a ponytail now.

Spark: Okay so they can’t all be sad right? Spark actually didn’t have a hard time bonding with Zapdos. The bird zapped him on sight and when he woke up, his hair would never lay flat again, and he blew up his pokedex. He had to wear gloves all the time because he couldn’t control it at first. He accidentally sucked all the power out of his apartment building once only to blow up ten minutes later. The building caught fire and was without power for weeks. Needless to say he was kicked out. Spark has better control now, but he still drains a pokedex in half an hour if he doesn’t wear his gloves.

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could you share your thoughts about the ladies costumes on got? like whose costumes you liked and when, which ones you didn't etc?

Ah, sure! Be warned—naturally I have a lot of thoughts.

I think the GoT costumes are stunning. In fact, the production design has always been one of my main reasons for watching. Most designers only dream of having that kind of budget and that many talented people in the costume department (including a full-time embroiderer like Michele Carragher). So the product is bound to be pretty great. I preferred Michele Clapton as designer, and the overall concept really remains hers. Clapton left after Season 5 and was replaced by April Ferry.

Specific Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the costumes were strongest in Seasons 1 and 2, before the budget exploded. Sure, the extra resources help secure the best fabrics and quality garment construction/detailing, but I liked a lot of the simpler (messier?) designs. i.e. what we saw with Robert’s visit to Winterfell, in the very beginning. I found the earlier hair and makeup much better too, though Cersei’s stuff was a little wild (I’ll make a few comments on wigs/makeup/styling as well, though note that these form separate departments in TV production).

high collars and layers r’hllor bless

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okay so werewolves ot4 where akaashi is younger than his boyfriends so he's still out of control during full moon and his boyfriends're trying to take care of him and control him and soothe his pain caused by shift into wolf. i just love werewolves,so can you write it, please? i love you so much, i will sacrafice my soul really, just please, could you write it for me? i will sing love songs for you or something

“I refuse.” Tsukishima growls, crossing his arms. “I won’t do it.”

“Kei.” Kuroo sighs, “Don’t you remember what it was like?”

I do. That’s why I refuse to chain him up like an animal.” Tsukishima glares.

“No.” Akaashi grunts, the change already causing his skin to sweat, and his eyes to burn, “I don’t…if I…if I hurt you guys…”

“There has to be another way.” Tsukishima watches Bokuto pull the chains tight, locking Akaashi against the radiator in their basement.

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Hey! I have a navy blue sweater that's really nice and I wanna wear I just don't know what to wear with it.

Hi dear! Lucky for your navy is an amazing (imo) neutral that goes with so much and is going to be perfect for fall! 

Wear it layered over a collared white blouse, black jeans and some flats for a cute and put-together preppy look. 

Wear alone with a black pencil skirt and tights + boots for a casual fall outing.

Pair with ripped boyfriend jeans and colourful flats and a huge tote for a transitional summer > fall outfit

Blue denim and Converse. Always. 

If it’s long enough and goes past your bum, leather leggings and ankle boots. 

With a yellow pleated skirt, a la Taylor

Seriously the possibilities are endless. I love navy with burgundy, black, grey, white, dark evergreen, khaki, etc etc. 

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I'm sorry :3 I'll ask some real questions now! All of them in the favorites category for Em!

(continuation) favorites:

1. song: Human by Christina Perri
2. band: Maroon 5 (very basic, I guess?)
3. outfit: Something along those lines // she likes layers, peter pan collars, comfort clothes, nothing too revealing. 60′s fashion too. 

4. place: The woods; anywhere with millions of trees, little critters, a small cabin in the middle of it all, and no ppl or technology.
5. memory: Participating in her first ballet recital 
6. person: If you asked her when she was way way younger she would say “my dad, of course,” but ask her now and she would have no answer.
7. movie: Dirty dancing!
8. show: Anything that has to do with basic cooking shows, dancing with the stars, animal planet, and every now and then the history channel.