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Or Nah (One - Shot)

Or Nah: Reader and Bucky are doing their routine workout before an extremely important mission, which doesn't go as planned when Bucky shows her his own playlist he made.

A/N: I've always wondered what would happen if Sam introduced Bucky to some really dirty songs! I was dying while writing this haha! If you want to hear the song while you read it’s right here! :D I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very dirty song lyrics, pls beware lol. Bucky being a flirty little shit. Slight secondhand embarrassment. 

You let out a small sigh as you placed the weight in your hand down. You had been in the gym for a solid two hours, working out for the mission that was coming up later that week. It was a pretty big one, and you wanted to make sure you were ready for anything and everything. Bucky, who would be your partner for the mission had agreed to join you for the workout, and to your surprise, he even offered to chose the playlist. 

Ever since he and Sam had been hanging out more often, they’ve been able to catch him up on various modern things, mostly music. You knew that Bucky had been spending time listening to the new wave of music on his little ipod you had given him for his birthday, but you had no idea what songs Sam had put on there for him. 

You and he had grown pretty close ever since Bucharest, and dare you admit, you liked him. A bit much for just friends, but you’d never tell him. There were sometimes when you swore he was reciprocating your feelings, but you always brushed it off as simple flirtatious teasing. Steve always said that’s how he used to be back in the day. 

You just figured it was some nineties rap or something, which wasn’t unlikely. 

The last song had ended, leaving the two of you in that awkward five second silence before the next song began. 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

Your eyes nearly fell out of your head at how wide you were staring at him. He paid no attention to you, as he was in his own little world. He lowly sung along to the song as he lifted the weights in his hands. The way he spoke the lyrics, you knew damn well that he had heard the song quite a bit. 

You swallowed loudly as you watched Bucky work out. The black tank top he wore clung to his body, which was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His arms flexed in such a delicious way each time he brought the weight up, almost as if he was showing off everything he had. 

His hair was pulled back in a messy bun, with a few rebellious strands falling in front of his face. Your eyes analyzed the way his jaw clenched each time he flexed, and the way his lips pursed. His brow was furrowed with concentration as he worked out, his eyes staring forward at the grand mirror in front of him as he watched himself. 

And Jesus, that metal arm. It shifted and clicked with each movement, and you honestly found yourself wondering how on earth you could be attracted to a prosthetic limb. Regardless, you’ve wanted it and him. 

After making sure you weren’t drooling over him, you peered back up at his face, expecting him to still be in his own little world. But to your horror, he was staring right at you. His mouth was curved upwards into a little, fascinated smile as he watched you. Regardless, he continued singing along to the song. 

You gonna run it for these hundreds, girl, or nah?
Show me is you really ‘bout your money, girl, or nah?
Don’t play with a boss, girl, take it off
Take it for a real one
You gonna get it all

You watched as he sung to you, his eyes traveling down your body. You blushed even deeper as you took in the raunchy lyrics. You had no idea why Sam would introduce him to this. Steve would probably have several heart attacks at once if he showed up. 

Bucky set down the weights in his hand with a loud clank, pulling you out of your thoughts. He made sure to give you a show as he reached behind himself and slipped the tank top from his body, tossing it to the side. He made his way over to the chin up bar, which was located directly across from you. By now, you were trying to relieve some of the arousal that was pooling between your legs by pressing them together. 

Bucky placed his hands on the bar, and slowly began lifting himself upwards, peering over at you, still singing those damn lyrics. 

Is you really 'bout your money or nah?
Can you really take dick or nah?
Can I bring another bitch or nah?
Is you with this shit or nah?

Your eyes immediately went to his body, watching as every single muscle flexed as he lifted himself up. His gray sweatpants hung low on his waist, giving you a perfect view of the V of his waist. You so desperately wanted to see just a few more inches, but you knew better. He was teasing you, and you were falling right into the trap. 

Not being able to take it anymore, you stood from your seat and began walking towards the bench press. You lie back onto the bench, pressing your hands onto the bar tightly. But before you could even get started, you felt a pair of hands wrap around your legs and pull you away. 

You squeaked, trying to balance yourself. Before you could sit upwards, you were pressed back down by a metal hand. Bucky hovered over you, smirking devilishly as he placed both of his hands on either sides of your head, trapping you underneath him. You felt so small, and couldn't fight the blush that was now spread throughout your chest and face. 

Girl, is you sucking me or fucking me or nah?
Can I bring another bitch? Let’s have a threesome
Keep saying you’s a freak, you gon’ prove it or nah?

“Hey, Buck,” Sam called as he entered the room. His eyes staring down at the ipod in his hands, completely unaware of what was going on in front of him. 

“I think I accidentally took yo- WHOA!

You immediately covered your face with your hands. This was not what you hoped the outcome would be at all! You were hoping for some steamy make out sessions or maybe even Bucky’s head between your legs, but this was absolutely not what you wanted. Sam would never let you guys live this down. 

Bucky cleared his throat awkwardly as he stared at his friend, his eyes flickering between the two of you with a sheepish smile. 

“Man,” He whistled as he listened to the song blaring from the speakers. “I always knew you were a closet freak, Y/N.’” With a cackle, Sam turned on his heel and exited the gym. 

Not before calling over his shoulder that he had a very interesting story for dinner tonight. 


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random-fireworks  asked:

Hi! About the song Jensen played at the end of the second J2 panel that made Jared so emotional, some people say on the youtube comments that it could be the intro to Sweet Home Alabama. I'm not sure, I don't recognize it but it's maybe a version I don't know. What do you think?

Anon:  Hi. I think Jensen was playing intro to sweet home Alabama to Jared…

In response to this ask. Sorry, for taking more time then necessary to answer. Ok, so I think you are right. Just listen to Jensen and an original acoustic version.  Sure seems pretty similar to me.

I wonder if Jared saw Jensen “Sweet Home Alabama” performance from Jib6 in 2015. In my headcanon he did see it, and I don’t know if it was important to them earlier or it became after that, but Jared’s face when he realizes what Jensen’s playing it, is well, take a look yourself:

[Can I just take a second to appreciate the way Jared looks right here. *ARMS* *SINGLE LAYER* *HAIR IN HIS FACE* *TOO MUCH SEXY CUTENESS*]

Cute little smile, biting his lower lip, dimples on display (am I seeing things or did his dimples actually deepened there at one point), his whole demeanor right then was so shy. *sigh* 

 And then look at Jensen:

Look at this fucker. He’s so pleased with himself (he should be, tbh), and that little satisfied smile right at the end. Yeah, make no mistake, that song must be important to them. 

THANK YOU ANON AND @random-fireworks for your answers so much!

I liked this song just fine, and then JIB6 happened and it gave me a new meaning and I’m sure you have some songs with the great meaning to you, so you know how it is. I’ll listen to it now even more fondly then after JIB6. 

You know, I think Jensen likes Lynyrd Skynyrd (”well, DUH”, said the voices in my head), he sang “Sweet Home Alabama” to Jared when Jared wasn’t there, and he played it now, and he sang “Simple Man” to Jared at the concert at Orion yesterday (c’mon, his eyes were on Jared every couple seconds, of course he sang it to him). 

Tbh, Jensen serenading Jared is one of my favorites. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

“You see that punk over there? Yeah, don’t bother trying to arrest him, he’s got Jeon on his side.”

rebel!tae x officer!jeon


Author: Emma

Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word Count: 2,584

Warnings: Smuuuuuuut. Unprotected sex (use condoms y'all!), bad language words

Author’s Note: I don’t even know what happened here. This is completely different than what I meant to write. How did this happen??? Feedback is appreciated guys!

Originally posted by lokihiddlelaufeyson

“Please Y/N.”

You weren’t sure how the a prince of Asgard could look quite so much like a begging puppy but with the way he was looking at you there was almost no way you could turn down his request.

“Fine,” you scoffed, “but you owe me big time.”

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NY Faerie Festival 2017 Garb: Plans & Details ✨🌙
Hair lifted off of the shoulders. White markings. Wool collar regalia. Labradorite & moonstone fripperies. Dangling bones. Gotland crystal ball. Crescents, whirls, stippled dots. Crochet, lace, cotton. Bare arms. Wild layering of skirts.
I won’t be attending Faerie Fest until this Sunday after work, but I’ve been playing around with different looks in the meantime! This is what I’ve come up with so far, but it’s pretty cozy & relatively casual for a day where mud is likely to be slung… so I’m digging it 🥕 Hair stylings & face markings are subject to change as they’re a very fluid force as is, but for the most part I’m pretty content! 💖 Beyond the love for the creative process, though, is the EXCITEMENT FOR THE ENERGY. Pumped to be surrounded by hordes of beautiful people. Magical people living, expressing, & loving their truth 👁 Trolls, goblins, faeries, pixies, mermaids, imps… HAPPY HUMANS.
🌟 My Instagram: ‘trolltail’ Xx

Images: Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender © 2016-2017 Dreamworks Animation LLC. TM World Events Productions. LLC. All Rights Reserved

I spent more time cropping this together than I should have, but I wanted to compare these two side by side because they’ve got a lot of similarities personality wise and it shows in how they stand and express themselves. However, that’s not where I wanted to go.

Let’s talk Team Forestfire

Actually I wanted to know just how over sized Keith’s jacket would be on Pidge. I also wanted to see just how tall he is compared to her. I noted several things when I layered their arms/torsos on top of one another to compare them. First that while Keith’s arms are longer than hers and his shoulders are set a little farther apart: Pidge’s arms are the same width as his, also her mid and lower torso are the same width as well, but her torso is shorter than his. Not by much though. So this leads me to believe his jacket would hang longer on her in the sleeves and longer on the torso, but there wouldn’t be all that much extra slack in the width of the torso of the jacket. I like to note that one would only see the tips of her fingers peak out. Separately while on the subject of borrowing clothing/items from each other, if Keith borrowed her glasses he instantly looks ten times more anime. He also looks older. Pidge conversely looks younger without her glasses. 

Also side note: does Pidge need those glasses to correct her vision? They clearly have glass in them, she’s clearly wearing something with a prescription. So what happened did she wear contacts before hand or something? 

Jumping back to personalities now: these two are both exceptionally smart, very stubborn, and are both sarcastic. Although I’d say Pidge more so than Keith. Though Keith is more stubborn than Pidge. They also both have parental issues and authority issues. 

I enjoy comparing these two. So feel free to tack on headcanons, theories, and other observations below. I thirst for theories and headcanons!

(click to de-blur + zoom in)

wip 3 - I’m doing a slightly different painting style than usual on this peice - I’m actually blocking everything out first before I begin to add details =w= It’s a bit of a pain in the ass in places, but I think it’s actually gonna help out a ton in the long run!

I have been trying to stream, buuut it’s a large file and my laptop’s barely limping along - so, as to not lose any more work, I’m afraid that’s out of the picture (picture, geddit? huhuhu)

Snapping out. [Mark x reader]

this was a request by inyournightmares97, thank you and keep them coming in :)

summary: you and your boyfriend go out for a walk by the river and decide to drink a little. You get a bit tipsy and blurt out that you don’t like how he always wears snapbacks because they cover his beautiful face.

genre: fluff/angst

word count: 701

photo not mine

Your night had started off how it always did. Mark and you both sitting snuggled on the couch going through Instagram and reading articles. Then Mark turns to you and says “you know this doesn’t happen often, but I want to go out.” The two of you decide to buy beers at the convenience store and go for a walk by the river.  The evening breeze is a cool as your drinks and both of you walk in comfortable silence. 

After two cans you have become pretty tipsy, and Mark has yet to show any signs of the same. You reach a spot where both of you can sit and watch the sunset. “Darling~~” You say almost slurring. He just laughs. “Yes~~” He sings back, imitating you. “Is there anything you wou-would change about me?~” He doesn’t even pause before you hear “Of course not. Why do you have one for me?” You laugh and say “Let me see…”

You motion for him to stand up you twirl your finger around, and just for your amusement, he does a spin.You examine everything his perfect feet, and skinny long legs, his toned torso that you could still imagine under his layers of clothes; his arms that had held you a thousand times; his sculpted collar bones and soft kissable neck. But as you scanned upward his face was masked by the front of his snapback. A signature piece for Mark, but an inconvenience to you. 

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“Says the actress of her and Joseph Fiennes’ characters: ”[Fiennes and I] are the villains. Suddenly Trump is elected, and all this negative behavior comes to light. I start seeing these parallels between [my character’s] actions and what Trump’s doing. It’s in a weird way an inspiration but also a horrid parallel.“

Yvonne Strahovski photographed April 21 at The Beekman in New York for Hollywood Reporter [x]

Sick Days

The air was chilly. You didn’t feel surprised. The faint bite of winter’s beginning created a rosy hue to the tip of your nose and the apples of your cheeks. You liked the slightly frigid tone to everything around you. This pretty weather had been one of the things you’d been looking forward to when Harry suggested a stay at his parent’s Cheshire home. Anne had been ecstatic of course. There was never a time where a smile didn’t grace her lips.

“C’mom love. My mum has the house awaiting” Harry smiles as he locks the apartment door behind you. It wasn’t a very long car ride to the little hometown house, but considering you two were going to be staying there a few days, there was quite handful of overnight bags to be transported.

With a quick, pert kiss the the cold flesh of your cheek, Harry stuffed the remaining luggage into the trunk. Only moments before, with you now just realizing the chilliness of the weather compared to your flat, you had begged Harry to turn on the heater. It was with a warm chuckle and a heated hand that he rubbed your thigh and looked ahead.

Maybe it was 15 minutes. Maybe it was less. Either way, your bones were stiff as iron when you stretched them out. The confines of his car left you little arm room, and a playful puppy smile erupted onto his features when he saw you run your weary eyes. He liked seeing you just wake up. A fresh glow to your skin. Eyes a little puffy and dozed with the slightest undertone of scarlet. Your arms shook momentarily and a throaty groan left your lips. The leather of the seats was now hot from your body heat. You snuggled into it, tucking your legs in and nuzzling your head a bit.

You didn’t get an extra wink in due to his murmurs of “We’re here's” and “Mum’s waiting love.” A needy whine escaped you before you hauled yourself out of the tinted car and gathered some bags along your arm. Gathering the remaining bags in your grasp, you forcefully closed the trunk. The clunk of the metal earned an odd startle from Harry. His lanky legs wobbled a bit on the way to the wooden door. He wasn’t carrying many bags though, and his eyebrows were knotted together. Even from here, where you stand on the concrete right next to the doorway, you could spot the subtle layer of sweat along his hairline. That was interesting. Sweat was almost nonexistent in this type of weather, and here he was, stepping up besides you with a final huff, seconds before Anne opened the door.

Her arms embraced you in a tight hug, patting your back and smiling before moving on to her curly-haired son. He had a gleaming smile etched on his face. It was crazy how they looked so similar. Anne’s welcoming greeting to come in broke your thoughts. You set the bags on the large rosewood table after you wiped your feet. The frail straps were becoming heavy, and some reddened lines marked your arm as indentations. You rub it slightly with your sleeve before lifting your head to gaze around the house.

It smelled wonderful. A fresh scent of pine breeze flew threw the household and swallowed your senses. Anne had placed an array of snacks and such on the little coffee table, which was only inches from the cozy couch adorned with pillows. A delectable aroma flooded from the kitchen as well. Anne stood with Gemma, who was idly resting by the counter. Robin and Harry had gone to put the luggage up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Although this isn’t your first time meeting the family, nor the house, it felt new. You had taken your shoes off at the door afterwiping them, and the lush carpet ticked your toes. It felt pleasant. It felt like home.

A warm sensation filled your chest when you heard Harry’s voice coming down the stairs. He chuckled at something with his father before hugging Gemma and walking back towards you.

“Our bags are upstairs. Up in my old room.” He still had a gleaming smile when you watched him walk away to the counter with the remaining of his family. He had been excited for this journey back home. You could see in his eyes that this is was where his heart belonged. Conversations in the days beforehand had consisted of happy grins and cute gushing to revisit his family. You never thought that you’d be this happy too.

Harry placed a drink in your hand as he sipped away at his own. The two of you clinked glasses before you joined him with the rest of your family.

It was sometime later, when the night had begun to paint a dark horizon on the sky, that Harry set down his now empty glass and sat down on the sofa. Anne and Gemma had taken a spot on the rather large love-seat in the corner, with you on the full length couch and Robin not far from your right. Harry had picked a spot across the room, hands and arms outstretched as they rest on the edges of the sofa besides him. With his legs crossed and comfy pose, it puzzles you as to why he had a subtlety pale complexion.
A few minutes had passed by, each consisting of some more chatter and childhood stories. You had gone to unpack a few things beforehand, and now you were a little faded. It didn’t bother you much. Spending time with them was great.

“M’gonna head up stairs. My tummy s’not feelin’ too good. Night.” Harry says suddenly. You could hear the quiet discomfort laced in his words. It must hurt a lot because when his lanky legs raised him from the cushions and took a few steps, his hands gently placed themselves over his belly. Your bottom lip pouted out the slightest at the thought of his discomfort and you hastily gave him some medicine to ease the trouble. You never liked when that frown of his grew between his brows. The rest of them said goodnight and you heard his footsteps fade away as he climbed up the stairs and entered the bedroom.

You heard it before you saw it. It was no later than 5:00 A.M, and a hurling noise met your ears as it woke you from your slumber.
You untangled the soft bedspread from your warm body and rose slowly. The gagging noise was still a mystery to your groggy senses. Your eyes looked to the side of the bed, heart faltering a bit when you were met with nothing. An indention marked it, with two other crumples of fabric at its sides. You could see that he had grasped onto them rather hard, for the comforter looked oddly disgruntled and ripped off. A frown etched itself among your features.
When the horrid noise clashed with your ears once more, the pieces connected. Your eyes grew wide as Harry vomited again. That stomach ache of his was causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Without hesitation, your feet met your slippers at a rapid pace, your body almost jolting to the bathroom. Anne and Gemma were perched outside the bathroom door, a worried tension floating about the air. Harry continued to hurl into the toilet, a scene you didn’t dare to peek at through the crack of the door. You were cringing with a heavy heart as you hear him in such discomfort. Your baby was sick and there wasn’t much that could be done to ease the throb in your chest.

Anne met your gaze and shook her head. Gemma held the bridge of her nose peering at the two women besides her. The two of them held a frizz in their hair, as you probably did, with a sad look in their eyes.

“He’s been going at this for thirty minutes. S’like its non stoppin’” Anne murmured. The statement earned a slight nod of agreement from Gemma, but you jerked your head to the bathroom entryway, for the foul noise and bitter odor crashed through the house. Your fingers wrinkled around themselves in a haste as you tried to figure out how to help him.

“I tried to help em’ but nothing’s workin’. I’ll go fetch him some warm tea” Anne spoke alas and scurried off without a warning. Gemma left too, saying something about a nice towel or a hot cloth. It was hard to concentrate when all you heard was his groans of displeasure.

You stood alone for a minute, resting against the wall. Your arms were layered in a thin blanket of goosebumps from the early morning breezes. Yesterday had been tiring, giving you less energy to change into anything but one of Harry’s silky T-shirts. With a final push of your arm on the cool metal knob, your eyes met his emerald ones. They didn’t look too bright now, rimmed in a dull red and a watery line of tears. You could feel your heart shatter within your body.

He was hunched over, hands deathly pale with an iron grip on the toilet seat, messy curls acting as a curtain for his face, which hung low over the pool of liquid. His shirt had been discarded in the hours of the night. It was visible now that his body heat was intense, a sheer plaster of sweat coating his broad backside. Harry’s shoulders brought high in a hunch, similar to the position of his spine. Tendrils of ebony clung to his forehead and neck mercilessly. A dry cough escaped his throat before you kneeled down besides him.
He knew of your presence. He always did. So when his now chapped lips quivered when he turned to look at you and a whimper fled his mouth, every ounce of stability in your heart broke free. All you wanted to do you was cuddle and hold and comfort the aching boy that lay strewn on the tile floor of the bathroom.
Your hands immediately grappled for his hair, alarmed when he lurched forward. Your eyes screw shut and you look away.

The gag was impossibly worse this time. A constant havoc upon his insides was doing his throat no good, and your fingers grazed his freckles as he dry heaved. There wasn’t an ounce of anything in his belly and your body froze rigid while he spit up acid, bursting into bursts of coughs. A flu had swallowed his whole being. You sit crisscross applesauce on the linoleum flooring watching intently as he rose to his previous body figure and peered back with bewildered eyes.

His lips were deathly swollen, his cheeks flushed crimson at the surges of force throughout his body. You’d felt his muscles, now resting as he sits directly in front of you, twist his body. You were curious at first, but a tear fell shamelessly down your cheek as he falls onto your lap. Harry’s head lays cradled on your lap, a spark of contentment electrifying your senses when you rub his hair and a hum leaves his lips. Even as you stroke his hair and nurse his neck caringly, you still feel his groans, although lighter than before, vibrating against your inner thigh. His lips sprouted out in a childish pout, glossy and irritated. His eyes looked stripped. But the green was still there, and you thanked the heavens because when he once again looked up at you, that sliver of life was the only thing holding you from losing sanity.

The words came out extra raspy and grumbly, sort of jumbled and slightly incoherent from his grogginess and thick morning accent. But you saw his mouth part and listened as he spoke the small sentence anyways.

“Wan’ cuddle. Feelin’ like rubbish”

The last few words faded into a sigh, and Harry shifted around a bit in your lap, letting out a few frustrated huffs before finally deciding his spot. He had moved to the side of you thigh a bit, resting his head on the lining of your hips. His long arms entangled themselves in a hearty embrace around you waist. His cheek plastered adorably against his reddened lips.

You waited a minute or two to comment on his state of wellbeing. He closed his eyes and relaxed into your warm skin while you spoke.

“I’m sorry.”

It floated delicately in the petite space, brushing gracefully along the walls and holding a stature in the room until he spoke again. This time, he lifted his head up a bit so his words wouldn’t melt together. They still came out husky and scratchy, but he hugged you tighter and snuggled deeper into your body.

“Ya’ got non’ to be sorry abou’ ”

Although he was sick, he stated it firm as he dug his cheek into your thigh. His eyes drifted closed, but his hand fiddle with yours so you knew he wasn’t asleep.

You knew of course that this wasn’t your fault. But a stream of emotions were flowing through you. You were saddened, disappointed, empathetic. You just didn’t have the words to express how much you cared about his happiness.

“I know. Jus’ tha’ my lil’ baby boy is sick and I don’ kno’ what to do” You whisper in a hushed tone. You shook your head half-heartedly and he continued to fumble his cold rings against the flesh of your hand. It would’ve been soothing if it wasn’t for the circumstances.

“Yeh wanna take a nice bath? Maybe we can go home if you like.” You question Harry.

You fingers had paved roads and trails along his scalp for the last few minutes, but it wasn’t good for him to lay on a hard tile floor all day. You knew he was comfortable here with his family, but he’d might like some more privacy or comfort due to the less people.

“A bath sounds nice. Yeh sure yeh wanna go home?” Harry gazed at you after asking his question. A faint smile was painted along your lips as you replied.

“It’s not up to me H.”

His eyes met yours for a few remaining seconds before he nodded solemnly. You took this as your cue to help him up. In one swift motion, you had one arm linked under his right armpit and another soft hand on his shoulder.

Like a baby deer with its first steps, Harry rose with long wobbly legs. They trembled a bit under their newfound weight, but when he swayed to his side, you were there for him to lean on. He murmured a thank you, almost incoherent as his voice was strained in struggle. A groan of displeasure shook his throat. You kissed his temple before raising him to his full height. The poor baby hadn’t even changed from his pajamas. The plaid boxers hung on his hips loosely and his skin was covered in goose bumps. With a gentle hand on his tummy, he leans on the doorframe while you retrieve the suitcase.

It was unfortunate really. He hadn’t seen his family in a while, but here he was, one day into the visit with a sickness. You knew Harry. He’d be more comfortable in his own bed. Quiet and calm with only you in his hands. Harry knew this too, for when you came down the stairs, Gemma and Anne already looked sad. Harry had said his goodbyes. He hugged his mother and sister lightly before cuddling into the passenger’s side of his Range Rover, snuggling into the preheated leather. The warmth sunk into his skin and he hummed a little in contentment.
You hopped up the doorsteps before turning to the two women besides you. A faint smile etched itself onto your face once more, this time your heart filled with gratitude. Harry’s family was always a great time, and it was a pity you had to leave.

“Thanks. Sorry we have to go so early. I’m sure he’ll get better soon.” You chirped while tightly hugging them both goodbye.

“Yeah. He’ll get over it quicker if he’s at home with you.” Gemma said. Anne nodded and helped you get the bulky suitcase down the old stone steps, putting it in the trunk before hopping into the driver’s seat. They both waved goodbye sadly as the ignition roared to life. You pressed your foot on the gas pedal and felt the car move forward smoothly on the road.

When you looked over, your heart melted. Harry was nuzzled onto the seat, head resting softly on the seat belt . His arms and body entangled in the big, fluffy blanket you gave him when he first entered the car. The ebony curls flopping shamelessly over his eyes and around his neck, adorably bouncing as the car drives over the pavement. Glossy lips parted the slightest, only allowing small puffs of air through them. His knees curled into his chest, searching for comfort in the small seat. You giggle a bit at the childish sight.

“Come on Peaches. We’re here now. Time t’wake up.” You whisper in his ear gently. You have one hand on his back, rubbing circles, and the other by his neck, feeling the skin that has become warm with the lengthy drive home. Now that you had finally arrived, you wanted to get Harry in his proper bed.

It was horribly frigid when he awoke, and the lack of clothing caused him to shiver in his place, tugging the large blanket closer to his chest. You clicked your teeth is disapproval and pulled his arm a bit. The comforting breezes from yesterday were long gone, now replaced with bone-shivering gusts of wind, and the long he stayed out here, the more sick he could get.
Finally, he climbed out with a reluctant groan and hobbled into the flat. You set down the keys and suitcase before hurrying up the stairs to help him into the bed. It was still early in the morning, and although his fatigue had worn off with the car nap, his fingers were ice in your hands. Your eyes widened when you heard his teeth chatter rapidly.

You pulled his lanky limbs into the comforter, putting a fluffy pillow under his head and covering his body with the blanket. Harry immediately grasped the duvet, closing his eyes softly. You were about to fetch him some hot green tea when his fragile hand wrapped around your forearm.

“Wan’ yeh to stay wi’ me. M’needen me a cuddle” Harry spoke. You cradled him head of curls in your hands, pressing a delicate pucker to his forehead before leaning down to his ear to speak.

“Alright Peaches. M’gonna fix you up alrigh’? Get yeh some tea an’ then we’ll cuddle”
Harry hummed in agreement, satisfied that he would soon have you in his arms, back pressed against his abdomen tightly.

You sped of into the bathroom, changing into some silk pajamas before walking to the kitchen. You smiled thinking about the man resting in the bed upstairs. Harry was so kind to you, and you loved taking care of him when he was under the weather. You loved showing your affection for him.

These thoughts swirled about your head as you moved the tea bag up and down in the water. The pouch turned the liquid into a green, and you let it rest as you dabbed in some honey and sugar. You then decided that the tea was ready, so you climbed the stairs. Harry smiled when he saw your shadow approach the bedroom.
You handed him the teacup that was too small for his hands, watching as he closed his eyes, savouring the tasty warmth that floated through him. He looked so content. So perfect. So real.
He sipped the tea for a minute, watching you watch him. Harry loved how you blushed when he smiled or how you kept brushing a tendril of hair out of your face because it kept falling in your line of sight.

Afterwards, he set the tea down in the nightstand and extended his arms towards you. You happily accepted his embrace, swinging your legs onto the bed as he pulled you closer into the blankets. He loved the heat of your skin. It rushed through his veins and cured him of all sadness, and his skin glowed pink on the apples of his cheeks.

You wanted to be the big spoon today, so you climbed over his body and clung to his broad shoulders. Your legs twisted with his as you snuggled between his shoulder blades. The cotton shirt he had threw on after coming home smelled of his scent, and you couldn’t resist inhaling a couple of times before wrapping your arms around his waist. The muscles underneath were prominent and strong. You smiled into Harry’s back.

Harry held his hands over yours, twisting his neck to place a pert kiss on your cheek. You knew he was hesitant about kissing you, not wanting to share his momentary sickness, but his lips looked great and you wouldn’t mind taking a couple of sick days off if it meant making him feel better.

“I love you darlin’ “ Harry whispered into the bed. It was small and quiet, but you’d recognize his voice anywhere. Your heart thumped heavily in your chest at his display of affection.

“I love you too Peaches. I’m going to take care of yeh. Promise.” You reply. And you mean it. You loved him too much to let him go.

day 1 (favorite quote) // “Somebody needs to take care of Mac, and that’s gonna be me.”

They’re 19 and Dennis is home for Christmas and he finds himself waking up that morning nestled under three layers of blankets, Mac’s arms wrapped tightly around his bony frame. He can feel Mac’s nose gently pressed against the nape of his neck, the warm puffs of Mac’s breath raising goosebumps along his skin.

He can’t recall how he ended up there - all he remembers is an inordinate amount of alcohol from the night before, really potent stuff that he had smuggled back home from his fraternity house. Despite his throbbing temples and pounding headache, the hangover is completely worth it - he’s so close that he feels each rise and fall of Mac’s chest, his slow, peaceful heartbeat pulsing underneath his soft sleeveless tee.

He can hear Mac beginning to stir awake, and he quickly tries to roll over and free himself from Mac’s tight grip, not quite ready for an early morning Catholic guilt-ridden monologue from him.

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Namjoon pregnancy text scenario

Based off the pregnancy texts linked here

As you bent down to put your shoes on you heard the familiar jingle of a set of keys as they were ruthlessly pushed into your front door keyhole, accompanied by a loud slam and a huffing, disheveled Namjoon.

“Oh, hello.” His eyes widened momentarily, before he grunted in response and made his way past you, grabbing a few pillows from your shared sofa and a blanket that was  previously thrown to the side. A mountain of comfort was layered in his arms and once satisfied, he turned to you with a strained smile, his dimple just barely showing.

“God damn, why do you take so long! Your water has broken hasn’t it?! Woman get your ass in the car now.”

You had already begun making your way out but upon hearing this you turned almost too abruptly, hands on hips and eyebrows raised.

“Woman? Kim Namjoon I don’t know who you thi-”

Cut off by his fruitless attempts to pick you up and carry you to the car, you tried your best to yell at him as quietly as possible so your nosy neighbours wouldn’t stick their heads out their windows like last time.

Seeing Namjoon washing the car in nothing but his underwear at 4 in the morning was not something they had anticipated nor enjoyed. This was evident in the concerning phone call you received 5 minutes later, waking you from your sleep. What was worse was the odd sight of Namjoon swivelling his hips and singing along to ‘Excuse Me’ by ‘AOA’.

Once Namjoon had stopped his pathetic attempts to be some sort of knight in shining armour, you walked over to the car and got in the passenger seat. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t in an incredibly uncomfortable and painful state right now but you were too exhausted to care. That and you were excited to get the painful part over and meet the child you’d be spending a majority of your life on. Namjoon walked up to your side of the car with an exasperated look on his face and knocked on the window. Rolling it down you let out a simple 'What?’ to which he replied with an armful of pillows and a blanket.

Getting into the drivers seat he let out a small sigh before starting the car and reversing out of your driveway. The first few seconds were in silence and you were relishing in the breeze that came through the open window but Namjoon’s loud and deep voice made you jump.

“Ah, sorry haha”

You smiled at him and he mirrored the smile with a dimpled one. For the first time since he walked through that front door you actually noticed how tired he was.

“You look tired! Are you taking care of yourself Namjoon? How did I never notice…”

He scoffed before answering “I was nice and well rested until I received a scarily calm text that stated 'my water broke’. When Jungkook saw that message the colour from his face drained. In other words, all my energy left the moment I sprinted to the front door.”

Another smile crept to your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh softly. And then it was a little louder, then a snort came and you were in hysterics. Namjoon was smiling once you had started but after you had burst out laughing his face dropped and he playfully scowled.

“Are you laughing at my misfortune? That’s one thing I don’t need right now.”

“No, no! It’s jus- AH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!”

Namjoon’s head snapped to the side as he looked at his arm horrified to find you clutching at in an Iron like grip.



You let go of his arm and instead went for his denim clothed thigh that immediately tensed the moment you gripped the large chunk of meat.

“OW, OW, OW, OW, OW!” He unceremoniously chanted as he kept his eyes on the road, they began to tear up in relief once the hospital came into view.

“L-look were almost there! Just please let go of my leg, I need it!”

You released his leg and he let out a satisfied sigh as the blood rushed back into it, before pulling up to the parking lot and jumping out. He ran around to your door and just as you thought he was going to help you out, he pulled you into his arms and made a break for the hospital. Somewhat speed walking into the reception he decided to announce your arrival.


The next minute you were surrounded by a large group of nurses and doctors who ushered Namjoon toward a stretcher in which you were placed on. They then scootered you away, which you thoroughly enjoyed since you didn’t have to do a single damn thing, while everyone fretted over you and Namjoon practically tore his dyed hair out.

A crying, naked, slimy baby was being held in front of you and never had you seen a more beautiful thing, or at least you chose to believe. You were eager to hold your child but you were yet to even find out the gender. Namjoon was staring wide eyed at it as if he had just seen the answers to the world.

“It’s a girl!!!”

“It is?!”

“No, I’m just kidding.”

Namjoon turned with a closed eye smile to you but once he saw the glare on your face he jumped a little and turned back around to the nurse that had just finished cleaning and wrapping your son. He looked like a burrito, which you could definitely go for right about now but you were also thoroughly convinced that wouldn’t be the safest option after giving birth. Turning to you Namjoon held in his arms a small human, that had just stopped crying once it was left in its fathers arms.

“I can’t believe it! I’m a dad! y/n I’m a dad!”

“Really?! That’s amazing Kim Namjoon! Who’s the mother?”

He looked down at you with a unamused look and you wiggled your eyebrows back at him. Your little exchange was cut off by the doctor.

“Have you thought of any names for your son?”

You smiled at Namjoon, who was rocking your son and smiling back at you.

You both nodded.


Everyone in the room turned to Namjoon who showed a meek smile before rephrasing.

“I’m joking! s/n!”

The soft sound of tiny bare feet came pitter pattering into the kitchen as you prepared lunch for both Namjoon and s/n.


“He did not?!”

You looked down at your three and half year old son who gave you a firm nod, lips pursed and saying 'mmhmm’. He pointed toward the corridor where Namjoon emerged from the bathroom that he was originally meant to bathing s/n in. As soon as he came out s/n latched onto your leg and sent him a glare, puffed out cheeks, pouty mouth and all.

Namjoon walked over to you giving you a light smack on the butt, subtle enough for s/n not to notice and kissed your head before crouching down to his level.

“Hey, what did I say happens if you don’t bathe?”

s/n huffed before answering “Uncle Seokjin will come here and tell me off again…”

“That’s right, now don’t you want to wash yourself now?”

“NO! I want mum to wash me!” and with that he picked his nose and rubbed it on Namjoon’s sweatshirt. Namjoon let out a gasp as his face contorted into one of horror. Then he grabbed s/n and tucked him under his arm pit before turning and marching out of the kitchen, tiny legs and arms kicking and wiggling about in an attempt to escape. You could hear the retreating voice of your husband as he lectured your son on mucus, bacteria and where it is produced from.

Rubbing your belly lovingly, one thought crossed your mind.

'Damn I am hungry…’

i messed up his arm so bad in the sketch layer so when i started lining i decided he only has one arm

"Hiccup.  You have a giant flaming sword 
and your first instinct is to
put it in my face?"
                               "Rapunzel.  You have glowing healing hair                                           and your first instinct is to                                                     pull out a candle?"

Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Bruce Miller, Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes were photographed April 21 at The Beekman in New York [x]

Extract from Hollywood Reporter Closer Look cast discussion.

MOSS: The great thing that Yvonne did is bring that vulnerability. I had times when we’d do a scene together and look at each other, and all of a sudden we were just two women in different — both terrible — circumstances.

STRAHOVSKI: There were so many times where I just wanted to give her a hug.

MOSS: She would say that! “I’m so sorry. She’s awful, isn’t she?” And I was like, “I get it.”

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