layered arm

“You see that punk over there? Yeah, don’t bother trying to arrest him, he’s got Jeon on his side.”

rebel!tae x officer!jeon


Velaris Mahariel

some armors + casual outfits. velaris would honestly rather leave ferelden to the darkspawn, but alistair’s sad puppy eyes are universally crippling, shem or no

this woulda been smaller if i knew how to leave well enough alone :^) but dalish & fereldan fashions are cool and i love thinking about them. i have like a dozen outfit ideas sketched on index cards around my room somewhere. lots of leather tbh (i may someday get around to doing them proper)

bonus poofy pants (i cant imagine those actually existing in thedas outside orlais…)


That adipose, that spills out from your cloth
You give yourself pain, for how it looks
The layer of tissue, that lay on your abdomen
Which you give shame, for how it looks

But that is not true, for what spills out
Is not disgust, it is an emerald waterfall
That layer of soft, on your abdomen
A field of golden wheat, a field of life

The exterior of your legs, the stretch markings
Upon them, a map of the stars in your eyes
The layer on your arms, pillows of great comfort
To anyone that is privileged to have them

A body that is elegance and grace
Art that lives and breathes
A magnificent sculpture
Of such immense beauty and awe


The Will Byers look

So, I’m sure nobody remembers a game idea I posted about a while ago, about dragons and dragonslaying, but I’ve been making sprites and I decided to try a mock-up of the dragon’s head, tail, and arms all layered correctly.

Turned out pretty cool in my opinion!

Here’s the tail. May make it extend further, but that’ll do for now.

Head and tail together (and a little pixel-knight for scale).

And head, tail, and arms. I know they look pretty doofy, but I like them! 

Next step is probably going to be adding wings onto the body, if I decide to keep making this monster (I probably will)!

sos pls imagine dan and matt’s/kevin and thea’s/aaron and katelyn’s kids covering neil’s scars with brightly colored bandaids and lbr neil’s chill he keeps em on the whole day, every time. like neil with hot pink bandaids that say “BARBIE GIRL” on his cheeks, neil with dinosaur bandaids layered on his arms. and the fox kids are so proud!!! the desire to take care of “uncle neil” gets passed onto the kids from their parents and they’re so protective of him!! they save the coolest bandaids for when he and andrew come to visit bc he always has new/old injuries that need to be fixed up. and it means so much to neil that the kids aren’t scared of him at all but just wanna take care of him???? help me bye

Patreon Holiday Countdown #11
Reunion Kiss. Dragon Age. Fenris x F!Hawke 

Marianne rested her chin in her right hand, scowling slightly as Bethany’s hands glowed faintly of green. “It’s really not that bad,” she said.

“You fractured your arm in three places, sister.” Bethany stared at her pointedly, the kind of look that said If you don’t let me heal you, I’ll let that woman with the leeches back in.

Marianne shuddered and turned away. The Inquisition’s surgeon meant well but wanting to experiment with leeches and bleeding and feathers down throats when there was a near army of mages at the Inquisition’s disposal left her stomach clenching in dread. She’d prefer to keep all of her insides in at the moment.

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Noon in Ankh-Morpork took some time, since twelve o'clock was established by consensus.  Generally, the first bell to start was the one in the Teachers’ Guild, in response to the universal prayers of its members.  Then the water clock on the Temple of Small Gods would trigger the big bronze gong.  The black bell in the Temple of Fate struck once, unexpectedly, but by then the silver pedal-driven carillon in the Fools’ Guild would be tinkling, the gongs, bells and chimes of all the Guilds and temples would be in full swing, and it was impossible to tell them apart, except for the tongueless and magical octiron bell of Old Tom in the Unseen University clock tower, whose twelve measured silences temporarily overruled the din.

And finally, several strokes behind all the others, was the bell of the Assassin’s Guild, which was always last.

—  Terry Pratchett, “Men at Arms”
(Fashionably late.)

Holy crap. This happened. Nerd can sing. [x]

the one thing I don’t understand about until dawn is why half the characters are walking around on this freezing mountain with their jackets unzipped and their sleeves rolled up or their skin otherwise exposed

Let's go, don't wait - Closed

Schuldig had never established plans. Unless they were work related he really didn’t like to. Other things usually got in the way, usually those things were work. Knowing he was an unreliable as a sundial at night, he never made plans. He used to of course, when he didn’t care too much, then he started running out of people to make plans with. 

So it had been a few days, with no communication, before Schuldig showed up at Sasuga’s door again. He went on a hunch that she would be home, if she wasn’t, it was no skin off his nose. He strolled up to the apartment about seven, his sunglasses and bandana perched on his head per usual but his clothing just a bit more casual with a deep v tee, jeans, and a casual blazer thrown on for layers.  

In one arm he had a bag of Chinese food and in his hand he held a cheap handful of flowers.  Cheap dates were obviously his favorite. He pressed the intercom to ring up to her floor and waited for her to buzz back down.