layer:10 love

profoundfall said: 9 and 10 are absolutely the best! I stopped watching during 11 :/

SO DITTO. Whenever I restart (this is like my fourth or fifth time starting from S1) I’m always like, “YEAH I’ll push through and finally watch through 11.” But then the moment comes…and I just can’t. The furthest I’ve ever made it is halfway through the season with the Silence. I just…can’t, I don’t like 11 much and the writing drives me nuts and I really grew to hate River (I know spoilers related to her past what I’ve seen just because the “oh so mysterious” was pissing me right the hell off) and just…yeah, everything.

But give me alllllll the 9 and 10 and Rose and Martha and even Donna (who isn’t my fav but still)…