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Me as a mother
  • Child: mum can you read me a bedtime story
  • Me: of course sweetie *leaves room to get a book*
  • Me: *walks back into the room holding all 7 of the Harry Potter books, the original screenplay of the cursed child and fbawtft, the tales of beedle the bard, Quidditch throught the ages, fantastic beasts and where to find them, all of the dvds for Harry Potter, fantastic beasts and the movie about jk Rowling while wearing all my Harry Potter shirts layered on top of each other, my house scarf, Harry Potter socks and holding a tankard of butter beer and my wand with a time tuner dangling around my neck*
  • Me: mr and Mrs Dursley of number 4 privet dri-
  • Child: you haven't even opened the book
  • Me: I've memorised the first book

I have a theory that most beloved and critically acclaimed romantic dramas would be improved if the main characters were replaced by Dex and Nursey

Grease? Forget putting on bike leathers. Dex turns up in a multi-layered rolled shirt sleeves, soft knit scarf and beanie combo hipster outfit. “Tell me about it, babe.” Nursey, who had put on dad flannel, is KO’d

Titanic? You know what it would be amazing but lets not go there okay

Dirty Dancing? This could literally go either way tho. Uptight rich boy Derek is taught to dance by rough and ready Will OR privileged white boy is taught to dance by kind hearted man who is unfairly judged by the other’s family due to his circumstance. Regardless. Please consider them crawling towards each other while Mickey & Sylvia’s ‘Love Is Strange’ plays in the background

Casablanca? Nursey loved Dex with all his heart but Had To Leave. Dex, who had grown out of his shell to love Nursey in return, is sad and bitter and owns a bar but never lets his resident baker Bitty bake the certain type of pie that Nursey loved. One day Nursey walks in and orders that pie. Also there’s a war going on

Love Actually? There’s a lot happening and everyone is involved (Zimbits is the Prime Minister and his new assistant) (Bill Nighy and his manager are Kent and Kit Purson) but these two are definitely Colin Firth and the Portuguese lady

Pride and Prejudice? Watch this and tell me it ain’t so

softshumjr  asked:

JOCELYN! but what about alec 'i have no idea what personal space is and even if i did i wouldn't care' lightwood casually leaning against his boyfriend's back when he's doing magic CAUSE I'M STILL SO !!!!!

MARTA!!! Alec never knew he was this touchy until he met Magnus and realized that he doesn’t want a single second apart from him. He takes every fucking chance he has to reach for him, hold his hands, lean against his shoulder. And he’s so comfortable in Magnus’ loft that he lets himself press up against him, feeling his body heat radiating from the thin layers of his shirt. AND he loves just casually sliding his hands onto Magnus’ waist, resting against his hipbone, feeling the hum of magic that runs through Magnus’ body as he looks at the silver blue sparks radiating across Magnus’ elegant fingers.

I’ve posted this on other corners of the internet before but I thought I’d share it here as well.

This is a multi layered lino print based on a RWBY shirt on the Rooster Teeth store. It doesn’t look like it but this is printed on a piece of A3 paper, making the design itself around A4 size. There are four layers: grey, red, dark red and black. A few years ago when Miles and Kerry came to London MCM, I gave them a few copies of this piece to take with them (there’s an RTAA about Miles getting sick at MCM, it was that year).

Unfortunately this is the best and only photo I have of this piece.

so I was looking through the boys’ airport / commute pictures, and it occurred to me that I’ve actually noticed their individual styles (& the fact that I really ought to get a life) and how I’d be a bit surprised if they deviated from their usual styles for the day, not that it happens often ^_^

N: Black slacks / trousers, with either comfortable sweaters / cardigans or crisp long sleeved dress shirts. Casual sneakers / shoes or boots. Usually paired with a black tote bag or more commonly, a black clutch. Long coats or a bomber jacket during cold days.
Colours -  Mostly blacks / greys / whites & earthy colours

Leo: Ripped jeans (9/10 times), or regular jeans with oversized sweaters and cardigans. Casual sneakers mostly, hardly paired with any bags. Layered shirts with jackets / turtlenecks in the cold.
Colors - More whites & blues, muted pastels 

Ken: Jeans with bold printed shirts. Bermuda shorts on the occasion with t-shirts. Regular sneakers or sports shoes with a backpack. Caps worn from time to time. Colorful jackets / coats on cold days.
Colors - Plenty of reds & yellows, along with other striking colors

Ravi: Jeans / Ripped jeans with funky type of shirts; a combination of dressy or casual. Printed t-shirts / sweaters. Sneakers with a backpack & plenty of caps / hats. Turtleneck jumpers / denim jackets during cold weather.
Colors - A variety of bright primary colors & greens

Hongbin: Trousers / jeans with fitted cardigans and crisp, plain dress shirts. Regular slip ons / shoes with a black tote bag.  Long cardigans / coats for blustery days.
Colors - Classic whites / grey and the occasional pastel hues

Hyuk: Jeans with t-shirts & layered long sleeved tops or jackets. Long sleeved sweaters or t-shirts paired with sneakers or boots. Backpack for most days. Denim jackets or long coats during winter.
Colors - Blues / Black, or the rare primary color

I think Keith would be that one guy who wears sweatshirts, jeans and some form of hat during the winter time. Warm enough so he won’t get cold, but not too warm to the point where he is dying from sweat. Hunk is a literal heater and wears shorts with some form of jacket, while Lance has to wear 4 layers of shirts, jeans with warmers, insulated winter boots with heavy duty socks and of course hat, mittens and scarf.